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  • JTC

    Dammit, I was sure she was taking that thing OFF not putting it on, in that first frame. Such a tease. Mean girl indeed.

  • interventor


  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    Let’s see……teh feelz, wanting, nay, DEMANDING control over everything and everyone, Globull Worming, 2 sexes and 57 genders……yep. That’s middle school mean girlz alright.

  • JIMV

    It’s been a long time since we had an all out series nude…too long. Has our artist been threatened by his host?

    • Chris Muir

      No.Sometimes, less is more.

      • nonncom

        I’ll always remember Sophia Loren in “Boy on a Dolphin”….one of my fondest early teen memories….

        • MasterDiver

          I remember her shower scene with Gregory Peck in “Arabesque”

          Zar Belk!

      • JTC

        Sometimes. But not all the time.

      • JIMV

        And sometimes more is more…sigh

  • Pamela

    ARRGGH. I remember how many girls stuffed.

    • Punta Gorda

      Yeah… but a few of them were REAL!!

      The fun bit was finding them.

    • MasterDiver

      I knew at least two that didn’t have to. (Good Irish genes!)

      Zar Belk!

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    The thing about those “Early Bloomer” in middle school- 20 years after, their bra size was typically “44 Long”.

    • interventor

      Probably more Patriot batteries.

      • Ronal Morse

        I always thought that refinery complexes were good candidates for the land variant of the General Dynamics CWIS (Close in Weapons System). Proven technology. Relatively cheap (as these things go).

    • TBeholder

      High risk of business-as-usual, indeed.
      I guess that’s the downside of being hostages of the petrodollar. Because it’s not like only the bankers are in that boat.
      On the other eyestalk, it look like this can push the Saudi out of the comfortable position when they are clients without much responsibilities.
      Will this change the endless Palestine proxy war?

      • kadaka

        “being hostages of the petrodollar”

        Funny part is Left Coast Greens are tying us to Saudi Arabia:

        However, California motorists, some 8,000 miles (13,000 km) away from Saudi Arabia, could be hit the hardest. Refineries in that state rely heavily on imports for supplies due to its isolated location and lack of pipelines to connect it with oil-rich states such as Texas.

        Saudi Arabia exports more than 7 million barrels of crude oil every day, much of that to Asia, but about 47% of what it sends to the United States goes to the West Coast.

        Thanks to fracking the US is awash in crude, we don’t really need to import anything. But because Greens vehemently hate pipelines despite their great safety record, we’re tied to very volatile regions and routinely risk befouling the ocean with supertanker accidents. And the only acceptable solution for Greens is to simply stop needing oil.

        • TBeholder

          You are mixing up 3 different problems.
          Oil itself: it matters, but in a long term, very far from an immediate problem even now. Or plastic bags would be prohibitively expensive, duh.
          Access to oil: it matters, but in a long-ish run. After all, no one is guaranteed to get glazed eyes from free-trader rhetorics, and opening/closing of markets was done using navies even before Opium Wars. The pipes and local production (even small), and attack swarms of triffids are all about this. So is Ukraine, in large part.
          Petrodollar: constant and immediate problem. Iraq, Palestine, and the rest of that mess – it’s not about your import, or even availability. It’s about other countries’ export.
          If today all Middle East decided to sell oil for currency not duct-taped to dollar, tomorrow the dollar will be just fancy paper. So the moment someone like Saddam as much as hints he may do this, Red Empire and Blue Empire weaken grip on each other’s throat, make a truce and proclaim he eats babies, breeds bubonic plague or whatever. Or both fall. Hence “hostages”.

  • Halley

    Sam has good attitude as well as good altitude. Rare in a woman, even the cartoon types.

  • CaptDMO

    “He who smelt it, dealt it.” ? Really?
    How juvenile.
    Allow me to bring that up to speed.
    1. Social Justice Warrior ALWAYS lie.
    2. Social Justice Warrior ALWAYS double down.
    3. Social Justice Warrior ALWAYS project. < THERE you go.

    • TBeholder

      The question is not whether it’s juvenile, the question is whether it’s juvenile enough to describe. ;]
      After all, others already called that crowd “kindergarten on LSD”.

    • JTC


      It’s a comic dude.

      Subject matter doesn’t change that; rather it makes it bearable.

      Sometimes it is the most succinct and insightful…’specially with a little T&A thrown in; nothing juvenile about those. 😉

    • Yes, thank you. The word of the day is; Projection

    • Pamela

      I surmise most SJW don’t ,or maybe, never get laid.

      • Kafiroon

        Incel ? Their own two words in one.
        Then again being a male and seeing sjw crazy, it’s voluntary.

  • WayneM

    I’m not a fan of the SJW cancel culture by any measure. Trudeau has been found guilty of breaching conflict of interest legislation twice now; once for taking an all expenses paid vacation to the Aga Khan’s private island in the Bahamas while the Aga Khan was actively soliciting charitable donations for his foundation from the feds & the second time for interfering in a criminal prosecution on a corruption case involving a massive international engineering firm headquartered in Quebec. The latter is subject to a criminal investigation to see if Trudeau and his team should be charged with Obstruction.

    How ironic to see Trudeau finally getting some stick for his misbehaviours of 20 years past. These blackface incidents were around the same time period when Trudeau got called out for groping a female reporter. Like all male feminists, Trudeau’s dedication to women’s rights don’t conflict with a bit of grab-ass.

  • JTC

    Of course, MiniTru is from the same mold as Zero and so many others of the elite class; first and foremost to blame and claim any and all corruption on the other side that which you actively engage in yourself. They embrace the teachings of Alinsky tightly and totally to loudly and constantly accuse any adversaries of the atrocities they forgive and pardon themselves for.

    Or, as they say in the funny papers, “He who smelt it dealt it”. 🙂

  • yeah

    Someone has been out of school too long. Plenty of middle schoolers get hit hard by puberty. I knew a 10 year old 5th grader (1973) who had 34 Cs, a 12 YO sixth grader (1999) with 38 Ds, and a 13 YO 7th grader with 36 DDs (1976 – she was having an affair with the teacher). They get better nutrition today, so more of them are getting hit by puberty early in middle school.

    Although, perhaps Sam wasn’t one of those who got hit early and hard.

    • John M.

      I have wondered if early puberty might have something to do with all of the hormone-injected foods we eat these days… Our melded families (like The Brady Bunch on TV) had eight kids, seven boys and one girl, all “bloomed early” The boys were “growing hair down there” and their voices were cracking by the time they reached 8 or 9. The girl, the baby of the family hit menarche at 8½, and her upper development started shortly after, to the point she was a 38D by 6th grade.

  • Cliff47

    I’ve found that it’s nit the padding, but the performance…

  • JTC

    And the OTHER word of the day is… 😀

  • Nothing to see here! It’s all okay! All is Calm!

    The Media has told us it was only Brownface, not Blackface, so it’s just fine….

    • kadaka

      Sorry, the narrative has shifted, the media reports it was only “skin-darkening makeup”. You know, like bronzer, nothing special or noteworthy.

      Since all three and likely more instances are now a non-scandal, PM JT can now move on to important matters like disarming the serfs to guarantee Canada will never be like Trump’s America.

      Thoughts and prayers are not enough. We will ban all military-style assault rifles, give municipalities the ability to restrict or ban handguns, and strengthen gun control.

  • JTC

    So another likely gang related shooting at a Friday night high school foot ball game. But did you know that it is totally the fault of you and your guns and completely unrelated to said thugs? Not even any discussion of the nature of the shooters for “the last five weeks in a row”…wonder why that is?


    Check out the ATF “agent in charge ret.” starting at 1:00. Right, the only difference in the last 50 years is another 200 million guns.

  • Has anyone noticed these mass shootings happen where the law abiding citizens cannot defend themselves? Just asking for a friend…


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