Day By Day


  • Grunt GI

    Nikolai…very nice name. I don’t know about going back to Ukraine…things are picking up their again.

  • Boobie the Rocket Dog

    A “Russian reset?” Does that involve Hillary?

  • Crotalus

    Oh, ‘Toly! Be careful what you wish for!

  • WayneM

    Well, I guess that answers the question I posed yesterday and, as usual, furthers the story arc. Well done, Chris!

  • Kafiroon

    Toly is right and Naomi well represents that! Seeing the size of numerous people using multiple EBT cards is proof of that when I am at the store.

  • Thank you, Chris, for the Sam Coin and the bookmark. It arrived today. 😀

    • Chris Muir


  • And I got my stuff yesterday. Thank you, my friend. Very nice.

    • Chris Muir

      Alriighht! 🙂

  • Spin Drift

    From this we can assume that the Double D bar is open for business?

    Drinks are on the house.

    • Thumbs up, Spin. No, wait, that sounds wrong…

      • Swansonic

        A whole lotta wrong….

        But I think we understand.

    • Al T.

      No, never assume because that makes…well, you know.

      Rather, in this case, one might D-deuce. 🙂

  • If I were Anatoly, I’d shut up except to run quality control for Nikolai’s beverage of choice!

    • Bill

      Exactly. He’s already been vetted as Trump’s taster so he’s more than qualified.

  • Cliff H

    I’m am iconoclast and a rebel. I’m still waiting for the “C” room to open up off the main lounge at the Double D. That’s just me.

  • Bill G

    Yes, ‘Toly, reset.

  • Vader

    Got my swag Chris. Did the USPS open anyone else’s? Mine arrived in a clear plastic bag all scotch taped up. I need to go back and compare my expected delivery with inventory, but no appeal when dealing with our civil masters.

    • Chris Muir

      I sent ya an email of the things u should have.

  • lurker

    Got all my goodies, too. Thanks, Chris!

    • Chris Muir


    • KenA


      • Chris Muir


  • Spin Drift

    Is Nikolai getting stretch marks?

    Breakfast of Champions Brigade

  • Pat

    I like to hit the random button after seeing the latest. Just sayin’.

  • Otto Didact

    USA – Love it or leave it! (as things should be)

    US Government – Love it or else! (as things are) {sigh}

  • Blue Quasar

    The bronze arrowhead was very, very cool, the rest of the goodies were great as usual, thanks Chris!

  • Swansonic

    Chris – thank you for the awesome merch and ‘toon. Now I have to figure out how to reload an arrowhead for my 9…..

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