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  • Swansonic

    Be sure to offer a handkerchief when she starts to drool…..

  • JTC

    “It’s like one on one with a pug here.”

    Or as various commenters here conspired to so cruelly (if accurately) characterize wife’s chihuahuas…”bug-eyed rodent”, “rat dog” and “Hillary ready to implode”. That last one really hurts, Pamela (as truth often does) 🙂

    Good observation though…NYIAC and I both commented on those weird wandering eyes that seemed to be chasing a floater…or some inner hallucination/demon. That and other factors make me pretty sure she was juiced, if not with electrodes then with powerful pharmaceuticals.

    If so, time will tell…that shit does wonders in the short term creates havoc in the long run; not sure how we could tell that from her normal though.

    • Pamela


      She would never be able to pass a drug test for a great many jobs.
      Too bad that clean and sober drug testings requirements are not included for elected office.
      My apologies to your wife’s critters by calling them mop dogs.
      Last I looked most Chihuahuas were not curly coated.

      • JTC

        Miz P,

        Truth to tell, I think “rat dogs” was how I introduced Max and Nina to NYIAC, so he was just adopting that. And I was tempted to combine that with your epithet and start calling the tiny girl one Hillarat, but even a real rat doesn’t deserve that; she’s more of a mouse anyway and loves me and that’s too rare of a thing to spurn.

        But maybe the bitchbeast will actually implode; if she’s as jacked up as we suspect, that is a self-fulfilling prophecy; seen it happen before and it made me sad, if we see it happen to “her” it will make me glad.

        • GWB

          I know exploding is messier, but I’m really worried that an implosion might induce quantum phenomena that could be dangerous. That much concentrated arrogance collapsing in on itself is likely to cause a rift in the continuum.
          Now, if that happens in DC, it might be worth it………

          • PaulS

            Would that make her an ego-terrorist bomb?
            If DC disappeared with all its contents, wouldn’t it be similar to half the liars..ooops, lawyers..awe shit, being sent to the bottom of the Marianas trench?

      • JTC

        Ha! I won’t be showing that to wifey though. She’d be wanting to track down that dude in a skirt* and sic her little one on him.

        And it would go after him too; the little bitch is fearless and terrorizes the cocker next door and the big pit mix at the end of the cul de sac, streaks after ’em with a vicious staccato yap and they hightail home to mama. ‘Course if the pit ever figures out it can turn around and swallow Nina in one gulp, her reign of improbable intimidation will be over.

        Lesson to us all though…the bigger they are and all that; bullies tend to be puzzled pussies when confronted. But do be prepared with something more than a bark when/if they turn.

        • JTC

          *No angry cards and letters please, Mama is a Tomerlin so I guess I’m 1/4-1/2 Irish too…but I don’t kick the kilt, that would look even goofier on me than on Seamus. 🙁

    • eon

      I’m guessing to be followed by The One vetoing the override.

      And don’t bother telling him he can’t do that. As Codevilla points out, the rule of law and the Constitution may no longer interfere when the elite’ want things their way;

      clear ether


    • NotYetInACamp

      That 97-1 vote in the Senate (Reid was the 1) may be an indicator, along with one poll showing Minnesota, freaking Minnesota, tied as to who will win the election in what can seem like an eternity of time.
      Obama will be sued if this catches on around the world.
      “Obama: “If we pass this bill other countries will be able to sue the U.S. for the acts of terrorism we commit around the world, and this can not be allowed” ”

      So. Obama admitted to acts of terrorism around the world. Does that include Greece, Italy and Spain being softened up for the billions spent in North Africa and the Middle East to drive the mass of oil money grown Muslims on a jihad (hijrah) against Europe with the complicity of the suicidal and sociopaths in control of much of Europe?
      The truth may become common knowledge on what Obama has done. Hillary, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, various NATO commanders, the European Commission, Sutherland, and others: War Criminals, criminals against humanity.

      JT. And your rat dogs are nice for rat dogs. The cats are cats. You live in their territory. The cats know who is important. (Your wife)

      • Kafiroon

        You forgot about destroying the Middle East with the “Arab Spring”.
        They could also “sue” Hillary on that one. Probably all those people in Egypt and Gaddafi’s family and…

    • Pamela

      The Dems and LSM, they be unconditionally pugnacious

      • Bill G

        And ungracious.

  • I’m just hoping that The Donald hasn’t been playing US as to what we’ve thought of him, that this was just a set up move for a closing.

    • Browncoat

      That he and Hillary are really two sides of the same card? That he’s a Democrat plant? That he actually is everything we’ve seen of him for the past 30 years? Nah…!


      • Bill G

        The two sides of the same coin: the businessman who buys politicians and the politician that’s for sale.
        In the back of my head I’ve wondered all along if he’s sincerely running or if it’s a game, and a payoff to Cankles with vast favors expected from her in the Oval Office.
        But the way she’s tanking now, if that is the case he is going to have to go really off the rails to lose.

        • The artificially inflated figures for her to date are sliding pretty badly. If this is what I hope it is, The Donald has her whooped so badly it will look like Ronaldus Maximus. Let us simply hope he IS the real deal.

        • JTC

          On the business side of the coin, that’s what you do; use/abuse the system for fun and profit, he said as much in the debate about paying no taxes “smart business” he said, and he is right…and honest too, what a concept!

          Flip that coin though, and the businessman IS a politician putting all that acumen to work for his new stockholders (constituency) and making it so that EVERYONE pays to play, no free rides for billionaires or for the YUGE free lunch crowd, the latter of which I submit costs us WAY more than the former in the deficit.

          I hope. And pray.

          • Pamela

            Humble yourself before God only, and no other.
            Your neck will remain free from a boot, your back free from the lash and chains will never know your wrists.

            Too many are willing to submit.

  • Interventor

    Hopefully, Trump considers buying politicians the cost of doing business, but not a good solution.

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