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  • WayneM

    Bwahahaha!! Sam doesn’t have any problem slinging the truth… Skye doesn’t stand a chance.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Sometimes truth hurts. Sometimes not.

    • Strnj1


      …can’t be…

      Same Gravatar…

      • NotYetInACamp

        I can neither confirm nor deny.

  • Grunt GI

    HAHA, that was awesome…what was the term I read the other day…”Presstitutes.” Seems about right….

    • B Woodman

      Someone came up with another good one (maybe here? I forget), “journofister”.
      Now put those two together, “journofister presstitute”. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?
      One of my bucketlist dreams is to be walking down a city street, and be stopped by an MSM hack desiring an interview.
      My response to whomever I’m with (probably my wife) would be, “Look dear, a journofister presstitute. Pay it no mind, and don’t answer it. It doesn’t want my REAL answer, it only wants to push its agenda.”
      And then walk on.

      Or I could take my walking stick and beat it a few times. Either one.

      • interventor

        I prefer my German one with sharp ferrule tip.

    • MasterDiver

      I’ll loan you mine, I cast an 8-ounce lead top piece for it.

      Zar Belk!

  • epilitimus

    Did Sam’s dress rip in half between panels 2&3?

    • Fox2!

      Not that we’re complaint or anything, right?

      • Fox2!


        • Chris Muir


    • GWB

      Yeah, suddenly a midriff appears!
      Or, Chris, is it like that tan-through-your-bikini material?

    • RooftopVoter

      My only complaint is it didn’t rip nearly enough.

    • She and Skye both seem to be wearing black shorts or skorts and cami tops. Skye has on a (probably translucent) beige one, Sam’s is a black cami top; it just pulled up a little as she moved around. Consider what’s under there! *Any* jiggling would cause some ‘ride-up’. or so it seems to me …

  • Spin Drift

    Is that microphone the Monica Lewinsky memorial edition? Does the costume come in blue?

    War Damn Screaming Eagle

  • Pamela

    What ever happened to the Naughty Nurse or Sister Immaculate Misery with a Ruler for all the bad bad boys costumes …

    • Grunt GI

      Yea. Kinda makes me wonder. Sam has had some fine costumes over the years!

      • Pamela

        She has a creative imagination in the construction and implementation.

        • Grunt GI

          Or the lack of material

  • JTC

    It’s as if the presstitutes, libgov policy wonks, and commie campus activists are all one and the same. Ohhh, wait a minute…

    Be sure to click on that “about” link. Some serious dick envy there…

    (seen at “say uncle” blog)

    • B Woodman

      O-M-G. At first I thought it was satire, Onion style. But it’s not. These idiots are serious. “Are Guns Grosser Than Dildos?” I don’t know. . . .let me think about that a moment. . . are Libtards grosser than conservatives? Ummmm. . . Yes! So I would turn that around to ask, Are Dildos Grosser Than Guns?” ANd the answer would be a resounding YES!
      The rest I leave as an exercise for the conservative student’s imagination as to tell the Libtards where to stuff said dildos.

      • JTC

        And it’s TEXAS!!!???

        • Old Codger

          It’s Texas, all right, but it’s its own little world there in Austin. Any east or west coast libtard would feel completely at home in Austin. You’ve heard of Silicon Valley? Well, Austin is sometimes referred to as Silicon Gulch. A lot of the inhabitants of Silicon Gulch CAME from Silicon Valley. The faculty of UT Austin almost make the faculty at places like Harvard or UCLA look like moderates. No parent who wants their offspring to get an education instead of further indoctrination should send said offspring to a private institution.

    • Pete in NC

      I clicked on the link – is it just me, or are most of the persons displaying dildos children? Pederast much?
      I’m going back to the baby elephant website now…

      • JTC

        Click on the merchandise link…where it’s all Clinton all the time.

        That ‘splains everything..hating on dicks and 2A is Hillary’s fulltime job, and the pedo fetish, well we can’t leave out Bubba.

        In fairness though, it’s Austin, so not exactly Texas.

    • So I did. These…people…are such idiots. It almost makes one wish for something terrible to happen and they be saved by the very people they protest. Alternatively, one might hope for them NOT to be saved by same.

      • Joseph Meyer

        Do you mean like the black lives matter protestors in Dallas?

      • Kafiroon

        I am sure there would be a number of people that need “rescuing” first. A different sort of triage.

    • Bill G

      I wonder if the genii behind this have any reports of would- be rapists being fended off by someone’s dildo.

      • markm

        Of course not – but they won’t admit that any rapist was ever stopped with a gun, either. If it happens right in front of them, they’ll imitate all three monkeys at the same time.

        • Kafiroon

          There is a fourth. Notable in most situations involving anyone.
          Cover Your Butt.

    • Pamela

      Now that I have stopped laughing, damn stomach muscles hurt, the little snowflake prickless wonders are going to go out and buy bouncy flaying pieces of practice fellatio devices. Because there is campus carry and they don’t feel safe?

      It’s 5:41 am in Cali, haven’t even had coffee yet, and a shot of Casa Noble sounds like a better idea than what those plonkers are going to do. Since they can’t recognize real heat-seeking moisture missiles if it bit them in the behind…
      Idiots the lot of them *shakes head*
      I’m going back trying my hand at writing sex scenes. More constructive.

      • In Re:, your last sentence. It’s easy. I start out with a vivid recollection or reminiscence, and ‘literature-ize’ it. Depending on your market, there being a number of ‘horny-housewife’ publishing websites, one can embellish or diminish one’s own personal vignettes to suit. I made substantial ‘butter and egg money’ for years on the royalties from those sorts of bodice-rippers. Don’t quit your day job, though, unless, of course, you hit it ‘bigly’.

        Now I just do personalized stories for individuals, based on THEIR favorite memories. Make great gifts for hubbies, to spice things up.

        • Pamela

          Hey D

          Having fun doing what you love and getting paid is the best gig.

          I have several years experience in writing erotic poetry under a sobriquet. Developed a following after a time. Received still pictures and videos of the results. I can truly say while God created all men equal, some he endowed more generously than others. I am still in awe of those who had tattoos and piercings though wondered about the pain aspect.

          There is a nude portrait that I never posed for in a private collection. I was amazed at what can be done with a fully clothed picture taking the person down to bare skin.
          Close to reality, but kinder in the final rendering.

          Memories can keep a person going during tough times.
          Making new ones are even better,
          It is a wonder what the written word can accomplish.

    • DASY

      Stats, despite nonstop aggrieved caterwauling, remain stats, and will continue to remain so.

  • Calvin

    Just reminded me, the Halloween candy is out on the shelf as we speak. Have to put together a little Hillary fat ass pants suit for someone special.

  • Ah, yes. The Whores Of Babylon, aka the LSM.

    • S'aaruuk

      Make that “The Whores of Babble-on.” Much more accurate.

      • Old Codger

        Pay the man!

      • Grunt GI

        Badda Bing oh yea.

  • DASY

    Who knew all the female journalism students out there are all really sex workers in training?

    • Grunt GI

      Not just female.
      After all Chris Matthews gets a thrill up his leg too!!

  • Bill G

    “Truth Not Included”? Truth is not accepted by the media. Perhaps a Spin Cheat Sheet for the budding Journolist member.

      • John Greer

        Of course they pointedly ignore the fact that “Half a truth is a whole lie.”

  • PaulS

    Image: Press kits being distributed by the Hitlary campaign.

    Title: Take it and lie kit.

    • Unca Walt

      That’s not the whole title. It goes on to the other side:

      Take it and lie kit or die kit.

  • I think the American press could just all combine into one commie loving organization and reside at

  • JTC

    “Batteries not included.”

    None needed. You know they live for Hillary’s command: “Bend over, bitch!” as the beast moves in with a manual strap-on. If they’re lucky she’ll have one of her seizures during and give ’em a great ride.

    Or die. What would be the lead on that?

    “Beloved queen expires during in-depth one-on-one with one of our own…the lucky bastard.”

    • There is a fine, old filthy joke about a tongue-tied dwarf and an epilectic who marry. The punchline is, “C-c-c-u-u-u-t-t-t-t ‘er l-l-loose!”

      The rest is left as an exercise for the reader …

  • Oliver Heaviside

    Vibrator, or strap-on?

    • Pamela

      Both would be too much?

      • Corvette

        Pamela, now that is a question worth an answer, heck no. As I have always said …when it comes to the opposite sex, it is always more fun to learn than teach.

      • Grunt GI

        Twixt your nethers?

        I’ll be in my bunk.

    • Yes, please. OK, I denounce myself and will report to Rm. 101.

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)


  • capn

    Does anyone have any mind bleach handy the lurid images of Hitlery inflagrante delecto are painful.

    • Pamela


      Use the pain caused by the thought of Hitlery inflagrante delecto and offer it up in prayer to deliver the Nation from from her and all the other BS they are throwing.

  • capn

    There was supposed to be a ”?” after the word handy. Its those images blurring my mental functions.

    sorry about that.

    JTC has it correctly = Austin is no longer Texas. There are still Texans residing there but they are rapidly being out numbered by 3P’s and raging progs.

    • interventor

      In lieu of what they do not possess.

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