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  • Uh-huh. Lube those “sex-bots”.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Ugh! Cuck Tumor and Sham Fran Nan. How can you ever think of them as sexual beings, of anyone ever voluntarily having sex with either of them.

      • julian

        you still got it, Woody. ( I miss the old Sipsey Street days… and my dear friend Mike)

      • Pamela

        There are certain parts of the world where they would be a pleasant diversion…

    • nonncom

      Only thing is, if that were truly the case, with Soros having his hand up their asses, Chris would’ve had to put a smile, or at least a look of excruciating pleasure, on their faces….

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Soros, what a pain in the ass.
    And no, he’s not a proctologist (that I’m aware of).

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “Schumer squeaks a bit”
    Good. Hopefully that means his warranty is expiring (and him soon along with it), that his bits and parts are wearing put.

    • TomZ.

      Likely just means that he is overdue for his sexennial maintenance.

  • Too Tall

    I still think they look like Grandpa and Lily Munster. However “The Munsters” TV show was far more honest, moral, and educational than Chuck and Nan could ever hope to achieve.

    All that was missing from their makeup, which was clearly applied with a brick mason’s trowel, was a large, capital, “L” on their foreheads.

    Come to think of it, Fred Gwynne used far less makeup as Herman Munster, and was far more believable, than the two libtard clowns.

  • JTC

    Watching them recite their lines, my thoughts ran more toward Madame Tussauds place than Sesame Street…very much like animatronic wax.

    But then I remembered reading that Disney has gone almost entirely CGI and VR and I start to wonder if what we saw was even real…and thinking back on some of the virtual Hillary stuff we saw in ’16 and I think I could be on to something.

    So maybe there is no actual Billary, or no Schulosi, and no Mobama either…just an master evil Imagineer running the electronic smoke and mirrors machine behind the curtain. Soros? I don’t think so, he’s just a cog. Who or what then?

    • NotYetInACamp

      Who has their hand up S……….

      • MasterDiver

        Gharlane of Eddore. Or Zwordar of Gatlantis. Manipulating forms of flesh was a standard tactic for both.

        Zar Belk!

        • jim

          There are few who know the Lensmen novels better than I do. Looks like I need to become as familiar with Space Battleship Yamato.

      • JTC


        That is the question.

        “Why…” is operative too but I think we all know the answer to that.

        I’d like to say also how accurately and hilariously (scarily?) Chris depics those animatronic wax figures I saw on teevee.

        Pushing their buttons on a keyboard is just as much virtual arms up asses as giving them money and what they think is power.

        But yeah, who/what?

        • JTC

          …or “depicts”.

  • Calvin

    I’m thinking Max Headroom when he glitches. Part of Trump’s master plan. Keep forcing Chuck and Nancy to perform live on TV until they start glitching for the whole world to see.

    • Constantly, Calvin. Constantly.

  • Kafiroon

    That cadaver duo looks and acts like what I think Chris is implying with Soros.
    Of course I would have wrote about KY on the gloves and they should at least go to the elbows.

  • WayneM

    The hilarious part about Upchuck and SanFranNan is how very seriously they play their parts… kind of like the two villains in the original Batman series (with Adam West)… All that’s missing is the Bat-Fight Words…

    Actually, now that I think about it, Upchuck does resemble the Joker… I don’t want to imagine what Catwoman would look like if she was pruned like SanFranNan…

    • NotYetInACamp

      Prunella SanFranNan was allegedly a sashed winner of some corporate representative contest or something. I will not search the photo again.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        “Prunella DeVille, Prunella DeVille,
        If she doesn’t scare you
        No evil thing will…………”

  • Pamela

    There aren’t enough shots in the world of anti-virals or Tequila

    • NotYetInACamp

      Merely a manifestation of their (many theirs) functioning plans to destroy the only opponent to tyranny in the world, Western Civilization and its women and men.
      The Western Man is the desired target, as they are the traditional and genetically endowed great destroyers of those who have attacked them.
      (I leave myself open to my defining and my explanations of all terms.)

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        I see what you did there…..

    • Bill G

      They’re going to need to try for an entirely new language and alphabet at some time.

    • eon

      Maybe somebody finally told them that in Old Norse, “womyn” means “hawsehole” (as in the ship’s rail of a drakkar).

      That would seem appallingly “masculine” by their “standards”.

      clear ether


    • Pamela

      Might be a good idea to buy stock in the sex toy industry. What with that lot wanting to get rid on any form of MAN. I personally prefer REAL over FAKE any day of the week.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Looking at a larger image, the surrealism is appropriate.

  • Pete231

    I think copious amounts of valve grinding compound in the Vaseline would be very suitable for the job at hand……

  • kadaka

    Today’s Amazing Discovery: I can still remember colored toilet paper.

    Attention SJWs, colored toilet paper is not “a racist thing”. And anybody is free to use White TP, just like anyone can eat White American cheese. They don’t even have to be a citizen.

  • Peet

    Funny you’d draw that. Back when there was a lot of talk about
    stopping taxpayer funding of PBS, a bunch of leftards showed up
    in D.C. with their Sesame Street puppets. Forget the fact that
    Disney owns the Muppets now, I thought the march was the
    perfect allegory for the left:

    There they are like puppets with someone else’s fist up their
    tailpipe manipuating them.

    Cogito ergo dubito,

  • kadaka

    The Democrat messaging on The Wall is getting confusing. The Wall is ineffective because with enough resources the migrants can cut through or burrow under it, and The Wall is immoral because these are poor people who don’t have those resources anyway. Is that about it?

    PS: GoFundMe for The Wall is past $20.1 million.

    • GWB

      And, yeah, they’re gonna carry a steel-cutting circular saw (and the batteries to run it!) or a 30-foot ladder across the desert.
      (As to the cartel efforts, I think we should be more proactive there – go hunt them down.)

  • interventor

    You can tell when San Fran Nan is between botox treatments. When its due, her face resembles beef jerky. Obviously, she received a maximum treatment from the man with the magic needle.

    • Pamela

      I wonder if she’s maxed out on the HGH treatments. I think a 2 week course is $4000.00. Hmm, be interesting to find out if she is, and is she charging it as an Office Expense like someone would for their Dry Cleaning.

  • They seem to have that same vacant stare in their eyes as Tom Steyer, whose brain was impeached long ago.

  • Roland Deschain

    When SanFran Nan started ranting, Upchuck started moving his head like a bobble head doll. That was, and still is, as much as I can watch. I have tried three times and I cannot make myself watch it.
    Upchuck and SanFran Nan……Tear Down YOUR Walls!!!!

  • cfm56dash7

    I think that the artwork for Pelosi is very kind to her. The cartoon panel makes her seem much more lively and less cadaverous than do television cameras.

    • Ozymandius

      She must have just fed upon the blood of the living.

  • JTC

    As they push for replacement voters who they believe will keep them “in the fold” as this article quotes them, the Demonrat establishment is so dumb they don’t even realize they’re writing the campaign material for their replacements…

    This is the new face of whoever/whatever is behind the curtain. This devil doll, the various ragheads and womynz not to mention the type of black panther socialism that damn near grabbed the Fla gov chair and its Supreme Court is a more direct threat to America, they are not willing to just perpetuate themselves but to radically and quickly destroy everything culturally American…that includes the
    dims themselves and they still don’t even know it.

    This is more confirmation of the “Why” of the godhead. Still leaves open the question of “Who” or “What” that godhead actually is.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Give Mexico back its 30-40 million citizens. Apply the law. Mexicans told me that Wong vs USA (1898) US Supreme Court was the law.
      I explained it to them. Those words do not mean what they thought they meant. They mean what the vast majority of Americans and the US Supreme Court believe that they mean.
      The DNC star Perez is likely not a USA citizen by the reasoning in Wong vs USA.
      That would be a proper application of the law.
      Without those non-citizens the democrat Party would be a party of possibly 10,000,000 votes maximum.
      And that is the point the Democrats will probably push this as they want a civil war. I upped it from might push this.

  • Capn Jack

    The Puppet Master….

  • Craig

    Laughing…… thanks!

  • James Gemind

    First Excellent artwork in the first panel. At first I thought you simply photo shopped those two from the Presidential address from the other night.

    Second, I want every one to know I donated to the Wall. $10.00, and you can too;

    The wall fund is here right now;
    $20,208,622 of $1.0B goal
    Raised by 337,973 people in 25 days

    Not bad, huh?
    I also want folks to write their Congressmen and senators and tell them what you want done. The ones they listen to are the ones who are telling them what to do, and that should be us.

    And if you want to tell the President he’s got your support;

    Thank you for letting me rant…

    • Chris Muir

      It is a pic, that I run through Pshop filters to match the ‘style’ of the characters, as are most backgrounds.The trick was to render the characters in a manner they match the filtered pshop pics.:)

  • kadaka

    This is a ‘sometimes I finish early then forget to upload’ delay and not a black helicopter “wellness check” postponement, yes?

    • PaulS


    • Chris Muir


  • Kafiroon

    This is a “red flag” state.
    Comics, cartoonists and anyone that posts anything the “moral betters”
    disagree with is verboten.

    • Chris Muir

      No, this happens when I finally do one ahead of time(2 in one day) and store it, then forget to post it because my 60 year old cortex says ‘I’m done!”I need an upgrade…

  • Browncoat

    Just posted a link of this page as a ‘comment’ on their FB post.


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