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  • Malatrope

    Ain’t it the truth.

    • WayneM

      To paraphrase Animal Farm, all Americans are equal but some Americans are more equal than others…

      • epador

        Or remember the song that ends ” eat the bacon”

      • Ozymandias

        In its own way, I think Animal Farm is more terrifying than 1984.

        • Agreed!

        • gruundehn

          But the movie was a lousy adaptation of the book, especially the ending

  • B Woodman

    Skye still doesn’t have a clue. With all the money in the world at her fingertips (shudder. . . .. ), she still wouldn’t have a clue on buying a clue.

  • emdfl

    damn walls better be pretty thick; .50BMG APIT will cut right through filled concrete blocks, heh, heh.

  • JTC

    In my fondest hopes and dreams, their compound walls that keep the riff raff (us) out, will become prison walls that keep the riff raff (them) in.

    And their diversity will be in there with them.


    • Swansonic

      Have to put a cage over to prevent helicopter rescue attempts.

      Add a moat filled with piranha in case they have their ‘help’ scale the walls….

    • The big problem that they face is that when chaos hits, their servants will be inside the walls with them, with their families on the outside. And all of those wonderful supplies right there, which could feed their families for a while… If the owners weren’t around to interfere.
      You know, the “little people” with gardening tools… kitchen implements… guns. Who prepare their food…

      • JTC

        Yep. Their “diversity”…the servants that were bought and paid with the wages of graft and government theft, will be in there with them.

        And without the largesse to keep them mollified the only thing they’ll be helping is themselves, with the elite ones left to fend for themselves, and since they don’t know how they should last about five minutes. Like I said, poetic.

        And the “little people” with their tools will be left to fend for themselves too, to again build a self-sufficient and self-sustaining Republic.

        Lord, let my dream come true.

  • H_B

    Pamela, from yesterday: Susan as in the granddaughter of Death from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. And finish his rounds as in she needs to go pick up the recently-deceased (this sort of thing has happened before in the books – causes all kinds of logistical problems).

    • Pamela

      H_B- Never read the Discworld series. Something for the list.
      Fluffy bunnies are cool. Thank you

  • Bill G

    Oh, no, we cannot have the peasantry intruding into the spaces set aside for the elites, now, can we?
    Wasn’t it Sleazy Harry that complained about the odor given off by the crowds touring His halls of Congress?

    • eon

      Yes, and it was Hillary (in 1993) who demanded that Penn’a Ave. be closed to motor traffic and made a pedestrian mall.

      Her logic? “Every other ruler has a mall in front of their residence and I want mine!”

      Her “entitlement” is at the heart of everything she does. Along with her intense hatred of the “unenlightened”.

      clear ether


  • Pamela

    Why Skye shame on you! You automatically assumed the riffraff were the Hispanic men on the street. Really.

    Now are they checking out the truck or the cab’s occupants?

    • Old Codger

      “Now are they checking out the truck or the cab’s occupants?”

      Bit of both I expect.

      • Pamela

        I trust a man whose interests lay in restored old trucks and cars than the person(s) driving it. Hmm, Sam will have tools stashed just in case.

        Wonder how many body bags Tucker keeps on hand?

  • JCTPatriot

    I live in one of the most conservative counties in Texas, and even WE are being overrun with illegals. I no longer believe that old “11 Million illegals” number. If it is this bad here where I live, then I suspect the number of illegals in the USA is closer to 30-40 million. I became convinced of this when I read somewhere that New Jersey has a problem with illegals. Wait… New Jersey???

    • That’s why you’re being overrun. You don’t think Liberals want illegals in their own neighborhoods, do you?

  • ElCazador

    “Diverse” ? Since when has diversity meant an almost overwhelming number of one group? Or does “diverse” in lib-speak mean “Wow, there’s a lot of them here!”


      I was thing along the same lines.
      On the ranch, you have Caucasian, Black, Irish/Japanese, Jewish (genetic, not religion, in this case), whatever Anatoly’s background might be, and mixes of many of those. But NO, that’s not ‘DIVERSE’

      • Anatoly is Russian.

    • Noelegy

      “Diversity” is liberal dog whistle for “non-white.”

  • Spin Drift

    Jose can you see the screwing your getting by the dawns early light? You swapped economic slavery in your own country for economic slavery in a foreign one.


  • DASY

    Funny—-I don’t feel particularly raffish.

  • woodNfish

    “Elites hate Ameri(k)ans.”

    True words. Have you noticed how there are laws against betraying the government, but not the amerikan people?

    • capn

      And note that the Oath of Office (required of all officers of the gov’t both Federal and State) clearly states “defend and support the Constitution” NOT a President or a political group/’ism.

      OT – I lost my internet at the homestead (long story) so my attendance will be spotty. In case you wondered.

      • JTC

        capn, while I’m pretty Luddie at heart (as I suspect many here are), the info exchange that the intertubes is made me a sellout to some degree (as I know many here are or we wouldn’t, you know, be here).

        And I drank a little deeper of the poison koolaid when wifey and I went with iphones. That is due mostly to three features; (1) voice texting my young’uns which is about the only way they communicate and my fatass fingers can’t/won’t do it manually, (2) the voice GPS is extremely accurate and up to date which my car-based and portable units are not, and (3) the wi-fi hotspot feature rivals home-based in speed and dependability and allows me to surf with the laptop when out in the wilds and/or when the home-based service is out.

        Worth considering as an alternative if you can get past the (justifiable) Big Brother paranoia.

  • Texas border towns have been mostly Hispanic for a LONG time.

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