Day By Day


  • Delilah T.

    Why does the horizon look so ominous? Viene tornado?

    Re: progressivism: oddly enough (since I remember the hippies and how obnoxious they were), we may be seeing the end of that cycle. Everything has a beginning and an ending. I’d like to see this end with a whimper, sort of fading away to nothing….

    • eon

      No, they’ll just do they same thing they always do, Pinky.

      Rename themselves and try to take over the world.


      clear ether


      • Pamela

        I think so, Brain, but this time, you put the trousers on the chimp.

        They only think of the romance and how wonderful it will be this time around by not remembering how many millions of people were killed in cold blood and starvation. There is no benevolence in their twisted little minds when it comes to their desire for Utopia on th backs of others.

    • Pamela

      Must be Reavers coming

  • JTC

    So that old Ford is another one of the DBD time machines, in this case finding a warp to a 1940’s West Texas gas station but with some fine modern vajazzled vajajays.

    This place is weird. But cool. 🙂

  • Delilah T.

    A little something for you from Spain’s greatest poet, Garcia-Lorca:


    El remanso del aire
    bajo la rama del eco.

    El remanso del agua
    bajo fronda de luceros.

    El remanso de tu boca
    bajo espesura de besos.

    • JTC


      The backwater of the air
      under the branch of the echo.

      The backwater of the water
      under the frond of stars.

      The backwater of your mouth
      low thicket of kisses.

      Damn I don’t know if old Garcia-Lorca was dropping acid or if Google Translate is.

      • Delilah T.

        It translates more properly as follows:

        The still waters of the air
        under the bough of the echo.

        The still waters of the water
        under a frond of stars.

        The still waters of your mouth
        under a thicket of kisses.

        Google translate is too literal. It leaves a lot to be desired.
        Garcia-Lorca was deeply romantic.
        Franco hated him.

        • JTC

          Yeah I know…but that was just too funny. Bing translate is even worse (better?):

          The backwater of the air
          Under the Echo branch.
          The Water Haven
          Under the foliage of the shiners.
          The backwater of your mouth
          Under the Thick of Kisses

          Some things just don’t translate…imagine how some English/American phrases come across.

          OTOH, some things don’t need to be translated, like love and romance. See, I’m not a complete heathen. 🙂

          • JTC

            Of course G-L’s poem is plagiarized from Psalms.

            The Lord is my Shepherd…the ultimate love story.

          • Delilah T.

            Heehee! I never get the same translation into Russian from Google when I want that classic ‘f – -k off and die’ rendered. It’s come close, but I don’t think I’d scare Vlad with it.

        • cfm56dash7

          Yeah, but then, Franco hated everybody.

      • Pamela

        Is it Poetry Sunday…

        Of love
        sung deep and close
        to my heart beneath hands
        well remembered in quiet dreams
        of you

        • Delilah T.

          Well, if we’re going to have an open mic poetry session, how about this one:


          Why did we ask for eternity?
          Did you love me as I loved you?
          Did you, too, love a delicate whisper
          A caress hot as the sun –
          A kiss luscious as rose petals?
          In a thousand languid dreams,
          Love is sweet as violets
          And time is forever void of power.

          • Swansonic

            Thank you both…. Beautiful.

  • KenH

    Somehow Sammy, I feel you will regret that
    Naomi: go with the new cell phone. Just IN CASE

  • WayneM

    Naomi rocks the cowgirl look… just saying… And a fashionable anklet might look chic on Skye…

    • Grunt GI

      That might work at the BBQ place ya know? Little open vest, chaps….
      maybe a lasso on the belt?

      Could be good.


  • As a tracking device? Yeah. Until we can be sure.

  • Cliff

    What is that Starwars looking at the gas station?

    • PaulS

      I think that is a fender and bumper.

    • GWB

      The orange one is an old-timey gas pump, I think.

      • MasterDiver

        Yeah. Lift the nozzle, turn the crank, reset the counters to zero, pump the gas as you listen to the “ding!” for each gallon!

        Zar Belk!

    • Delilah T.

      It does look like Bobba Fett’s helmet, doesn’t it?
      It would be simpler to plant a microchip in some part of Skye’s anatomy that she couldn’t reach without bending like a pretzel.

  • cz93x62

    “Old-timey” gas pump. As a teen, I worked at a gas station that used such pumps. All-mechanical innards, the price adjusters only went as high as 49.9 cents per gallon. Vintage 1962 equipment in 1972-1974.

    • JTC

      I do remember quarter a gallon gas, and some gas wars where the stations would just about pay you to fill up. 49.9? Nobody ever thought they would need that high of a range on the pump.

      Then came the last part of your time span, 1974. Bought my first brand new car that year at age 20. Already married with one baby and another on the way but with a good-paying sugar mill job. Gran Torino with vinyl roof, opera windows, and a 302 that delivered about 8 mpg in that tank of a car. No worries, it held 26 gallons and gas was cheap. Heh.

      Later that year as you lined up to fill up, discussion was whether it could possibly goes as high as a buck a gallon. My older brother said people would soon be begging to pay that. Everybody thought he was nuts.

      Didn’t take long for those old round-top pumps to disappear, replaced by modern units that went into the triple digits. Those old pumps bring big bucks to people who are nostalgic for that stuff to put in game rooms and man caves, I’ve bought and sold a few dozen of them over the years. I’d could get a lot more for them if they could still pump that fifty-cent gas.

  • Interventor

    I remember a few stations where gas was manually pumped into a glass jar, measured in gallons. Then gravity fed into the tank. Ft.Drum, FL, last I saw one.

    • Delilah T.

      Holy moly, the last time I saw one of those was in Beaver Crossing, NE.

      That was a VERY long time ago. My father was looking for a job and dragged us around like gypsies.

  • Spin Drift

    Saw my first Tom Steyer ad for the Impeachment of the President. And so it begins. Look this SOB up and understand the battle space has changed. Big money leftist pukes financing another front in the War of the Swamp.” Go asymmetric, demand the investigation of the CGI for everything including premeditated murder of Seth Richards.

    No Quarter Time

    • NotYetInACamp

      I have seen their youtube videos trying to show President trump as a demented confused old man. Then they have their “psychological'” analysts spewing more lies.
      If we went by their actual standards, anyone who can be picked up off the ground and flung into a van is qualified. Re: Hillary 9/11/2016 in NYC a WTC site.
      Their goal is their victory. Truth, morality, and right have nothing to do with it. It is only power and the lies needed to get the power that they are concerned about.
      To an honest prosecutor with a reliable honest staff, the democrats are a huge target rich environment to wade into with legal guns blazing. Even with our major victories, we still have the luxury to be able to attack on all sides and engage the enemy.

      • Delilah T.

        On November 8, a year after the election, 5,000 people (total number) gathered in various groups here and there in the USA to howl and scream mindlessly at the sky. They videoed it, too.

        There were as many as five to seven people at some of those gatherings.

        They held a protest and nobody paid any attention.

        How quaint.

        • NotYetInACamp

          It is. I am actually talking about the people embedded in government power. They have to be rooted out. Most people outside of invasion groups and other Democrat progressive factions do not care about them and ignore them. Soros, Obama, Brennan, Jarrett, DNC, Schumer, and friends still have control of vast purse strings including government money.
          And Antifa Protests don’t work in Poland.