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  • In one way, this is a seriously “out of nowhere” comment. To his credit, however, he was quite a leader…

    • PaulS

      Ruby Ridge and Waco were formative events in my life. Basically the Ron White line of, “I don’t know how many of them it would take, to kick my ass: But I know how many they are going to use.

      They have been out of control for a long time and it will likely take more than the next 6 years to fix it, if it can be fixed.

      We The People literally are “the boss of them.”, and many need to be fired!

  • Too Tall

    Skye trying to get herself permanently exiled?

    Skye can’t be going “whacko,” she’s been “whacko” for a long time.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Ok. I sense where Skye is coming from, but, ummmmmmm, no.
    All the preggers women have their own separate mates, and everyone thinks for themselves. No hive mind here. And no one BEST touch the teenagers if they want to live beyond the next five minutes.
    Me, I don’t see Koresh and Waco. I see a happy, busy, noisy, messy, extended family, with built in babysitters.

  • Bren

    My first thought was, “she wishes!” Of all the women on the ranch, there’s only one who ain’t gettin’ any, and she’s already made her preferences known.

  • TomZ

    I think Skye is saying something inappropriate because she is feeling left out with no children and no prospects for a father for any.

    • Henry

      Hugo and Evita (the two little ones in this strip) are Skye’s…

  • Who is that holding Jan’s little boy?

    • TomZ

      I think that that is Naomi’s boy.
      Doesn’t she have two already, one of each, with a third on the way?

      • Chris Muir

        those are hugo and evita, skye’s spawn.

    • PaulS

      The two adolescents are Sam and Zed’s daughters, I think.

      • Chris Muir


  • Ozymandius

    Yanno, if Skye doesn’t like it, there’s nobody forcing her to stay.

    • GWB

      Unlike in one of those compounds…….
      (Or an utopian society……..)

  • LowKey

    Why does everyone automatically assume Skye is trying to stir stuff up?
    Anyone consider that the Waco reference could be her pointing out that it would be easy for the Deep State to try and paint everyone at the DD with the same brush they did D.Koresh and associates? Demonize them the way AG Reno did back during the Clinton era, likewise as they tried to do with the Weavers at Ruby Ridge?

    Live in a “compound”….check.
    Tight knit moderately isolated group…..check.
    Known to have mistrust of government entities…check.
    Known to be armed…check.
    Last but not least, have a track record of tweaking the nose of TPTB.

    I think it’s less her whining about her lack of a mate and more of a cautionary statement, or perhaps foreshadowing for another story arc. Hope they have ample fire extinguishers and that Horiuchi stays retired…..

    • Punta Gorda

      … and then there are dawgs. And an infiltration unit.

    • MasterDiver

      You just described any rural/ranch/farm/orchard household in the country! No wonder the progs are running scared!

      Zar Belk!

    • JTC

      You forgot

      Living their own lives in their own way without service to and the control and interference of gov or anyone else but their God….check.

      Can’t have that…kill ’em!

  • NotYetInACamp

    Many children ensure the continuity of the culture.
    The (insert globalist group) have brainwashed the Western Culture women that Zero Population Growth or less is the best goal of society, using many reasons. They bought it on the whole. Now the enemy is using the stable population as the excuse to bring in hostile culture members to replace the growth in population that those same enemies said was evil.
    Those children are the emodiment of good for the socity, nation, culture, and the world. We were intended to become a third world slum nation with a few elite overlords. Such is the plan for Europe and the rest of the world if they can pull it off. The ignorant rabble they rouse as our enemies mostly function on the level of feelings and incorrect facts, and using logic, truth, and inquiries to consider issues is irrelevant to the great majority of them.
    A culture has to maintain good people, because, beside being well armed, creating a large number in the next generation is necessary to maintain the militia and armies needed to protect and defend and keep in existence our people, and nation, and world.
    Good people! Have more babies! It is the best thing that you can do for the environment.

    • eon

      More to the point, the left dreams of a world minus evil humans. The deep-ecology element is determined to see the human race other than their own perfect selves (the true Defenders of Holy Mother Gaia) exterminated within a century.

      NB; I’ve often wondered if the rest of the left realizes that they’re on the deep-ecos’ “disposal list”, too.

      The endgame for the progressives is Utopia For Just Us; no other humans allowed, except maybe ten slaves and two armed overseers for each Enlightened one. How they’ll keep the overseers from turning on them and making them slaves, too, or just dead, they seem to never have thought of.

      The most likely method that will be used to attempt this sort of “cleansing of Gaia” will be biowarfare. Tom Clancy predicted the scenario fairly accurately in Rainbow Six. John Ringo took it to its (semi-) logical conclusion in his Black Tide Rising series. (I don’t buy the “zombie” part.)

      What everyone needs to consider is this. The requirements to create a “doomsday virus” scenario are;

      1. A SOTA biochem lab.

      2. One or more top-of-the-line researchers running it.

      3. (2) belonging to a group with the “Earth Power- Death to the Humans” philosophy.

      4. Said group having a larger group of acolytes willing to supply funding, assistance in spreading the weapon in preparation for Der Tag, and etc.

      5. No oversight as to what (1 through 4) are getting up to.

      As to where all these factors might be expected to come together in a perfect hellstorm of exterminationist mania, the answer is;

      Any major university campus in America, not to mention most of those in in Europe.

      You couple anti-civilization fanaticism with the resources of a modern university, and you’ve got a hundred or more potential Extinction Level Events just waiting to happen.

      Anyone who thinks “doomsday bugs” can only be created with the resources of governments is about five technical generations out of date. The most advanced biotech capabilities are in the private sector, the most advanced research capabilities are in academia, and it’s been that way for a very long time.

      And that’s also where you find the most fanatical believers in the theory of “The world would be wonderful if only truly good, enlightened people like me existed”.

      Eventually, the two factors will be combined.

      If, indeed, they haven’t been already and we just haven’t started coughing yet.

      clear ether


      • Delilah T

        Eon: I’ve often wondered if the rest of the left realizes that they’re on the deep-ecos’ “disposal list”, too. Well, no, they don’t.

        And doomsday bugs? Stephen King had it on the nose in ‘The Stand’, with a shifting antigen flu virus that not only hit humans but also livestock. A doomsday bug scenario sounds great on paper, but in real-time it is impossible to control. Even the ebola virus, which transferred from fruit bats to humans when they ate the bat meat, is coming under control.

        60,000,000 people died of the side effects of the Spanish flu, during/after WWI. Spanish flu originated in China. Side effects including pneumonia, among other things. Spanish flu is H1N1 bird flu.
        The last flu “pandemic” a few years ago was a variant of H1N1. CDC has already put out notices that the flu vaccine available this year is only 26% effective against the H1N5/H1N3 starting to go around, but get your flu shot anyway, AND the pneumonia shot.

        Since some very stupid people are not getting their children vaccinated, you’re more likely to find whooping cough, diphtheria and measles in the general population, and those “elites” are just as vulnerable to that as anyone else.

        It is conceit and egomania that will do them in. The rest of us will be fine. Take care, eon. And get your flu shot.

        • Kafiroon

          I am old enough to have already seen a number of technologies fail for lack of training and knowledge. Most all of us can no longer farm or do the work that our grandparents did and knew.
          ISIS proved a few years ago, when they killed everyone that could keep electricity, water, their sorta sewer system, and other things running, it all stops. In this country, It will only take electricity or freight haulers to stop running. So I wonder how “our elites” have figured out a way to keep their “comfort” functioning.
          I would rather die on my empty shells than live as a slave for them to be comfortable. Besides I am old enough for nothing to lose fighting.

          • gruundehn

            Reference the first episode of the original CONNECTIOLNS series.

          • John

            @gruundehn; I assume you mean James Burke’s Connections series. The trigger there was simply the loss of electrical power which will throw us back to a pre-agricultural existence. This state would not support one in a thousand of us at best because electricity is the glue that binds together our technological cocoon. A sudden collapse would even wipe out people like the Amish who otherwise would survive but for the starving hoards descending on them from every direction.
            Short of us all turning into armed-to-the-teeth Amish we’re stuck with trying to keep the present system running.
            There is a bright spot on the horizon though.
            Automated transportation will make quarantine viable on a vast scale, and the Doomsday Bugs can be contained.
            There will always be idiots who will defy the quarantine, but I suppose we should just consider that Evolution in Action.

          • Merle

            Yeah, and there are a whole lot of us in the same boat……

  • Tagg

    Chris: Any plans to integrate ads on the site again?

    • Not for some time

  • Scout

    So Zed wears Levi’s? That’s sad.

    • EdMc

      I rather hope that we see them replaced in future strips with Wranglers or Duluth or some such.

      • Driftwood

        Ed, the ladies might prefer briefs or boxer shorts.

  • bill3542

    while David Koresh was nuts you only have to remember one thing… the Feds decided to make a ( example ) out of these people and murdered them all for the Clinton/Reno dog and pony show.

    the BATF and the FBI are not to be trusted as law enforcement, they are ( Jack Booted Thugs ).

    • Punta Gorda


      You hit the nail on the head!

  • Delilah T

    Yes, but in order to “kill off” someone or some group, you have to be able to find them. As I understand it, the Double D is a rather HUUUUUGE tract of land in southwest Texas.

    Anywhere in Big Bend country? Or near Alpine? Plenty of space in Texas. Alpine promotes Dark Sky nights for astronomers who want to come and shoot the nebulae and distant galaxies.

  • rickn8or

    Zed needing a break from swimming in estrogen?

  • Ha ha ha ha! Best DbD in recent memory.

  • Punta Gorda

    From her posture, I guess she’s airing it out.

  • Mark Young

    Naah. Kilary is not in the white house.

  • epilitimus

    Sounds to me like Skye is getting ready to go walk about again.

    • Pamela

      Sounds like Tucker needs to take Skye to the ole swimmin’ hole and boink her brains out. Several Times.

  • Tagg

    Her brains are boinked up already. Its something else she needs boinked.


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