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  • A. S. Haley

    One of your best ever, Chris!

    Like all great humor, there’s just enough truth in it to make us laugh at its ridiculous plausibility.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Then again there’s blind bad luck stoopidity. That has a greater chance of success than DildoCrat planning.

  • You can figure what a professional is gonna do… these damn amateurs will get you killed faster than dammit….

  • Pamela

    I wonder how fast they’d catch it after the Coronas if there were hookers and blow involved.

    • Too Tall

      Time to infection measured in milliseconds. They have no stamina.

  • Calvin

    Anyone remember the name Dan Savage? He was a “reporter” and gay for some kind of liberal website. I can’t remember the year but he was going after Bill Barr of Georgia. Seems he wrote that he was deathly ill with a nasty flu. He found himself left alone in a campaign office frequented by Barr. He wrote that he licked the phones, doorknobs, and rims of people’s beverage containers so that they would possible catch his flu. He published this but no one took it seriously enough to investigate. Now what he did is a federal crime.

  • Halley

    Avoid the bugs, but fight the panic.
    We know exactly who benefits from a crippled economy.

    • John

      It’s now our patriotic duty to find/make a job the second we’re let out the door.
      We can’t let the ChiComs win this war.
      Meanwhile we need to be thinking about how to defeat the next bug they invent. My idea is a simple cheap isolation hood that sterilizes incoming air so Critical Mission personnel who must interact with the public can do so without fear.

  • Hardthought

    Now THAT’S funny!!

  • warhorse

    well, they had a plan to shut down the economy and get the president to sign a 2 trillion dollar stimulus..that kinda worked didn’t it?

    and to think we started the Tea Party over a measly 700 billion under bush II and 831 billion under obama. chump change!

  • Rockbend

    I love how Politico throws “despite scant evidence” in there.

    Formal months-long ‘safety trials’? Nope
    Thousands of success stories of people cured by being given hydroxychoroquine and antibiotics for a week? YES!

    If I’m in a ventilator and dying and you’re worried about lawsuits, let me sign an ironclad waiver and give me the dang hydroxychoroquine and antibiotics!!!

    • Bill G

      And these are not new drugs that our bee-luvved gummint has been dragging its feet over. Just the use of them.

      • cb

        Thank you Mr. President: HHS said that Sandoz donated 30 million doses of hydroxychloroquine to the stockpile and Bayer donated 1 million doses of chloroquine.

    • John

      The only proof we really need is the world infection map.
      There is a huge gap in equatorial Africa.
      The reason is simply that, because of endemic malaria, doctors prescribe hydroxychoroquine for anyone who walks in the door with a fever.

  • Kafiroon

    So, we have four name Republicans of congress that have it or are self quarantined.
    Then how come No congress Demonrats have it?
    Oh I know, they are too busy pulling our First Amendment Rights away.

    • Henry

      They probably do have it, they just assume it’s a new stage of their existing social disease of choice.

  • MasterDiver

    Read a novel back in the sixties, titled “A Ring of Roses” about a plot to re-introduce the Black death to Europe. They found a great cure for patient Zero…a flamethrower!

    Zar Belk!

  • nonncom

    Publix is giving a free roll of toilet paper with every 6 pack of Corona…/s

  • cb

    Chris, That is one LOL ‘toon. It’ll be in history books long after we saddle ole Paint for the last ride.

  • Henry

    The Income Tax, the New Deal, and the War on Poverty. They didn’t “work” for the goals publicly announced, but they sure “worked” to give the socialist party a permanent stranglehold on the USA.

    • John

      And the march continues.
      Social Security and the Minimum Wage jacked up the cost of labor to the point that it took WWII and FDR’s death to end the Great Depression.
      Andrew Yang wants to offset the mechanization of jobs with a check.
      A much better approach is to give the check to any employer who will hire someone. At least that will bring back all those apprenticeships that FDR trashed.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I got a case of corona, and then killed it. I slept well.

    Perception Management,
    What is real? What is being concealed? What agenda are others following? Action, reaction, resolution. Could the people of America be in the process of reclaiming and controlling their own money supply back to a more Constitutional manner. The money supply is meant to benefit the American people to whom it owes its existence to. Toll for existing and using the people’s assets. What is the shape of the current conflict (war)?
    Is Andrew Jackson back in the White House?
    Am I completely loony toons? Well the answer to the last one is irrelevant to the rest. But I answer that one my own way anyway.

  • Pamela

    Everyone watch their six and pay attention.

  • MFin’ SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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