Day By Day


  • Henry

    A closed loop? Today’s media is more like a severed conductor.

    • interventor

      A noose is a closed loop. On trains, the Conductor controlled the consist, not the engineer. One reason, black conductors were a major advancement.

  • JTC

    If only. At least Skynet operates on a logic program.

    I’ll take my chances with AI any day over ZI.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

    I’d LOVE to drop the DeMSM presstitutes from the sky without a net.

  • Too Tall

    Give the media credit where credit is due. They have perfected a filter that only passes excrement.

    • Punta Gorda

      Ahh… also known as a colon?

  • Pamela

    Why haven’t the Dawgs been sicced on the Villains, Thieves and Scoundrels Union 666 yet….

  • Pete231

    So many unanswered questions concerning the late, lamented Mr. Epstein. And, nobody seems to want to know the answers. A lot of his former friends just stare up in the sky and whistle. Just keep moving along folks, nothing to see here……..

  • cz93x62

    I am not entirely convinced that Jeffy Ep has clipped the mortal coil. A lot more people wanted him conversant and cooperative than wanted him dead and silenced. I would bet some serious folding money that we have yet to hear the last of what that sourcepoint had/has to share.

    • WayneM

      If JeffEp was an intel asset, he’s likely still recovering from his plastic surgery on a remote beach.

      • Let’s hope they’re cleverly hiding him so deep he woke up from surgery to find he got the Caitlyn Jenner special.

        Don’t forget to vote in Louisiana today. Once you get across the border just tell an election assistant in front of a polling place that you’re voting Democrat and they’ll set you right up with a provisional ballot and tell you what name to use.

      • interventor

        The sources of Epstein’s wealth remains a bit of a mystery. Why the MSM hasn’t investigated it is also a bit of a mystery.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Jeffery Epstein did not kill himself.

  • [Georgia Democrat Stacey] Abrams: ‘The Electoral College Is Racist’

    “The Electoral College is racist and classist,” Abrams said. “We have to remember the Electoral College was not designed because people were worried about Idaho not having enough votes. We didn’t know about Idaho.”

    My public school education must be lacking. Who discovered Idaho? Was that Lewis & Clark? They located a heretofore unknown American state, should’ve been worth a mention. Although with only 4 electoral votes, many Presidency-seeking Democrats still don’t know about Idaho.

    • eon


      Without the EC, and the rest of the Constitution, especially the clause that limits how many slaves could be counted as full citizens in determining representation in the House of Representatives, Comrade Abrams would probably still (1) as a woman, be ineligible to vote, and (2) as an African-American, still be a slave on some Southern Massa’s plantation.

      Of course, she’s a hard-left Democrat, so she probably doesn’t notice or even understand the difference. That would require actual thought, and her “philosophy” takes a dim view of that.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        Oh, she IS still a slave, just in the service of the Northern Massa’s now…same as it’s ever been in so many ways.

        No thought or philosophy required, that’s all taken care of for her.

      • Pamela

        Slavers Never Change. Even those that are still living all over this planet. Would the Malcontent Loser be an owner in other places.

      • Bunker Builder

        I wish Illegal Aliens were only counted as 2/3rds of a person like slaves were pre Second Civil War, and the U.S. Congress would have about TWELVE less Congress Critters apportioned to represent criminally present alien invaders.

  • Halley

    In order of appreciation:
    The “media”

    • Dread

      How could you put media in such an esteemed group? You go lower. I know that they are even less than democrats, although they imagine themselves to be democrats. But they’re grandiose delusions. Funny how pawns believe themselves to be invincible bishops, knights, and even kings and queens. We need a 51st state named Denial. There they cuold all believe they are brilliant and all believe they are jn charge and all believe that they wont rot in hell.

    • MAJ Arkay

      Hey, now! Maggots have a good use. They eat dead tissue, which makes them quite useful in medical applications, along with leeches, which reduce swelling.

      Neither deserve to be lumped with the “media.”

    • Steve Peterson

      Halley, or the lack thereof ? You forgot stalinists

  • Halley

    Lack of. I assume “Stalinist” is synonymous with “Democrat” which is synonymous with “crime syndicate” which is synonymous with “the media”.

    • Pamela

      That demon spawn wiped out all of my Husband’s family.

  • no, it’s simply and obviously


  • Steve Peterson

    Halley ! My mistake