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  • WayneM

    What a great punchline!! Now I have to explain to my kids why I’m laughing out loud…

  • Pamela

    That woman can’t tell up from down, left from right, good from evil and all points on the map. Her sense of direction is so out of sync she has to be from another planet. Illegal Alien perchance?

    • H_B

      Oh, I think she’s definitely familiar with The Left…

      But then, as Huma said in that leaked email, she “often gets confused” these days.

    • “That woman can’t tell up from down, left from right, good from evil and all points on the map.”

      Hm? What makes you suppose that she “can’t tell”?

      It’s far more reasonable to go on the premise that Hitlery’s moral compass works perfectly well.

      How else would she know with such surety how to say and do precisely the most viciously evil things possible at any given time?

      • Pamela

        Then deliberately refuses to accept anything outside her own narrow self-serving desires. She’s a crush them, and grind their bones to make my bread creature.

        • Noelegy

          “She’s a crush them, and grind their bones to make my bread creature.”

          Well said! I cannot believe how many people are taken in by her. She seems a truly despicable person.

    • nomen nescio

      I disagree. She embraced evil fifty years ago. She knows exactly what she is and she revels in it. She knows exactly what her policies mean and it’s all planned and intentional.

  • Al T.

    Chris, someone asked a while back if you think Trump’s people monitor your toon…but I wonder if the beast does, and if she understands the depth of truth in those two panels.

    What a tragic “state” we’re in.

    • Otto Didact

      I doubt neither Hildabeast nor her people could be less concerned with how an online comic strip depicts her. She has virtually the entire weight of the fourth estate/fifth column – the only news source for most of the sheeple – behind her. Much as I respect, admire and enjoy Chris and his work, I figure he affects the Hildabeast about as much as a mosquito on an elephant’s back.

      Unfortunately, absent evidence to the contrary, I also doubt the Donald is even peripherally aware of DbD. I wish he were and would hope that he is enough of a mensch to appreciate and enjoy the way our Mr. Muir depicts him, but I truly doubt it. Folks such as Trump and the Beast live in a far different continuum than we mere proles. Remember also that the Donald and the Clintons are buddies from way back. The only really good thing about Trumps politics is that as POTUS he would try to roll back some of the crushing burden of regulations that is slowly crushing the life out of our economy. Trump would be doing that purely for selfish reasons – it would be good for business and thus would help his bottom line. But that’s OK since it would also improve ours in the process.

      • Al T.

        Agreed that both serve their own purposes, the difference is that DT’s purposes largely overlap our own while HC’s largely are to deny ours.

        And agreed that some of the Donald’s former bedfellows are distasteful, including Billary. But that’s business, where your allies and partners in one deal or for one purpose can be your mortal enemy for the next.

        • Al T.

          As to their awareness, I think the trump and the beast are both vain and paranoid enough to want to be aware of what is said in real stream media; DT because he’s very net-aware and HC because she’s a vindictive bitch, probably assembling an enemies list ala Nixon, but with a more sinister purpose.

  • Spin Drift

    A Spartan doesn’t ask how many of the enemy there are, just where they are.

    Molon Labe

    • LifeofTheMind

      Trichian – “They say that the Medes arrows darken the sky”
      Dienekes – “Good, then we shall fight our battle in the shade.”

      • Spin Drift

        Shade, We don’t need no stinkin’ shade.


  • I look back on the politicians I’ve seen in office and I wish we had Dick Nixon around to mop the floor with the goofballs running around now.

    • markm

      Nope, Nixon wasn’t enough of a sociopath.

  • RegT

    The Secret Service guy (I’m “presuming”) 😉 to the left looks a bit disturbed by what the Hell Bitch just vomited forth from her foul mouth. (I wonder if Huma washes first?)

    If she has a soul, it has to be even uglier than she is.

    • James McEnanly

      “Running to the sound of the guns” is basically his job description. He is prepared to risk everything for a woman who values him and his country so little. Wouldn’t you feel a little sick, too?

      • eon

        Chelsea Clinton referred to her Service detail, to their faces, as “paid, professional pigs”.

        The senior agent (a woman) took her aside and gently suggested that that wasn’t the proper way o refer to people whose job it was to risk their lives to protect her. She also said that her parents wouldn’t approve.

        Chelsea’s response;

        “Yes, they would, because that’s what they call you p***ks.”

        – ref. Unlimited Access by Gary Aldrich.

        The rot- and psychosis- runs deep in this bunch. And yes, I can easily believe Hillary! resenting someone “interfering” in a “revolutionary direct action” and/or “injustice balancing”, which would be her definition of such an event.

        clear ether


        • MasterDiver

          Brings to mind a line from a first season Star Trek episode:
          “How can you protect someone who is trying to destroy you?”

  • Pete231

    Talent is hitting a target that no one else can hit. Genius is hitting a target that no one else can see…….

  • Is detestation the same as hate?

    • eon

      No. I detest malaria, but I don’t hate it. Now, the idiot (Rachel Carson) who managed to scare people into banning DDT (the most and probably only effective insecticide vs. the Anopheles mosquito which carries the disease), yes, her I could easily hate.

      It turns out she suffered from the mental aberration today known as “modernism syndrome”, i.e. she believed that all things “artificial” were “poisoning” her. Putting her in the same class with people who keep pump sprays full of Windex and vinegar handy to ward off “chemtrails”.

      If you check back through such things on the “enlightened left”, generally you find that they begin with one or more people, each of whom rather obviously has several screws loose.

      clear ether


      • That’s okay. It is well on its way to becoming full blown hatred. Isn’t Hitlery much the same as malaria at the moment?

        • MasterDiver

          No, she’s more like the Plague. (She stinks, and she has a trail of bodies behind her going back decades.)

      • Otto Didact

        Whenever I hear someone waxing eloquent about “natural ingredients” I ask them if they figure there was anything artificial in that cup of hemlock tea that Socrates is supposed to have drank. Problem is most do not know who Socrates was (much less how he died) and then when I explain it to them they are puzzled about what it has to do with their precious “all natural ingredients”. I doubt it even rustles their hair as it passes over.

        • John Greer

          Just tell them the seeds in those organic apples they love so much are loaded with potassium cyanide.
          Even they have heard of cyanide.

        • Swansonic

          I have said to many people after they touted something for being ‘all-natural’ – Hey, lead / arsenic / plutonium is all natural.

          After they rip on how bad oil / fossil fuels are I bring up how all that evil plastic keeps things nice, clean and sterile.

          Some of them still speak to me…..

  • Bill

    A button to the backstory would be nice.

      • Bill

        6:15PM: Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita tells France 24, “we will have to get used to situations like this.”

        What a spineless asshole.

    • GWB

      I concur, Chris. That Brietbart posting shows a lot of updates, but nothing definitive. The “US Forces” whittle down from 22 to 2 (1 being a civilian in the crisis center).
      Is there anything showing the guy was off-duty? You sure do make it sound like there was an interview somewhere.

      • GWB

        Thank you, Chris. (The English in that article makes me think it was written by an African stringer.)
        Combining the two articles, I now wonder if “off-duty” means “we’re not officially here, this being a French thing and all, but no I don’t normally go vacationing in terror hotspots carrying body armor and several types of lethal weaponry.”

        Either way, yeah, it’s men running toward the sound of gunfire, not ‘elites’.

    • billf

      Bill,Sgt Wheeler was definitely an American badass who would run towards the sound of gunfire,but he was killed in a hostage rescue in Iraq,not Mali.

  • Bill G

    Isn’t that just like a Goddamn liberal? Insulting the people who are expected to take a bullet for them.

    • OpenTheDoor

      But,but, Hillary took sniper fire in Bosnia and she was named after Sir Edmund!
      Oh, and the Marines, don’t forget, she tried to join the Marines!

  • Wood

    Why do politicians have such an inflated opinion of themselves? I guess that’s just what is attracted to the position. They need a reminder that we’d get along better without them. Imagine a presidential term with no legislation of any kind passed. Pay the damn politicians to stay home. Meanwhile, I will continue to hope a very small meteorite hits DC while all of the bastards are there. This country needs an enema!

    • GWB

      Imagine a presidential term with no legislation of any kind passed.

      Better yet, one with no legislation but repeals.
      Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

      • MasterDiver

        Perhaps we need a system where House members are selected like jurors. You get selected at random, and get dragged kicking an screaming to DC to serve a two-year term, then thankfully go back to your home, business, or farm when you’ve served your time (NO time off for good behavior).
        And repeal the 17th Amendment!

  • H_B

    It says something that when I first read this, and for some time after, I thought this was an actual quote. Completely believable.

  • Spin Drift

    Imagine if the Spec Ops community turned against their masters. Who would/could stop them. The only thing that stops them is the “Oath.” But when the facade that the Constitution means anything to those they protect is pierced, look out.

    Semper Fidelis

  • Boy, did you have Hillerys number! I can just hear her saying that – in that screechy annoying voice of hers.

    • Noelegy

      I get the feeling she uses the N-word a lot in private.

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