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  • JTC

    There’s a string of them, all with their own implications…

    Bozoism sure describes a lot of them for just the reasons Zed gives.

    Boboism lurks behind the Bozo with unknown influence and evil intent.

    Hohoism serves its purpose of diversion almost better than the main clown…Where’s Walled Ho?

    Closer to the top, Sorosism is planning and funding the next attack.

    All just pieces of the plan, as I said yesterday with a nod to kafiroon, of what I have come to believe is their godhead and agenda for the takeover of America and the world…in all its forms and by all its adherents; sharia.

    And we’re just going to stand around and laugh at their clowns, and eat their bread, and be conquered and destroyed.

    • Kafiroon

      Islam will make a big try here especially with the help of the progtards and academics. But I cannot see the CCP allowing them to destroy our agriculture, industry, and oil. Then Russia might want some of us too.
      Now taking bids on the estate of the former USA.

      • JTC

        RU.COM.CHI.COM.ISUS?Their own version of a uniparty, dividing up the spoils. Ultimately though, the (most) evil shall inherit the earth. Which one will that be?

  • steveb919

    Just saw a picture of Hillary Clusterf–k strolling on the beach covered in head to toe clothes. She has sure packed on the pounds. Super size comes to mind. Sure glad she wasn’t sporting a two piece bathing suit. There is not that much eye bleach.

    • Henry

      She’s too close to the water, and just doesn’t wanna be mellllll-tinnnnnnng.

  • steveb919

    Ok. I’ll bite. What is “UHN”? Curious minds and all that stuff.

    • steveb919

      Pardon me. Meant “UNH”.

      • Bill G

        I took it to be just a grunting sound, perhaps from hitting a hole, rock, or large root.

  • Pamela

    Well no one can blame his mother.

  • Bill G

    Juvenile, obsessed, role-playing, … ayuh; that describes the woke. Giving 15 minutes of hate to anyone who catches their attention.

    • John

      I’m convinced that what Jonathan Haidt identified in the Left, that their moral foundations are limited to only two factors, is a sure sign of arrested development. It makes them powerful by removing self-doubt but makes them immoral and inconsiderate.
      And it makes them think in terms of role-playing because they don’t have to question their own motives, they just have to play the part.
      Thus you have Antifa claiming to be anti-fascist while coming to the defense of true fascists against the proletariat they supposedly champion.

  • Too Tall

    All the RINOs are auditioning for the role of Caligula’s horse in the Senate.

    Meanwhile, Heels Up seeks to outperform Messalina.

  • Punta Gorda

    Effeminate General Miley ROFLOL!!!

    It has a certain ring to it.

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    There’s bound to be at least one patriot left with the skill set of Carlos Hathcock or Chris Kyle. That cluster of fruit salad looks like a perfect aim point from several football fields away!

  • Halley

    We may soon be looking back at when the face of the criminal Junta was a demented puppet as The Good Old Days…

    • Henry

      Heinlein mentioned, but never wrote about, The Crazy Years. He should have.

      • Blasternaz

        Ah, but he left so many hints! Nehemiah Scudder in Stranger in a Strange Land and the patriots in “This can’t go on,” and of course, Sixth Column. To bad we never spawned a Man who Sold the Moon to us nor an AI named Mike who liked working on jokes.

        • Fox2!

          Back flushing toilets is a good joke.

          Even Meg in Weber’s Path if the dmfury got that one.

          • eon

            We seem to be living in the prehistory of Star Trek.

            By losing in ’16, Felonia von Pantsuit missed her RedJac moment in the Oval Office, and will now probably never have her Hillary’s Very Special KILLKILLKILLWAAAHHH!! Time.

            Slow Joe’s John Gill act collapsed along with Afghanistan. Much to the dismay of The One.

            As for the rest of us, the last eighteen months have looked disquietingly like the beginning of a Eugenics War.

            clear ether


    • JTC

      Much like we look back at Brother Bill, who just wanted to take a load off.

      It certainly is a progressive progression as it were.

      Difference being this clown is just a diversion from what is really happening all around him, and us.

  • Kafiroon

    Just got a chance to watch this. Seems Tucker has laid out just what went wrong in Afghanistan and what is definitely going wrong here.
    The Bozo Clown Party highly offended the Afghanis. The same as they are offending us.

  • Pamela

    Where did all the Yard Monitors go…

  • Kafiroon

    Who is the greater traitor to the USA?
    Benedict Arnold’s attempted surrender of the military fort at West Point to the British. OR
    General Milley ensured that Bagram Air Force Base fell into enemy hands by simply abandoning it in the middle of the night.
    Milley. Change my opinion.

    • eon

      West Point was not even noticed by anyone overseas except the king of France. It was not even known about in China.

      Afghanistan is now an issue with everybody. Especially China.

      Keep in mind that China has been trying to conquer the world for roughly two and a half millennia. Much longer than they have been Communist.

      The Islamists want to rule the world, too, in the name of Allah. And they’ve been at it for roughly one and a half millennia.

      Both see Afghanistan as a signal that they are on the ascendant. That makes Afghanistan considerably more of a betrayal than West Point.

      clear ether


  • cb

    From the web: I think America has not awakened like the Aussies, Brits, French and now Canadians because we have 2A. To go there is a big step. We know it and they know it.

    • Chris Muir

      I think we have.

    • “We know it and they know it.”

      And they are calling our bluff.

      They are taking big -yuge- steps every day, daring us to take *that* one. They think we are afraid.

      And they seem to be right. We *are* the euroweenies.


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