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  • Kafiroon

    So now you a seeing who actually runs this country.
    It is not us.

  • Pamela

    Why ask Joe, you should be asking your husband as he has the experience.

  • Halley

    The Party of Crime
    The Party of Treason
    The Party of Rabid Hatred
    The Party of Anti-America
    The Party of Mental Problems
    The Party of Progressive Totalitarians

    take your pick, or all of the above

    • Steve Peterson

      All of the above
      Add Stupid

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

      The Party of Racism (the DildoCrats founded the KKK)

  • Bill G

    The residents of the swamp like their swamp.

  • Dread

    If Trump is successful in draining the swamp, then who can we elect after his second term, that will finish the job with a controled burn?

    • Halley

      Candace may not be entirely ready by then, so ……….. Jim Jordan?
      It will have to be a Street Fighter, whoever it is.

    • WayneM

      I like the cut of Dan Crenshaw’s jib… He seems like the kind who’d be a no-nonsense get’er-done President to put rules of engagement in place to minimize the likelihood of any swamp redevelopment projects.

      Human nature being what it is, draining the swamp won’t eliminate the swamp rats. They might get scattered but the lure of power is addictive. The Framers wrote up a great Constitution and look how far it’s been stretched. I’m not sure anyone can ensure the swamp stays dry.

  • canuck49

    Kafiroon; You say that like there should be someone else “running the country.”

    …and here I always thought each citizen ran his own life, the Constitution protected his right to do so and the government was “hands off”.

    • Kafiroon

      Ever been to a school board meeting or any other Public input meeting? Try to get permits for something? Just the fact we have to pay “taxes” for everything except breathing shows we are slaves to our systems of “government” and who runs it.
      Seems like the elitists run Canada the same as here.

  • I firmly believe Nikki Haley will be the 2024 candidate for Republican party. She is being weined for it. The left could not complain about a Male dominated party. She is a fighter and got out before she was completely tied to #45. She will be perfect. I also believe she would continue the purge.

    • Let me rephase, she could be the candidate.

    • Dave

      I would love to see Nikki run. She would leave the dems sputtering incoherently (even more than they currently do).

  • JTC

    “Our FBI”.

    Among her lies, two words of pure truth that should chill you to your very soul.

    • JTC

      Should have said “his” lies as it was apparently Mueller speaking and not the Beast. Same difference.

  • Halley

    So, where can I get a cool icon pic instead of using this gray square with a snowman inside?

    • Those are Gravatars which are tied to your email address. Gravatar and WordPress-dot-com are part of the same company. Go to the link, click on “Create Your Own Gravatar”, and it’ll ask for your WP login or you can make an account then. Once logged in you can upload a pic for your Gravatar that’ll display here and any other Gravatar-enabled site where you comment with your email address.

  • Ambassador Sondland wants to get back to work, had earlier asked for a shorter meal break so he can make his flight back to Europe.

    Shifty Schiff’s “closing statement” is a seemingly half-hour rant recapping Dems’ top (and questionable) talking points from previous hearings and press releases, starting with Sondland’s opening statement to avoid the the points and clarifications during this hearing. Quite an emotional tirade, arguably a meltdown, with Sondland squirming and ready to leave. I think Schiffy knows he’s losing.

  • Pamela

    I keep waiting for them to trot out Jo Jo the Dog faced boy and Esmeralda the three breasted woman.

    • There’s another circus show tonight. Democrat debate, Joe Biden is 77 today. And it’s now confirmed Joe has another grandkid Hunter Biden sired from a then-26 Arkansas woman, timing allegedly puts it when he was cheating by banging his brother’s widow.

      I wonder what are the odds in Vegas of who tonight will congratulate Joe first.

  • interventor

    What a day! The Democrats at the impeachment inquiry crowed with joy. Visions of the Orange Monster dragged in chains from the White House danced thru their heads. Off to the tumbrel or the gibbet with the wretch. By the end of the day, there was sack cloth, ashes, grinding of teeth and a rendering of garments. Tomorrow, a tongue like sandpaper and an aching head from the TDS hangover.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Roger Stone is innocent of the crimes they charged him with.

    He deserves a medal from our nation for what he has done.

    That has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not he belonged with the Asshole family on Spaceballs. Aside from the information he gives and his value to our nation I have little use for him. Free Roger Stone! At least pardon him. He is guilty of being Roger Stone. That is enough for a DC jury.

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