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  • Kafiroon

    Now That, is what I would call a ‘Body” guard.

  • Swansonic

    Should make tent cities inside the walls of their compounds. Why limit it to one per congress critter?

  • JTC

    But porch pirates are common thieves, while Democrats are…oh wait. Hell yeah they all need a thug of their own.

    Man that silhouette art; feller could almost make a whole ‘toon out of ‘em, maybe call it…“Silhouettes”. 😉

  • Man in the Middle

    There’s a longstanding precedent for that. Township officials in many states have long been willing to pay for a one way bus ticket out of state for any hobo who asks. Some I used to know used this to arrange transit south every fall and north every spring.

    I’m guessing pretty much any border state now being involuntarily filled with illegal immigrants could easily be talked into paying for bus tickets to send all those folks on from the red states into which Democrats are dumping them to blue states that pretend to value and want them.

    • cb

      In the past ‘big city’ mayors have been known to relocate undesirables to Hawaii – one way with a map to homeless shelter and a few dollars. Dunno what travel options to the islands are like just now… but they’d probably be please to accommodate a few hundred thousand MS-13 wannabes.

      • MasterDiver

        A Tramp-Steamer would be sufficient.

        Zar Belk

      • Punta Gorda

        Leilani estates might have plenty of vacant land

    • interventor

      The illegals already get a bus ticket to where they wish to go. Thanks to Uncle.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Ah, nice view.

    Ah! The perils of an unconstitutionally placed person in the White House, or wherever he may be.
    No citizenship to invaders. (US Supreme Court)
    Forfeit the accumulated wealth of those responsible for the invasions to help pay to remedy the situation.

  • Pamela

    Need to do that with as a C.O.D.

  • Henry

    This would be a clever way for Democrats to make up their abortion deficit. But they wouldn’t appreciate that.

    • eon

      As I learned in my youth from my defiantly feminist/New Deal Democrat relations, their attitude toward such “undocumented voters” is precisely the same as their attitude re black people.


      “We need their votes. That doesn’t mean we want them living anywhere near us”.

      Close quote.

      clear ether


      • interventor

        They do want the illegals over for a visit. Grass needs cutting. Leaves require blowing. Gardens need to be tended to.

  • My Way Or -->

    Oh, for the days when men were men, and women were glad of it. – from my Granddad, who went to the Klondike and spent four years up there, then came home, went to law school and married my grandma.

    • JTC

      Your granddad sounds a lot like John Wayne.

  • Too Tall

    Apropos of nothing: Naomi looks really good in a Stetson, like a young Annie Oakley.

  • DogByte6RER

    If you want to see Biden’s open border policy come to a screeching halt then start re-locating all of these “refugees” to limousine liberal locales like Georgetown 20057 and Beverly Hills 90210 …

    • NotYetInACamp

      Obama and former AG Holder have all the zip code censuses and had intended to diversify every too homogeneous zip code by using housing, zoning laws, regulations and all of the help of the governemnt of the expected exalted crowned ruler president Hillary Rodham Clinton. There were rudely interrupted in their equalizing of results efforts.

  • Halley

    If I hear another “We just need to work harder so we win in 2022 and 2024” I may commit vomitation.

    Winning is not the problem! We DID win. Massively, conclusively, undeniably.

    The problem is Organized Crime(D) was allowed (yes, very much allowed) to steal it, shred the votes, and place The Coup in power – an openly criminal coup that had been broadcasting its intentions since 2017. Now, each day that passes is only an additional acquiescence to their boot on the nation’s throat. That’s the crux of it, not more winning.

    Hoping Naomi is getting lots of undercover work done, of both varieties.

    • JTC

      Yep, ain’t gonna vote or “win” our way out of this when both those terms have been rendered moot and meaningless.

      The coup is complete and they dare anyone or anything to challenge them in alternative ways.

      Trump? Cancelled.

      Will Deplorables as a force be cancelled too and continue to acquiesce to boots on throats?

      Time’s Up! CRA Now!

        • interventor

          Investigations and 30 lawsuits.

        • Kafiroon

          Well by that article, none of them understand the faintest concept of prepaying taxes. Which basically means you pay a lot in advance on your taxes and then a small amount or refund is due to you. OR, property sales stretched over years or even more complex that changes taxes amount owed and when.

      • Halley

        Not saying a split-up/Civil War 2.0 is inevitable (it may well be) but – who gets the WMDs?

        • NotYetInACamp

          I like Women Medical Doctors.

        • JTC

          Probably use them up in the split.

          • JTC

            As for NotYet’s idea, probably use them up *at* the split… 😀

        • interventor

          They can’t be programmed for the western hemisphere, without extreme reprogramming. However, tactical nukes are equal to those used on Japan.

  • John D. Egbert

    Off topic, but how much longer will Holyterra be under construction?

    • Chris Muir

      Writing for Book One (It’ll be a trilogy) HolyTera/ ‘Tera Firma’ done; just starting to draw it, Fundraiser will have mechanicals, idea sketches of how it came to be.

      • Grunt GI

        Cool. So will it be a download e-book?
        With special illustrations?

  • Colorado Springs has issues with porch piracy, mail theft, burglary and general thievery. Don’t leave anything outside or in your car or it will get ripped off. There’s a fair amount of homeless/vagrants and many are addicted to drugs and alcohol and are mentally ill. I haven’t noticed any of the waves of the latest invasion of our southern border and I’m keeping my eyes open for this at the usual gathering spots for the homeless/vagrants to panhandle, traffic islands at busy intersections, parking lots in shopping areas and in Old Colorado City. I don’t go downtown very often, but there’s homeless/vagrants that hang out there as well.

    I stay away from Denver as I hear things are worse their with the homeless/vagrants and the city is run by moonbats. DPD had a stand down order during a Back the Blue rally in downtown that Michelle Malkin was a featured speaker, when ANTIFA and BLM attacked them. A police lieutenant with some cajones broke ranks and came to the aid of the Back the Blue ralliers and drove the ANTIFA and BLM thugs back! Too bad this BS is allowed to happen now in Denver. I lived there in the early 1980s and it was a pretty cool place back in the day!

    • JTC

      Best thing I took from that link is (former of course) deputy Homeland Security director Ken Cucinelli’s quote:

      “These tyrannical, left-wing anarchists hate free speech. If you do not agree with them, they believe you must be beaten down – literally,”

      Great addition to the short-list of potential operatives and officers of the CRA.

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    Speaking of those roadside panhandlers- – – -I’m all in favor of donating to them. A handful of pennies at 30 MPH works well!

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    If you really want to see a wild melee, drop a handful of dollar bills in the middle of a busy intersection where a bunch of beggars are panhandling. Instant gridlock!

    • JTC

      Don’t feed the trolls, even for entertainment.

      And an aside; roadside panhandlers/hustlers are a different breed of scum than the invaders…have you ever seen a tatted up ms-13 type doing that? No, they are committing their theft and violence mostly out of public view.

      There’s different breeds of vermin; the panhandlers and illegals are bothersome and dangerous scum, but by far the worst ones wear suits and ties and operate inside the razor wire.

      • NotYetInACamp

        I rember th joy of Mariel and the tatted up Cuban jail gang scum that fidel Castro said were part of his flushing his toilets on Miami and the USA.

        Required pokitically correct disclaimer: Not all that were flushed here were scum.

  • Yup JTC, the scumbags who are far worse than the vagrants ARE the ones who wear suits, ties and dresses and operate inside the razor wire!

    BTW, despite the vagrant situation and the other things involving different levels of thievery in Colorado Springs, I love living here! I had to run some errands around town today and the sun was out, clear cobalt blue skies and the snow capped mountains and the rock formations stood out beautifully! There’s problems here like anywhere else, but you can’t beat the scenery! There’s a lot of good people too. It’s a pretty friendly place!

  • Pamela

    All those kids being sent. Why do I get the impression there will be some very happy pervs waiting to get their hands on them. They’ll disappear into the belly of the underworld.

    • James/G

      Yeh, that’s a part of the crisis Biden-Harris are ignoring or deflecting, the child sex-slave trade. It’s why I am not a fan of Naomi’s idea to give people like Biden and Weiner little kids, or even teens…

  • James/G

    The problem with that solution, is that it gives Blue states more congressmen. Recall the squalling by the DNC/PLD raised over the Citizenship question onthe Census? Remember the screaming when President Trump tried to open centers in Red states to put illegals?

    • NotYetInACamp

      When an army invades, do the numbers in the invaded army get included in the census and the distribution of Congressional Districts and seats in Congress? It is a current burning issue.

      • JTC

        Yes of course. It is a settled issue under the edict of the CAP (Communist American Party), and supported by the turncoats on the supreme court (no capital letters for those traitors, capital punishment maybe, before they cancel that too). Anyway, yeah count ‘em, the more the merrier, until…we’ll you know.


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