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  • JIMV

    Well said about Venezuela! The left never seems to produce a sustainable government anywhere.

    • GWB

      Oh, I don’t know. Their governments can last a really long time. It’s their societies that tend to implode.

      • GWB

        Dadgumit! The bold should end after “really”.
        Read before hitting Post.
        Read before hitting Post.
        Read before hitting Post.
        Read before hitting Post.

        • Old Codger

          GWB, doncha wish there was an edit or a preview function?

        • ibid

          I think it works just fine (pun intended).

          Side note to Mr. Muir:

          I like your new style.


  • JackDeth72

    *Rim Shot!*

    “Sam will be here all week, folks…..

    Try the Veal and don’t forget to tip yoour Wait Staff!”

    • Interventor

      Always tip your waiters. They fall over funny. Hard a bing.

      • Interventor

        Badda Bing.

  • DJ Elliott

    Socialism is repackaged Fuedalism which is repackaged tyranny – the rule of dictators.

    At its heart is the Lord-Serf Compact [aka Lord-Peasant or Master-Slave Compact}.

    The names and titles changed to protect the guilty.

    Is it any surprise that the party of slave-owners is socialist?

  • Pete231

    You know, there’s just something about a woman in uniform. She’ll take dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery any day……….

    • JIMV

      “thereโ€™s just something about a woman in uniform”

      Something better about a woman out of uniform

      • We have a WINNER!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

      • We have w WINNER! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

        (Ignore the previous post, in which I used my other email address… whoopsie.)

    • JackDeth72



  • Kafiroon

    Speaking of bad actors… Where are the twits promoting the lovely, great Venezuela?

    • Badger

      Heh. Sean Penn could not be reached for comment.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Venezuela? Even if they had a movie, could anyone afford to run it? Could anyone afford to go to it? Ahhhh, the wonders of socialism. As Michael Savage so succinctly put it, “trickle up poverty”.

  • Yep, that socialism works so well, dunnit?

  • Halley

    If Venezuela has problems – a very big IF – they’re solely due to Trump and fascist nationalist populists, not to mention climate change and the patriarchy. Trust the honest and objective MSM on this, and don’t give up on Venezuelan Hope and Change!

    • GWB

      Maybe Zero could go down there and straighten it all out? And I’m sure Michelle could get them eating their greens in no time.

      We wouldn’t want Maduro to think we’re invading, though, so he should leave his Secret Service detail at home, perhaps…….

      • Kafiroon

        So what have Sean, Zero and other promoters of the Shining Example of Venezuela, learned from this fiasco of a country killing govt. program?


    • Norm

      Pink font for sarcasm.

    • PaulS

      Nailed it in one!

  • Too Tall

    Somewhere, Molly Pitcher is smiling.

  • formwiz

    Sam Adams?

    Even Abigail never looked that good.

  • Bill G

    A supposedly new story with a different cast and title, but most of the same story and the same sad ending.

  • GWB

    Why isn’t the other picture on the cover? o.O

  • Dave

    Interesting website….l

  • Fred Ciampi

    I am only getting a small portion if the picture. Why?

    • PaulS

      Currently a bug.

      Temp fix:
      Click the 4 bars upper right, then select “Home”

      • PaulS

        Oops that only works for the current day, use the calendar links at the bottom for other days.

        • Henry

          I get the cartoon cropped to daily strip size. If I click Archives and then scroll down to the bottom of the list and choose todayโ€™s date, I get the same bad crop. If I click โ€œSelect Chapter,โ€ it doesnโ€™t let me select this month. If I select last month and then hand-edit the URL to be this month, finally I get the full comic. The crop and the chapter problems are definitely worth fixing.

          • Chris Muir

            Working on it now.It may delay the fundraiser some, we’ll see.

          • Grunt GI

            OYYY, let’s not delay that!

  • Pamela

    Slavery is slavery no matter the trappings provided by the Great Society Government and it does not make it’s People free and upstanding. It shackles them into servitude, sloth and a bleak future but for a few that escape through Perseverance and Divine intervention.

    Lock and Load. It’s going to be getting rough out there on purpose by those who crave power and control, with their petty tyrannical demands and foot stomping tantrums.

    I bet you anything Sam Adams is not wearing a corset under that uniform and she is not binding herself.

    • JTC

      The downfall of LBJ parallels the fatal flaw of socialism itself.

      If eliminating infringement on the Constitutional right to EQUAL ACCESS to prosperity (Civil Rights Act handed to him by JFK) is good, then MANDATED EQUALITY by redistribution must be better, right?

      Same but different (but same) for lunatics like Madura. Doesn’t matter whether the redistribution is done by legislative fiat to achieve “equality” -i.e. buy support and power- or by nationalized institutions and military -i.e. to steal the treasure and power for self and cronies- it’s the redistribution that binds them and dooms them.

    • Grunt GI

      Well, there’s only one sure way to see if Sam is wearing a corset…hopefully we’ll know tomorrow!
      And no, I am sure Sam is not binding herself…although she may permit Zed to test the bounds of their relationship…so to speak.

  • Paul Weiser

    Left-handed flintlock (g)? Hard on the eyes… just the musket, not the bearer.

  • PaulS

    Shouldn’t that be Sam MacAdams? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Petey

    Well said, Pamela.

    Historically, revolutions don’t end well, e.g., French, Bolshevik, or tin-pot dictators who take over once-thriving countries like Cuba, Venezuela and others, and then proceed to drive them into the ground. Ours was unique because it was based on the principles of individual liberty and equality under the law. Do we have to have another revolution to regain lost liberties? If we do, will we be able to again base it principally, rather than engage in class warfare? Class warfare seems to be ruling the day right now.

    A very good analysis of the class distinctions that exist in the United States today was written in 2010 by Angelo Codevilla: America’s Ruling Class, and the Perils of Revolution. It’s worth the 30 minutes or so it will take to read it.

    • Pamela

      Thank you Petey. The Barbarians got through the gates and are wrecking havoc in dribs, drabs and drams. Only peoples’ memories are not as dynamic or random in accessing the real truths of actual History and the outcome of proceeding with insane ideas.

      • Grunt GI

        Speaking of barbarians through the gates, this is probably the best article I’ve read on the whole Muslim invasion

        Here’s the money quote:

        “Our political leaders are basically telling us that this kind of terrorism, random and deadly, is the price we have to pay for their policies of multiculturalism and political correctness. They know that their weak platitudes canโ€™t stop terrorism, and so do the people. They might as well come out and say what they mean: get used to the new normal.”

        • Pamela

          If this is the new normal, I want a hand in dealing out some generous amounts of bat shit crazy to certain folks.

          • Vince

            Right beside you Pamela.

        • Halley

          Good link. Thanks.

      • Ozymandias

        “One does not establish a dictatorship to safeguard the revolution, one makes the revolution to establish a dictatorship” George Orwell 1984

  • WayneM

    You say you want a revolution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change the world
    You tell me that it’s evolution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change the world

    But when you talk about destruction
    Don’t you know that you can count me out
    Don’t you know it’s gonna be
    All right, all right, all right

    • Halley

      and we
      Won’t Get Fooled Again

      • JackDeth72


        “You don’t need a Weather Man
        To know which way the wind blows….”

        • Pamela

          You need a Leatherman to fix basically anything and some extra lead for melting down. If you’re going old school that is.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    The musket looks all pretty, hanging from the belt at the front like it is……until Sam needs to take more then two steps, and then oops! lost it! Weren’t there holsters for pistols even back then?

    • Grunt GI

      Funny, I was thinking about big guns looking at the picture, but not muskets….

  • Ol' Tanker

    I noticed the left handed lock on the musket also. Pistol holsters in Colonial times hung from the pommel of a saddle or, when worn on the body, were either secured in a baldric ( large leather strap worn crossways from the shoulder) or the pistol had a large belt hook to hang from a waist belt. Most military accoutrements were worn on cross belts from the shoulders. “Can you throw ’em cross your shoulder, like a Continental soldier?”

  • JIMV

    Hw does one add an avatar to the site? Or even log in??

    • NotYetInACamp

      My avatar followed me from putting it on Gravatar at a site elsewhere.
      I do not see the log in site.
      Though you are here.
      Maybe subscribe at the home page?
      and put your email there.

      • JIMV

        already added myself to the E-mail lisr BUT still cannot figure out how to add an avatar??

  • Tom Jackson

    Chris, slight bug: If you hit the PREV button under the daily cartoon, it frames the previous day’s strip in the single row format. This is a problem for Sundays, which are larger, and longer strips. I found a workaround in clicking 6-4-2017 on the calendar, which allowed the Sunday strip to appear correctly. -Tom

  • Ol' Tanker

    Looks like Sam has herself a fine Pennsylvania long rifle, probably .45 cal. And a nice 1805 Harper’s Ferry
    .54 cal. pistol.

  • Chris Muir

    Okay, bug fixed, and fundraiser will start next tuesday, the lucky 13th!

    • Grunt GI

      Aww shucks. The only thing that got me through today was thinking about the fund raiser tomorrow.

      And of course Sam’s book.

      • Chris Muir

        ๐Ÿ˜‰ Next week! Had to iron out a few wrinkles.

        • Pamela

          Easy on the starch please and no worries about the laces being straight.

  • Del Varner

    Is Day By Day turning into hentai?

  • cz93x62

    San looks as good in the late 18th Century as she does in the early 21st. High fastballs, red-haired lasses, and paper-patched bullets–can’t stay away from them, can’t do &^*% when I try.

  • AlexJ

    Chris – Please have your web gurus style the form so the fields background is #fff (White to those who don’t speak css)?

    Also, could they include the nav menu for all posts & not just the homepage?

    Much obliged in any case, Sir!

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