Day By Day


  • Too Tall

    Historians will use on word to describe Bathhouse Barry: FRAUD

    • cb

      What word will they use to describe those who elected him – twice?

      • Pamela


      • Ozymandius

        “Idiots” would work.

        • MasterDiver

          The Japanese expression is “Bakka-Yaro” meaning “fool” or “Idiot”. Although I think “Dumb-ass” might also apply.

          Zar Belk!

          • John M.

            Since he’s supposedly from Hawaii, shouldn’t he and his sycophants be called “Pupule?”

      • Wotan

        3 words perhaps? “Useful. halal. Clowns.”

      • Halley

        The Official Oxford Dictionary definition of an Obama voter is “Someone who hated America so much that they’d claim he was Our Lightbringer while knowing that placing such an anti-American enemy sympathizer in the Oval Office was a direct danger to the Republic, and intentionally so.” – or something like that.

      • JTC

        Question at this point is, what will they call those who vote for *Obama v.2?

        I don’t know but I do know what they will call us…”fucked”.

        God forbid it and pray as I said below that the ocean view distracts her from accepting the draft which is sure to come when the Dims at the Ivy St. clubhouse look around and then at each other and realize their choices otherwise are Slow Joe or Fauxcahontas…

    • nonncom

      I was always surprised that he made it through 8 years unscathed….went in without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, unless you count the White House, owned by the people, and came out in 8 years as a multi-millionaire….Harry Truman said “It is impossible for an honest politician to go into office with no money to speak of, and come out wealthy”….I guess obama, ried, and many others, including republicans, didn’t see that….

      • John M.

        I’m pretty sure he made it through eight years because he appointed “Slow Joe” as VeePee… he knew that his haters didn’t want THAT in office!

  • Mr. Chan

    I have been cut off from your cartoons since 9/11/19. There is no contact information. It is not in my junk or spam file. Google must be preventing my viewing.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

      If you can, download and use a different browser, such as Brave or Opera.

  • Halley

    I still think there’s something very fishy about His birth certificate.

    • MasterDiver

      Oh, there’s nothing fishy. It’s an outright fake. Produce the clerk who signed it. Mr. U. K. L. Lee !

      Zar Belk!

    • John

      Which one?

  • Willik

    Wondering what the Martha’s Vineyard uber-Liberals are thinking of their ‘Token’ now?

    Knowing Teddy is rolling over in his bier!

    • JTC

      “There goes the neighborhood…” 🙂

      Listen, I just hope that ocean view we paid for sufficiently distracts Big Mike so as to not accept the draft being drafted by the trolls at 30 Ivy Street. Money well spent.

  • Bill G

    The elites cannot be bothered with even a ‘token’ action to show their solidarity with the peasants whose lives they want ruined. Ocean-front property and a jet-set lifestyle for them, but we are to ride bikes and eat soy.
    Yeah, right. BTW, what’s in the fake beef we peasants are to be force fed?

  • Browncoat

    So… Maybe it’s temporary to make the Soylent more appealing when it comes out?

    • Pamela

      There should be a warning that “Eating this Product might cause your Breast and Ovarian Cancer to Return as it contains Soy and Soy Derivatives.”

  • eon

    If you really believe in global warming, “anthropogenic” or otherwise, you don’t spend $15 million for a beachfront McMansion, even if it is Somebody Else’s Money.

    Even if your name is Arthur Curry or Namor Mackenzie.

    The fact that The One began the process of scouting and buying this monument to his own hubris while he was still in office tells you that his AGW fixation was BS from the start. It was just another excuse for his ultra-leftist megalomania.

    “Climate change” has been propaganda from the beginning, and like the rest of the”ecology” movement has evolved into a cult just like the UFO contactee movement it descended from. (Google “Donald M. Ware”, a Fifties contactee guru who in the Seventies became one of the early deep-ecology “crusaders”. Sociopaths tend to seek out or create “movements” which justify their psychoses.)

    It’s all intended to destroy Western civilization and create Bronze Age pseudo-feudal socialism.

    It’s time everybody recognized it for what it actually is. Just the latest iteration of the left trying to create their Utopia on everybody else’s backs, and at the point of a gun.

    clear ether


    • The 300

      “Pseudo” feudal socialism?

      Nothing “pseudo” about it, serf.

    • Pamela

      Arthur Curry looks WAY better without a shirt 😉

    • Doggo

      Now we see why the One was pushing the climate change agenda so hard. Can you imagine how much that house would cost if all the potential buyers hadn’t been scared off by the fact that it will be flooded in 10 years?

  • JTC

    “Climate change” is not propaganda it is fact. As is peoplekind’s part in it. Just like it has been since God parted the oceans.

    “Global warming” however, is just a word swap which is the very definition of it. And like all propaganda it has as its goal exactly what you wrote in your last two paragraphs.

    • Halley

      If the “climate” suddenly stopped changing, which is what they pretend to want, they’d immediately begin screaming “How unnatural! Overthrow Capitalism now or never! Save the planet from the Climate Stasis crisis!”

      Q: Where did the world’s communist sympathizers go when the Berlin Wall fell and the USSR dissolved?
      A: Global Warming

      • John D. Egbert

        In Germany, the eco-nazis are called watermelons: green on the outside and red on the inside. So appropriate . . .

        • Doggo

          …except watermelons are good.

  • WayneM

    The Canuckistan Brownfaced Feminist in Chief is really big on Climate Change. That’s how I know for certain that Climate Change is a fraud.

    Fun fact: Little Potato is a trust fund baby… as was his father… The originator of said trust fun was the grandfather who owned/operated gas stations.

  • JTC

    Kinda liking your misspelling of “VINEYARD” to “VINYARD” Chris, intentional or not.

    One can only imagine how many and what kind of vehicles with identification numbers are stashed in those six or so garage bays…and wouldn’t it be interesting to get hold of those numbers and run some Carfax reports?

    • interventor

      Vinyard is an older, but still correct way of spelling vineyard. Its how it was spelled when I was young.

      • JTC

        Last cited by Webster from 1828. Damn you’re even older than me! 😉

        Nah, it was just a phonetic spelling error.

        Plus that would totally eff up my VIN joke, so…

  • DogByte6RER

    Obama, he’s such an asshole …

  • James F Gemind

    Should have used the angle that shows the private Mosque on the grounds. Other than, excellent work as always…

  • Halley

    This is off topic, but – wow just wow, Candace killed it today at the faux congressional hearing on “white nationalism”. Wow. Her backbone makes BarackHussein’s look like a broken toothpick.

    • JTC

      “White supremacy not in the top 100 of issues in the black community”

      So what are the main problem issues?

      Black-on-black crime & lack of masculine men.


  • kadaka

    Tough day for Millennials and Gen Z, hard choices to make. Join up with a Climate Change protest because we only have 11 years for the planet to go carbon-neutral, when it can take 11 years to get a municipality to authorize a new traffic sign. Or go to Area 51 and storm the gates looking for hidden alien tech like tools for advanced prostate exams.

    The answer of course is Area 51 because that’s where the alien tech is for manipulating minds to make the proles think “extreme events” are proof of Globull Warming while scientists have shown humanity has a negligible effect:

    “During the last hundred years the temperature increased about 0.1°C because of carbon dioxide. The human contribution was about 0.01°C”, the Finnish researchers bluntly state in one among a series of papers.

    Tough day for me, Dad’s birthday, ’nuff said.

  • JTC

    Pretty hilarious…the little Swedish teen eco-twit that sailed over for today’s coronation in a multi-million dollar zero carbon sailing yacht -made of carbon fiber no less- and has the idiot media and lefties (redundant) fawning over her (who does she think she is, David Hogg?), will require four transatlantic jet flights to return the crew back home and bring a fresh one in to sail the boat back…oh, and how will she herself get back home? Her representatives wouldn’t say.

    Everything progs do is based on lies.

  • Genesis, chapter three. They’re embracing the second lie, to Mankind, of satan, who said first; “ye shall not surely die” (giving rise to the lie of the immortal soul) and the second lie, the piece de la resistance; “ye shall be as gods…”
    They’re embracing the lie and running with it, all in, fully committed and not looking back. But salvation still awaits them, even now, if they’d accept it and repent.