Day By Day


  • Pamela

    Oh gee willikers. I thought there would be some rending of limbs at least.
    Or denutting

    • Kafiroon

      Ohh! Ouch!
      Here I thought Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up was mean enough!

    • MasterDiver

      There may have been. he DID say “They’ll live”. That does not mean they are intact or lacking extreme pain.

      Zar Belk!

      • Brent Dotson

        exactly; it’s a quote from the second movie where the Terminator was forbidden to kill and he shot a guard in the leg, then said that line.

  • Too Tall

    Notice that the quality of life is not a topic for discussion.

    I suspect that significant mental trauma is the least of the survivors issues.

    • Lucius Severus Pertinax

      Just remove the outer fake flesh- They will have Vamoosed the Ranch before the R200 gets CLOSE enough to hurt them!

      • Pamela

        There are some that would look at R200 as a payday for his melt value or Tech useage.

  • But do they want to? Inquiring minds want to know…

    • Too Tall

      I seem to recall that Javier programmed R2oo to deliver “a fate worse than death,” which Damon explained to Jan was the “mother of all atomic wedgies.”

      I suspect the invaders are unable to see and shuffling home on the waistbands of their trousers.

  • NotYetInACamp

    As the legends grow and spread.

  • What level of atomic wedgie is needed to keep an anchor baby from popping out?

    Fauxahontas is again demonstrating her advanced abilities to link causality chains for specific grand outcomes like eliminating gun violence and delivering Medicare4All:

    Red tide devastated Florida for sixteen months and now it’s back—killing fish and causing beaches to “smell like death.”

    I am fighting for a #GreenNewDeal so that our beaches stay safe.

    • Punta Gorda

      Then get Miami-Dade to stop releasing untreated waste.

      EPA had them under close to a million dollars in fines for past releases.

    • MasterDiver

      Burlington VT has a similar problem with cyanobacteria (Toxic Blue-green algae) with its beaches on lake Champlain. The Loonies keep pointing fingers at dairy farmers and fertilizer runoff, but the City of Burlington has repeatedly had pipeline failures resulting in millions of gallons of sewage being released into the lake.

      Zar Belk!

    • JTC

      Similar to how the dairy industry north of Lake Okeechobee was blamed for the phosphorous runoff that killed the lake and devastated the Everglades. They killed that industry and thousands of jobs went away not to mention a yuge chunk of agricultural production. The fact that there has been essentially no change in those ecosystems almost seems to indicate the problem had more to do with the *millions* of new homes and commercial growth up to and including Orlando that discharge their waste and pollution directly into the downstream.

  • Punta Gorda

    Ref the story… ya know there is a real possibility that the bot threw them back across the river….

    • Too Tall

      A practical version of dwarf tossing?

    • I wonder what is only a 0.2 casualty. Does 0.95 total fractional casualties round up to one dead body?

      • MikeS

        A 0.95 means they’re not brain dead…

      • Punta Gorda

        Ever look at the PAGER analysis for some quakes listed by USGS? What the hell does a 60% chance of less than one death mean?

        Partially dead?

        • Teemo

          Mostly dead?

  • gafling

    I probably would have written ‘0.0 fatalities, 100.0 casualties.’

    • interventor

      The US military casualty counts include dead and wounded.

  • Halley

    It’s almost like Arnold follows DBD…. ?

  • Spin Drift

    Well it looks like the Deep State went for the School Shooting FF but is suffering from premature ejac as Anons have found predated News reports on the event. Like it was planned or something. I can’t wait for Howitzers report to start laying in bombs of information for normies to digest and the MSM to spin into meadow muffins. It’s going to be an epic new cycle. I think we have a State Funeral next. So long Jimmah, its been good to know you, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    I still wanted to see Zed send a few down range, you know just to keep the old skills sharp. BTW the 96 year old sniper who made the 1000 yard head shots at 92 passed off this mortal coil in October. St Pete probably just let him in as another old soldier who has done his time in hell.

    A hard times coming.

    • JSStryker

      If Jimmah dies I won’t be able to attend the funeral but I will send a strong letter of approval!

  • Capn Jack

    What! There’s no Backhoe on the ranch?

  • Allowing them to live is a better strategy. They’ll go home and warn their fellows to stay the hell away from that parcel.


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