Day By Day


  • Spin Drift

    Why do we tolerate being targets?


  • Too Tall

    Spin Drift,


    I think Naomi just took two shots, both bullseyes

  • Too Tall

    Of course, these days your “standard democrat” makes Nazis, communists, ANTIFA, marxists, and fascists (but I repeat myself) look pretty good, by comparison.

    • Interventor

      Pretty much the same, without the body count.

  • Ryk E Lee

    Naomi is suggesting tagging her with a Transponder, I sense a profound lack of trust here.

    • JackDeth 72

      Naomi is Israeli Sabra….

      Healthy distrust and a hint of paranoia are hard wired from birth,

    • Interventor

      I assumed shackles.

    • KenH

      YA THINK?
      Skype should count herself lucky , Naomi doesn’t get her a new cell phone…

      • Fox2!

        I wonder if she knows the Mossad cellphone “engineer”?

  • Big Jim

    “Trust, but Verify”….

  • NotYetInACamp

    Reality is brutal, and bites.

    At least they didn’t brand an A to her forehead to ID her as Antifa. That was very kind of them.

  • Dienekes

    “Healthy distrust and a hint of paranoia are hard wired from birth.”

    An excellent foundation to build upon, too.

  • WayneM

    Funny how some media outlets rushed out noise about how Rand Paul was a problematic neighbour. Golden how Paul’s neighbours (except the assailant) made it known that the Pauls were popular, polite, respectful and in no way problematic…

    • Alex J


      What is bothering me is that the “doctor” who beat the crap tar out of a US Senator is only facing a misdemeanor charge!

      If you’re a Libertarian or Republican elected official is it open season and if so, when does the season open for Socialists, Antifa and Democrat?

      Note: I wouldn’t be a hunter, more like I’d like the advice notice to hunker down.

      • No licence, no limit? Like any vermin control?

      • eon

        He got out on $7500 bail, which ans that he put up $750 and a bail bondsman put up the rest.

        That’s surprisingly low bail for the assault described. In fact, any bail would be surprising, as he’s still next door to Paul’s family.

        Either we don’t know the whole story yet, or there’s something fishy about that bail.

        clear ether


        • GWB

          The bail may have been based on the original misdemeanor charge. If they go with the felony, they may re-arrest him.

      • PaulS

        They seem to be signaling what can be gotten away with.

        A “ misdemeanor” for broken bones and internal injuries!
        A very dangerous precedent.

  • Unca Walt

    Awright… I’m a vet. And the NFL = Nasty Fargin Losers.

  • Interventor

    National Felons League

    • JTC

      Not For Long

  • Doggo

    I actually haven’t watched a game this year. I doubt that I will find an excuse to watch one for the rest of the season either. That includes the Super Bowl.

  • JTC

    Thank you to Veterans one and all, with special honorable mention for my Vietnam Nam brothers who went in my place and got spit on literally by leftist hippie scum and figuratively by gov and still now by the VA…lie and deny until they die.

  • Yeah, I assumed leg irons too. But you know, a full transport set would probably be the best way to keep Skye safe.

  • Pamela

    So crazy is now off the shelf… just add nuts and bonkers

  • Spin Drift

    Targets as in any one who self identifies as a conservative. Verbal or physical its allowed, punching back not allowed. I get vilified at work for just being in the room by the SJW’s. I get to hear some of the nastiest crap but cannot defend myself or my opinions. But the regime change is saving our company. Orders are up after 8 years of declining sales and profits are rebounding. The new regime will get no credit in this turn around just like Obozo will get no blame for 8 years of decay.

    I believe if this keeps up then the good populace will go to the 4th box in retaliation. God help us all when that decision is made.

    War Damn Eagle