Day By Day


  • Kafiroon

    One and all.

  • epador

    Maybe if we set up little bricks like mini-Stonehenge’s all over the House Floor…

  • JTC

    A fate worse than death. Give me the Arkansas Special any day.

  • interventor

    Democrats may be charged with sedition and conspiracy to commit sedition. If, prosecution is successful, that would lead the way for Trump to sue. The DNC HQ would look perfect with TRUMP sign in gold.

  • Pamela

    EWWWWW! Gross. I need a shower.

  • Bill G

    No one that close to Hildamort is likely to be that innocent. Her posse would filter them out.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

    Ahhhhh, to do a “McVeigh” in front of the DMC HQ when it was full of pervs. Would I be a hero or a villain?

    • Bill G

      Villain; the building hasn’t harmed anyone. And poison gas would leave a terrible cleanup problem.

      • Pamela

        Plus I don’t think there is a secure enough environmental toxic debris holding site located anywhere in CONUS.

    • Merle

      HERO !!!!

  • Dread

    Is the oxymoronically named House Intelligence Committee, better known as the Schiff headed committee, still holding dramatic tryouts for The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and The Little Match Girl? Miss Lindsy Ghramnesty has promised to hold his own Schiff headed style committee hearings in the senate, to expose Dem conspiritors. But here in S.C., experience with Senator Ghramnisty has taught us the difference between a globalist’s campaign promise and what will actually happen when they’re re-elected. To avoid any more Schiff headed committees we need to vote the Schiff heads out of office.

    • John M.

      Simple answer: During the Primaries/Caucuses, if you recognize a name, don’t vote for it!
      If they manage to get past that hurdle, then apply the same tactic in the General, even of you’ve never voted for that party before…

  • Badger

    Ropes. Lamp posts. Proceed.

    • Precision270

      The question is, do you employ the quick push drop method or the hoist and dangle technique for your lamp post treatment?

      • MasterDiver

        Hoist and dangle. We want this to be a punishment, not a just an extermination.

        Zar Belk!

        • The Basseteer

          In that case; slow impalement.

      • gafling

        Prefer to see the muslim version of ‘hoist and dangle’. Using a tall crane with a noose attached, they tie the perp’s hands behind, install the noose, and then start slowly lifting. With no hood and untied legs, the cheering crowd is reminded that the perp’s short dance could come to pass for them should they fail to toe the line.

        Lesson: a demonstration is the most effective way to get a point across.

      • Whichever technique takes longer and is more painful….

      • Merle

        hoist and dangle…..

    • Alex J

      Hot Tar & Feathers, first.

      In keeping with the season…

  • Halley

    One imagines the Lolita Express had more than a few Deep State permutations. If Epstein didn’t kill himself, why oh why aren’t The Enemies of the People out there tracking down the real killer?

    Deplorables have been waiting with superhuman patience for these (D)astards to be taken down.

    • Doggo

      For the same reason that OJ hasn’t found the killer…it’s a waste of time.

  • Fronk!

    I’m creeped out…

  • MasterDiver

    And this is just what leaks out to the public. The mind boggles at what is happening in the dark depths of the cellars!

    Zar Belk!

  • WayneM

    Due process is important. Give the guilty rascals a hellava trial and then hang them.

  • Total agreement with Master Diver.

  • Public “Impeachment” hearing beginning, Lt. Col. Vindman up today.

    Once a leaker ALWAYS a leaker: Ruh-roh, even more bad news about Vindman and it’s NOT looking good for Adam Schiff

    Paul Sperry tweet: BREAKING: The NSC boss of Schiff’s only non-hearsay witness–Ukraine analyst Alex Vindman–recv’d complaints that Vindman leaked info & went outside his chain of command & exercised such poor judgment that he was not included on some foreign trips & restricted from policy areas

    I’m waiting for the broadcast networks to realize this doesn’t help revenues as they don’t have ads and they’re all showing the same crap that few watch since they’re going to get the summaries and highlights later if they care at all. Homemakers and retired people want Kelly Ripa, not Adam Schiff. Kelly has better legs.

    • Brent Dotson

      As a retired person, I’m greatly annoyed that they are pre-empting Lets Make a Deal and the Price is Right. The whole inquiry thing is a sham designed solely to drum up support for impeachment among the populace and I think they are failing big time.

      • Nunes’ opening, people at home are getting a different message from the media about the impeachment sham than what’s actually happening, the media’s clearly biased.

        CBS News now at the break: How dare Nunes accuse us of bias! Clearly this is desperation after the solid crushing testimony of the first three witnesses and now these two are delivering sledgehammer blows to the President!

        Yup, I’d rather have Drew and be guessing the price of berry NyQuil.

      • JTC

        So, as a percentile of teevee watchers in that time slot, how many are actually watching and listening to the sham that is playing out, as opposed to how many are flipping to one of the 300 or so alternatives to their game shows, and then get their impeachment news in those ABNBCBS sound bites? About a 99 to 1 split probably.

        And for those who already know the truth of what is really happening, watching only serves to enrage. Further, as has been said everyone on both sides know there will be no conviction and removal of the President. But that is irrelevant to the actual purpose of this criminal, anti-Constitutional, divisive, and wasteful circus.

        But those sound bites and overwhelmingly anti-Trump blurbs on every “media” site? They are serving their purpose.

        Even the putrid Pelosi who long resisted the big I and said let’s just oust him in the election, now sees the value to that end of what is being done, and she is all over it.

        It is all about 2020. And what comes after? That’s the question.

    • eon

      They probably aren’t mentioning what Vindman’s former CO said about him, on the record;

      Essentially, Vindman was a “political officer” who claimed to work directly for the “White House” (Obama). And when reprimanded for anti-American remarks he made to foreign officers in the field, he basically told his superiors “I don’t have to listen to you, I don’t work for you”.

      After Trump was elected, he went from disparaging Americans generally as “stupid rednecks” to disparaging Trump and anyone who voted for him specifically.

      So now he’s a soldier the progressives love. Obviously.

      I’m guessing John Kerry never told him that if he was smarter, he could have gone to law school and been overseas in a nice bespoke suit rather than a uniform.

      clear ether


  • Wotan

    Petrograd, 1917 – “Halfway between the Finland Railroad Station and the bridge over the Bolshaya Nevka, an open army lorry pulled up in front of a government bread shop. Deserters, with their legs in irons, guarded by two bearded corporals, began unloading gunnysacks full of freshly baked black bread. Within minutes word flashed through the surrounding streets, and a line formed snaking down the sidewalk and disappearing around the corner. The wife of the man who ran the shop made her way down the queue , writing numbers on the palms of hands to avoid disputes over the order in which the customers would be served.

    Cackling with pleasure, a toothless old woman using a folded English umbrella as a cane limped out of the store with a loaf under her arm. A bare-headed soldier with civilian trousers tucked into his army boots snatched the loaf away from her and sprinted off. In a voice that was almost animal-like, the old woman howled in despair. The people queing for bread took up the cry. “Thief! Thief!”

    Some passing bicycle troops gave chase. They caught up with the thief at the bridge, twisted both his arms until the bones snapped, then walked him back to the breadshop.

    “What do you want to do with him?” one of the bicycle soldiers asked.

    “Call the police,” someone suggested.

    A Bolshevik leader with the nom de guerre of Stalin was on the bread line. “We don’t need capitalist police,” he called. “We need revolutionary justice!”

    Everyone agreed enthusiastically. The bicycle soldiers presided over a brief court martial on the sidewalk. The thief, his limp arms dangling at his sides, passed out and had to be slapped back to conciousness. He pleaded for leniency. He had a common-law wife and a child he moaned, the bread had been for them.

    “If he wanted bread,” said a young man on handmade crutches, “he ought to have queued like everyone else.” He looked around. Heads nodded in agreement.

    “Killing is too good for the likes of him,” shrieked the toothless old woman who had lost her loaf.

    “Comrades,” the wife of the man who ran the shop called out, ” the thief’s arms have been broken. He has already been punished.”

    “His bones will knit,” Stalin remarked, “and he will steal again.”

    “We can’t stand around arguing all day,” said another of the bicycle soldiers. “All those who judge him guilty and vote for revolutionary justice, lift a hand.”

    Dozens of hands shot into the air.

    “All those who vote innocent?”

    The wife of the man who ran the shop started to raise her hand, then with a shrug turned away.

    “The guilties win, ” shouted the bicycle soldier who had taken the vote.

    With a whine of excitement, the crowd surged in on the condemned man and kicked him to death.


    “Touhy, ten paces ahead, called back “Welcome to Mother Russia,” in a peculiar voice, and then pointed at the body of the soldier crumpled on the sidewalk in front of the deserted bread shop. A toothless old woman crouched over the corpse, beating feebly on his broken limbs with a splintered English umbrella. “They caught the thief,” she wailed bitterly, “but in all the excitement someone made off with my loaf.”


    From “The Revolutionist,” Littell, Robert, Corgi Books, 1988, pg 76 – 79

  • Having military parents with great opinions of brass, this was interesting today.

    Nunes went to ask Mr. Vindman something and got snapped at that it was Lieutenant Colonel Vindman. It’s being pointed out that here he’s in dress uniform but on the job he’d just be in a suit.

    Dems pointed out the fruit salad and especially the Combat Infantryman Badge and the Purple Heart. As I understand it, and they made him explain the requirements, basically for the first he was somewhere there was shooting.

    And near the end they were buffing up his war record, “You didn’t have to go back!” Vindman described the incident as getting wounded but downplayed it and said he was back on duty later in the day. Remember John “Jungle Warrior” Kerry?

    My parents would’ve had some real good opinions of today’s show, yup.

    • Doggo

      One of the first things you learn in officer school is that to earn respect you must give respect. A lowly Lt Col snapping at a congressman (of any type), demanding respect, has already failed.

    • Kafiroon

      Thought it’s against their rules for his being there in uniform. Which he has done several times.
      Where is the Joint Chiefs of Staff on this?

      • Kafiroon

        Even better from Ace.
        ” In his prepared statement provided to Congress, Vindman claimed to be the top adviser to the President of the United States on Ukraine policy. He was later forced to admit he’s never met Trump, never spoke to Trump, and has never advised him on anything.
        — Sean Davis (@seanmdav) November 19, 2019″

  • James F Gemind

    Recognize Hildebeast, and Gollum, but not the one in center…

    • I think it’s Schiffy by the chin, but the hair’s too thick and the eyes don’t bulge enough.

      • Coeurmaeghan


        • Doggo

          I thought it was Putin in the center. Doesn’t he sit in on the DNC planning committee meetings?
          The one on the right looks like Clapper.


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