Day By Day


  • JTC

    Tired Chris?

    Yeah me too.

    Some fine eye candy there though.

  • William Henry

    A little electrical shock stimulation never hurts any drooler…. I mean look at the drooler the retarded sock puppets elected.

    He could use a lot.

  • Pamela

    Maybe Jim needs neutering or did that already happen…

    • JSStryker

      Well has been kinda quiet here lately.

  • If Acosta WAS a dog, he’d have to be put down….

  • Halley

    If I am reading the Acostas of the world correctly, there is no possible evidence of voter fraud by Democrats because 1. reasons 2. shut up 3. we will crush you so shut up.

    This sensible, logical argument seems convincing to the vast majority of Uniparty “elected officials” now on their knees and bowing before the Acostas of the world.

    Your move, MAGA.

  • Bill G

    A Biden administration would change the press dogs of war into lapdogs. There would be no “Cry Havoc’ for that puppet.

  • Dread

    If we criticize Biden will we be accused of being racist, since The One is pulling his strings? I didn’t vote for Biden, so I know I’m not black. But, if I swear off US citizenship and become an illegal alien, I can get three times the stimulus payment that citizens get. Then I can move to Pakistan and study my gender identification at US taxpayers expense. No wonder we call this the land of opportunity. Im guessing all that would prepare me for a career in Hollywood. I think I’ll pass.

  • Kafiroon

    Watched the “orange man bad” short clip about the money in this farce bill that goes everywhere but here. I’m going to claim I’m a refugee from East Bumf Egypt so I can get $1800 too.
    That piece of pork benefits the whole world except us. Congress really does hate America and wants to see us destroyed.
    I’m calling my varmints and demanding they all stay home. It will be far cheaper to pay them to Not do anything.

  • JTC

    Caesar chose Jan 10 to cross the Rubicon.

    Trump has called for Deplorables to descend on DC Jan 6 to do the same?

    Close enough.

    Wish I could be there, but if mind-power works, I will be and so will most others here I think…question is, what then?

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    “Make America Great Again- – – – -shoot a congress-critter!” Using the ballot box to stop them from pillaging the public coffers obviously doesn’t work. The self-serving vermin who populate both parties should be declared “Open season- – – -no limit”!

  • Bill G

    Can I get anything extra if I declare I’m an extraterrestrial?


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