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  • Pamela

    Where did Sam get a Roosh V shirt….

    There are different levels of being Big Girl and she is at the beginners level.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      I noticed that too. “Return of Kings”. Awesome shout out!

  • Bren

    Is it just me or are them girls growing up really fast?

    • PaulS

      Oh yeah! And Sam doesn’t age, but poor Zed does…;)

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Too bad Fauxcahauntas can’t be the Last of the Mohicans.

    • GWB

      Last of the Fauxhicans, right?

      • This is so much better than elizabethans.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “They’re all growed up”
    Well, maybe not completely.
    But daddy had still best have his 12 guage ready, close at hand, and loaded. Rock salt and peppercorns work well as a close range non lethal deterrent.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        Not all young men are deserving of death. Most of them are just silly with teenage hormones, and just need that little “boost” to point them in the right direction to maturity.

        • Ozymandius

          I’m sure Zed would be more than willing to ‘splain things to them.

    • Warhorse

      “Daughters are God’s revenge on a man for the way he thought as a teenager.”

  • Daughters AND sons at that age. Long ago, mind you. Sniffle.

  • interventor

    If they run for the presidency, at the debate, the dress requirements should be Kamala Harris to wear hand maiden garb, Cory Booker to wear a gladiator costume and Elizabeth (Liarwatha) Warren to wear beads and feathers, Truth in advertising — donyaknow.

  • WayneM

    Wade would be so proud of the girls…

    Anyone notice how the lamestream media have gone silent about “Russian collusion” smears of late? How about the reappearance of the accusations of “dark motive” smears? It seems like Dem talking points have shifted. Maybe polls show that two years of investigation only turned up a bunch of pro-Killary FBI agents and failed to get much traction with the voters.

    • John

      It may be more (I hope) severe than that.
      It could be the hounds have been called off because Obama got wind of what the Inspector General has dug up on his appointees.
      DJT probably has worked up a counter to the “dark” theme, but knows that it can’t include the word “dark” itself for fear of stoking the “racist” theme.

  • eon

    It’s not just that they want to be told how to live. They also want to do the telling to those they regard as beneath them in the “natural order of things”.

    They see themselves as acolytes of the One True Faith, and as such they believe they are entitled to order “peasants” about. Obama is their role model; he has spent his entire life considering himself a perfect god, and demanding that everyone else submit to his “superior consciousness”. Like him, they demand that everyone else “obey or die”.

    Every dictatorship has two primary weapons to maintain its rule; the men with guns, and the mob. Propaganda is mainly intended to control those two.

    Both elements revel in their power over “lessers”, just as the dictator revels in his power over all.

    As such, even passive resistance cannot be tolerated. It’s like the famously wrong advice about schoolyard bullies given to generations of school children. “Just ignore him and he’ll go away” never works, because contrary to generations of psychologists, the bully doesn’t “suffer from low self-esteem”; he’s an egomaniac who knows that he is a god, and demands to be worshiped properly. If you try to “ignore” him, he’ll do something even worse, on the principle of “do I have your attention now?”

    Schoolyard bullies, left unchecked in this way, tend to grow up to be adult bullies, until at some point they get stopped- hard.

    It’s the same with these sorts of bullies.

    clear ether


    • GWB

      Disagree on the bullies, eon. Mostly the folks taunting and trying to “mean girl” you ARE trying to show their plumage and reinforce their self-esteem by putting others down. Not reacting is an excellent way to handle them. If you’re no fun, they go find other targets.

      IF they decide they must subdue you or they are stealing your lunch money or they resort to physical abuse, THEN giving them a swift and painful kick in the arse is the proper response.

      • Kafiroon

        Don’t know where you went to K – 12, BUT, not reacting caused them, shall we say, leave you alone? Daym, I went to the wrong schools.

        • Swansonic

          Had a bully back in 8th grade who needed the pleasure of causing other people pain. I stopped reacting to him or anything he did and he eventually ignored me because I was no fun.

          I think eon is right about how they escalate. I saw this kid one time after high school. later that day, the lug nuts on both rear tires of my car were loosened to the end of the bolts. Didn’t realize it until I got home and noticed that both rims were trashed. Can’t prove anything as to who but I am pretty sure it was him.

          Needless to say, my response should our paths cross in the future will be quite different then it has been in the past….

    • JTC

      “Every dictatorship has two primary weapons to maintain its rule; the men with guns, and the mob. Propaganda is mainly intended to control those two.”

      “Just ignore him and he’ll go away” never works,

      “…until at some point they get stopped- hard.”

      Dang, we still talking about the First Rino and the CW? 😉

    • JJ cooper

      Eon, I bow to your superior knowledge in re: bullies, but I have found that the peaceful way only brings more trouble. My ancestors were “bullied” for centuries, now no-one bullies Israel. They try but they fail.

      • eon

        I never said the response could be peaceful. I speak from exceedingly painful experience in K-12.

        “Turning the other cheek” generally gets you a second broken cheekbone, in my experience.

        Bullies continue to be so until it becomes too expensive for them to continue. Said expense usually involves pain.

        Or as I told my HS guidance counselor and principal in my senior year, after a while I got tired of being the one who always ended up needing the services of the school nurse.

        My introducing the bullies to Tae Kwon Do rather changed the dynamic.

        clear ether


  • JimK

    The Left is in a stage of “Arrested Development”, at about age 9. They will never grow up.

  • Zed still lets her cook? 😉

    • WayneM

      Everything except turkey.

  • Delilah T

    Booker? No, he should dress like a Nubian, not Spartacus.

    He announced his so-called “Spartacus moment”. If you’re going to have a “Spartacus moment”, you don’t announce it, and he doesn’t know the real history behind the movie. Pompeius got to Rome first. Crassus stopped to execute 6,000 people by crucifixion, lost the competition to Pompey. At the end of that story, Gaius Iulius Caesar challenged Pompeius, who fled to Egypt. Caesar followed him and killed him. Crassus went off to fight the Parthians. Bad planning on his part and not understanding the ME desert of Assyria and Parthia and the toughness of the Parthians resulted in his defeat. When he went to meet with the Parthians, they assassinated him by pouring molten gold down his throat.

    Booker is an idiot, another attention-grabbing dolt, one of many who need to lose their jobs.

    Kavanaugh will survive this Spanish Inquisition. And NOBODY wants a Spanish Inquisition, right?

    Let’s run on F-E-A-R, throw it out to the surging crowds… or what’s left of them.

    These people make my ass twitch.

  • interventor

    I see the left is bringing out Pence’s religion in a negative way. He’s the next Torquemada.

  • canuck49

    Right on Zed. Being the father of two grown daughters, I can say… “been there, done that and will never forget the day.”

  • Polly Cy

    Oh gawd – what will Sam do when the girls are ready to start dating? (I already know what Zed will do.)

  • Pamela

    Will Naomi be teaching the girls knife fighting….

    • Warhorse

      Better to teach them a martial art, IMO. It’s a lot easier to find a curb for your assailant to trip over than a wrought iron fence for him to impale himself upon.

  • James Gemind

    Wonderful artwork, exceptional topic delivery. The sundress was done very well on the daughter.

    In other news, would you folks what Live in Texas please explain what in the world your boy Beto was thinking with asking the VFW hall to take down the flags?

    Form a friend in Baen’s Bar(Politics forum);

    “The beto o’rourke campaign rented a VFW Hall for a town hall
    meeting. They requested that the doors to the Lounge be opened
    AND the Flags be taken down from the walls. Post Commander said
    HELL NO.

    There is such a thing as ‘Bad Publicity’ and this is right there…

    • JTC

      What, no mention of the now perfectly and beautifully done blue eyes on daughter…which were admittedly a little on the zombie-esque side when you mentioned it a few days ago.

      I remain in awe of the artist’s ability to fine-tune such minute details which he knows are so closely scrutinized and will be called out, while at the same time maintaining cutting-edge topicality razor-edge wit…and do it all every freaking day? Damn.

      Still no excuse for no Sunday Nudes…come on CM, ya slacker! 🙂

      • JTC

        Oh, and Beta Boy? He ain’t no Texan, he’s a wannabe Texican…

        Still can’t wait for the day he makes the crossing via his hometown Passage (El Paso) into adjacent Juarez, expecting to be greeted as a hero, and instead is used as a zero…target zero. Won’t last a day.

  • Tagg (been there done that, no shit!)

    Eon is 100% on target and bulls eyed. Beat the bully to a living piece of blubber, and he will leave you the F alone for life. If that doesn’t work, kill the bastard. It’s the only two solutions, No matter what his hurting little inward self is made up of.

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