Day By Day


  • JTC

    “Rise or set?”

    Has to be both. It’s the only way.

  • WayneM

    Great artistry, Chris. Gorgeous sky!!

  • John M

    Autonomous? …and are they patrol and report only or do they have defensive capability

    • John

      With enough of them available they could actually be used offensively, and for all we know those drones came from a fully automated factory.
      Way back before the Soviets dropped out of the Cold War I got into a discussion with my fellow Guard troopers about the future of warfare and why we still needed our tanks.
      I made the argument that, in an era when a bullet could hit a bullet, guess who wins the firefight?

  • Pamela

    Down right unsettling though being forewarned is better than being disarmed.

  • Pete231

    Paying no attention to the lamestream media means you’re uninformed. To listen to them infers that we’re misinformed…. Twain had right all the way back then. Who’s going to step up now to take his place ?………..

    • MasterDiver

      President Trump seems to be doing a pretty good job of calling the the Fake Newsies.

      Zar Belk!

      • John

        Unfortunately even PDJT occasionally falls for their bullshit. Their reach is so pervasive even he gets caught up in it.
        And, of course, the MSM duly calls him out for that too.
        I’m afraid all we can do is diligently cast as wide a net as possible for our information and vigilantly discard the trash. These days no one can be trusted.

  • Kafiroon

    People violating TPTB stay in your house orders, just taking a walk, Are, being shadowed by drones.

    • Oldarmourer

      And here in the Great White North…
      Police are stationed at the provincial borders
      Stopping people from crossing unnecessarily
      $1000 tickets handed out here for driving 5 miles to go shopping because that’s where the stores are…
      Our ‘public health Minister’ (a graphic designer with no medical background whatsoever) has ordered the people ‘not to go to your cottages or you’ll be fined’
      So of course our liebral Prime Minister drives from one province to his (taxpayer paid for) cottage in another complete with drivers, security and press details plus private chefs, etc. all to take a picture for an easter card nobody looks at ecxept the party faithful and the media who got paid $650 million taxdollars to ‘report the news properly’ (read: ‘the way we tell you to’)
      It’s ‘do as we say, not as we do’ as usual…
      We need a Trump up here, our ‘conservative’ opposition leader is pretty much the same thing with a different party name…genuine conservatism is illegal here.

      • John

        In order to elect real Conservatives you have to produce them by sufficient abuse of the public. That occurred in Britain and the US but the US serves as a safety valve for the abuses of both the Provincial and Ottawa governments because of our proximity.
        I’m afraid things are going to have to get a lot worse north of the border before they get better.
        There is a price for being nice.

  • Saaruuk

    Time to start working on my directed EMP device? It’s been on the drawing board for a while……maybe time to start building.

    • John

      Make it cheap and durable and every serious Prepper in the country will want one, and even many who don’t think of themselves as such.
      My own sister-in-law, who would be appalled at being included in the category, swears she will shoot down any drone that hovers over her property.

      • Peregrine John

        I’ll buy more than one.

    • JTC

      Don’t know the comps, timeframe or what “directed” means in this context but EMPShield puts out products that are highly rated at 300-400 bucks.

      • Saaruuk

        @JTC In the case of my device, “directed” means that the pulse is narrowly ‘focused’ so as to minimize collateral damage to other electronics in the immediate vicinity. I only want to fry a snooping drone, not all my neighbors electronics etc.

        Currently, my biggest hurdle is minimizing ‘lateral dispersal’ or ‘side-scatter’. While the brunt of the pulse does in fact hit it’s intended target, I don’t want to fry my, or my neighbors CPU in their car….or anything else for that matter.

        • JTC

          Ah. A pulse gun then. The EMPShield products I mentioned are static defense *from* pulses, surges, etc.

          A focused offensive pulse gun though? Love it! Don’t be surprised when your friendly local ATF dude comes a-knockin’ though…

          Gonna run out of alphabet for that outfit, BATFEP?

    • Steve

      Make sure it’s EXTREMELY directional, or you’ll be buried in lawsuits from folks whose cars and phones you’ve killed …

  • Halley

    It’s always morning on the sun.

    • John M

      Unless you do like AOC said and go there at night…

  • Mike-SMO

    Once you have Jo, the “dogs”, and other autonomous security, what difference does it matter if there are “eyes in th sky”? Same command and control, I’ll bet.

  • Bill G

    Rise or set; aye, there’s the rub. Power that was only dreamed of mere weeks ago is now in the hands of individuals who have found they LIKE it. Will their excesses come back to destroy them in November? Or will the economic problems, magnified by the media that loves them, let them swing the election into darkness?

    • John

      The reason “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty’ is an iron clad rule is that Authoritarians seize power and never let go willingly.
      It’s a ratchet process, and it explains why we have, and will always have, parasitic government growing so large it threatens to kill the host.

  • Browncoat

    Pray… Vote… Buy more ammo.

  • Old Codger

    Gotta be set cause the progs damned sure aren’t going to allow it to rise any time soon. I caught the first couple of minutes of whatever comes on CBS on Sunday morning right after Jane Pauley’s show. The moderator was talking to the mayor of Chicago. Madam Mayor made it damned certain they couldn’t allow the economy to be restarted until they were ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN the danger from covid-19 was past. It was utterly clear she considered the 1st of May to be WAY too soon.

    Depressing. DAMNED depressing!

    • Doggo

      As much as I hate to defend her, 91% of the deaths in ILL are in Chicago and its suburbs. Her dictatorial instincts might be the right ones there. The rest of us are fine. I wish the state government would stop treating all of us like we live in the disease-infested murder capitol of the state.

  • Chiang Rai Jay

    Not to worry as the only mayors and Govnaas who will hold the economy hostage are the Blue state/City leaders. As such, since their useful idiots, I mean voters are already voting for Nazi Blues, Trump will not be affected by Blue leader city/state continued shutdowns. In fact the moron leaders of these prog areas may just piss their voters off enough to stay home on Blue Election Day !!

    • John

      And when they do, mark my words, they’ll blame Trump for the virus.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    “Welcome to your future.”
    I would imagine that those who witnessed the birth of the airplane, the automobile, the telephone, the television; all felt the same way.

    • John

      We now live in a world where Change is the norm and not the exception, not even waiting for the transition of generations.
      I sometimes wonder if we will soon outstrip even a child’s ability to adapt.

      • Steve

        Not necessarily, at least not everywhere. There are many fields like bandwidth allocation for comms, or the entire healthcare industry, where at least a modicum of regulation is necessary to ensure safety and efficiency. Since those regulations are created and (at least mostly) enforced by humans, they tend to act, after a certain point, as a natural brake on the speed of progress. We’re seeing this now as various national health departments keep roadblocking the adoption of promising COVID-19 treatments, but in many cases the effect can be beneficial, giving us more time to consider things like genetic engineering.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Having anscestors who were in on some of that is interesting. They would look at what will be depending on how people use them. Skyenet, or Skye’s hairnet. One attempts control of you, the other protects her hair and head.
      Jobs were made and lost. Abilities were increased.
      But it all comes to the human factor to actually experience it and value it. Will 1’s and 0’s ever truly be able to feel? We have humans that do not feel. Sentience is still not understood. And that’s all I have to say on that right now.

  • DogByte6RER

    For some reason, this reminds me of my Navy days. One morning as my ship was getting ready to pull into an exotic port o’ call I overhead a fellow sailor say “I’m so horny that not even the crack of dawn is safe!”

    That’s a sailor for ya …

    • Oldarmourer

      Airforce saying was
      “he’d do a woodpile if he thought there was a snake under it”

    • Steve

      Heh … I knew a girl in high school who had a tee shirt that said almost exactly that …

  • Henry

    I luvz me a gal in uniform!

  • Punta Gorda

    Whose future? Jo? Meaning the service industry will automate to the point where all you have to do is keep them disinfected and operating? No more entry level jobs for teenage petri dishes?

  • Pamela

    Too bad Javier can’t reprogram the wee beasties to do a colonoscopy on the person(s) that programed them, deployed them and made the order to deploy them. Then broadcast the results.


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