Day By Day


  • cz93x62

    I see The Blob has a seat on the City Council.

    • JTC

      Comey too? Recognize baldy and the bitch too, but the names won’t come…

  • Too Tall

    “Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be an ugly brawl.” – Frederick the Great of Prussia.

    Keep bringing out the big guns, Sam, because XIR has cornered the market on UGLY.

    • jimmyfingers

      Outstanding quote!

  • 'epador

    MY LADY was using a single BIG GUN for the first time today. M5 in 6.5.

    I think Mr Owens would approve…

  • Henry

    “…lead councilwoman here in Gunpowder…”
    How do you pronounce that first word? 🙂

    • Polly Cy

      Better lead than red.

      • cb

        Polly knows best.

  • Kafiroon

    Power comes from the Point of the Guns.

    • steveb919

      Very true.

  • Wulfenite

    The Town Council looks and acts amazing like the one in my burg.

    If/when she joins the Council, she can serenade the crown with a tune from the Steeler Wheel band call “Stuck in the Middle with you” ( ). Warning – song come with an earworm.

  • Bill G

    A new variant on the line about ‘the final argument of kings’.

  • Halley

    From every male – two votes for Samantha.
    It’s only fair.

  • Son Of A Valkyrie

    She had two points to make and did so eloquently.

  • JTC

    Sorry OT again Chris, I just could not help myself after reading this terrifying piece…and then reading the numbers about this catastrophic situation with our military, only to see the incredible disconnect and lack of journalistic integrity -or is it the AmCon media just doing their jobs- that the lede implies and intends.

    Lord help us to survive this evil and ineptitude until we decide when and if to stop it…

    A .003% death rate. Damn.

  • Robert


  • Pamela

    Was anyone blinded by Sam’s headlights?

    • cb

      Always ~ all ways : )

  • Halley

    Speaking of elections, Sam – from the Iowa rally I got the uneasy feeling that PDT is not expecting The Crime of the Century to ever be overturned, and is counting on 2022-2024 not being rigged (!?!?!?!?) How much are we not being told about what’s really going on?

    • cb

      Yeah, and didn’t PDT mention ”can’t wait til’ 2024 coz it’ll be too late” or words like that? What could that mean?

      • JTC

        “Can’t wait…”

        Yeah he just means fundraising.

        DJT (dropped the P 🙁 ), is for all intents and purposes of direct election, done.

        He’s right that ‘24 is too late, quite probably so is ‘22 for any immediate change that might save this Republic, but hey still time to send in all your shekels for the care and comfort of your GOP co-conspirators.

        On to the new one, with some new Patriots at helm. CRA Now!

        • Kafiroon

          So does anyone think the election process, countrywide is fixed in time for 24?
          The 22 elections may cement the steal.
          C4 and other things break up cement.

          • “Fixed”?

            Oh yeah.

            I’m good with some plastique unfixing it.

  • Wood

    Hey Chris, what happened to the Holy Tera project? I checked in on my bookmark of the site and get “this may be for sale”.

    • Working on that. Thanks!


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