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  • epador

    Watching the Charlton Heston Ben Hur – seems appropriate as we’re about to enter a nasty chariot race ourselves.

  • Kafiroon

    That’s better than ‘the Wicked Witch of the West’.
    Oh. That IS the Wicked Witch of the West

  • I’ve wondered what the Governor’s are thinking, leaving their Guardsmen in Mordor to protect this witch….

    • NotYetInACamp

      In my life of trying to find, or at least imagine a possible, the best, I hope they are keeping an eye on the group that has ruled the nation and parts of the world while ignoring the polled will of the people at least 85% of the time on major issues, and ignores the people’s best interests, and actively brings in a obedient replacement population.
      This personal view explains much and allows me to make sense of so much.
      The Wicked Witch does as she whilst.

    • If they are from Blue states, the Guvs are probably trying to curry financial favors. I’m sure the troops would rather be home. (I speak from experience. We hated “political deployments”.

      Zar Belk!

  • Too Tall

    Sulfur, Hydrogen Sulfide, Stercobilin, and Methyl Mercaptan. The primary outputs of any government body.

  • Capn Jack

    So why haven’t they done it sooner, or were they all from blue states?

    Don’t forget to lock the gates, (on the outside) when you leave.

    • JIMV

      Idaho removed their 300 about two weeks on station and have not sent replacements.

  • Halley

    When discussing their ideology with Democrats, they tend to get quite miffed if you use accurate descriptions like “satanic” or “the devil’s handmaiden”, as they just can’t stand their cover being blown.

    • eon

      They rather resent you not acknowledging their “truth”. Which is best summed up by an old T-shirt slogan;

      We will all get along much better
      when you understand that
      I AM

      Your lack of proper worship annoys them rather like lack of faith in The Force pissed off Darth Vader.

      And will have similar results- for you- if they ever achieve the absolute power they lust after.

      clear ether


  • Eh, Wot?

    YEZZ …… Offer only “Ridicule to the Ridiculous” and watch them flounder as they try to flee in their soiled night linens!!!! Sehr Gut!

  • James/G

    Well, Texas needs to bring their Guardsmen back, to deal with the border, especially in light of the fact that the Border Patrol captured several terrorists, and that the numbers of illegals crossing the border is higher than it’s been in over twenty years. I forget which football stadium is being converted into a detention facility fo teenage boys in Dallas, but they’ve already admitted it’s not enough…

    • NotYetInACamp

      All people arriving here or born to those people since at least President Reagan’s amnesty (Done relying on lies by the dishonorable Democrat liars of that time) must be reconsidered for exclusion using the concepts of citizenship discussed and delineated in US Supreme Court cases concerning the 14th Amendment. Borders and control over a population are essential to have a nation. I know the globalists want no more nations. And globalists posted above.

    • And how many of those ‘teenage boys” are sporting MS-13 gang tats?

      Zar Belk!

  • My Way Or -->

    Gee. and I thought I was maybe exaggerating when I told someone this will happen. (Not ‘would”, but ‘will’.)

    I stand corrected. Now let’s see where things go from here. Anyone get their stimulus check yet? The rumors are tumbling all over the place that certain people (who want votes) are trying to make that a monthly deal…. so that the USofA can go broke. We’ll have to sell more US Treasuries to China to make that happen, but what the heck? It’s only paper, right? Right???

    • eon

      Progressives dream of going full Weimar.

      Never go full Weimar.

      Unless of course a Hitler is what you really want.

      clear ether


    • NotYetInACamp

      Two people here got them. I did not. Someday I will make their other list, that one I am not on yet. (Ominous music accompaniment)

    • Roland Deshain

      The USofA is already broke. I believe it is around $29 trillion!!! The feds are printing $120 billion a month and it is not enough to keep up with the lunatics in Congress.

    • interventor

      Not selling to China, any more. The fed issues digital funds.

  • gafling

    I read recently that it was probably illegal for Xiden to order a halt to the border wall construction. Details have to do with contract clauses, etc. Anyway it seems there is a good chance that construction will resume after the 60 day pause that was ordered by Slo-Joe at least until existing contracts are fulfilled.

  • PCChaos

    We received our checks, and while it’s always nice to get money, the strings attached with this will choke us. Give them 30 days of the circus and bread for the populi, ready the games, let the wine flow. The barbarians have stormed the gates. And meanwhile, Nero fiddles. We need more folks like Ben Crenshaw and Governor Noemi.

    • NotYetInACamp

      The tax increase for the rich defined benefits fo tha po will be eliminated so they get forced on to being seen and reported so they have to pay taxes on various income streams. 1099 magic for formerly cash unseen people. But where di I place that article?
      I again made the posting to many algo.
      And this about being forced to give up ownership of our identities. Snowden commenting.

    • John

      Our wrecked education system cannot produce the talent, especially the superior talent, needed to fill the void. We’re just going to have to muddle through using under-educated substitutes until we can get a reinvention of Classical Education back up and running. I had a particularly nasty run-in with a product of the present system recently. He said he _taught_ rhetoric.
      From what I could tell he had absolutely no familiarity with either Logic or Persuasion.

      • eon

        It’s not a recent malady in academia. Rather, it’s an example of how academia inevitably devolves into a malady.

        Thirty years ago, a “logic” teacher told me, with a superior sniff, that logic had no application in the real world.

        I replied, “That would have surprised the hell out of Aristotle”.

        No, he didn’t get it.

        clear ether


      • Buck

        I can still remember when I was in school – 50’s & 60’s – students showing above average abilities were offered advanced classes. This was Jr. & Hi school. Those funds were eventually channeled to under achievers and then to the ‘language challenged’. I make no claims to either. Drafted – medic, discharged – mechanic. Those students got us to the moon. Now graduates don’t know what sex they are…

  • Punta Gorda

    Bought a Mypillow with mine.

    • JTC

      “…we are 80 million couch potatoes and keyboard warriors with rifles in our bedroom closets.“

      Ouch. Truth hurts.

      But his recommended path forward is way too little way too late.

      Times’s Up! CRA Now!

  • CaptDMO

    Pulling out?
    States recalling their “troops”?
    Apparently, Guam is not a state.
    “Rip one off again”?
    Well, you know, raw chicken.

    • John

      Guam does have a governor who is commander in chief of its National Guard. Presumably she has state governor like powers over them.

      • John M.

        Problem is , she has a big ol’ “D” after her name…

        • Henry

          And she wants to be a state (I think), so she’ll lend Nancy her NG for as long as Nancy wants it.

  • Halley

    If The Coup continues to be allowed to get away with the massive, in-your-face heist of the 2021 election (they stole the House and Senate, too) – a hostile takeover the Soviets could only dream of – then nothing else matters and everything else is distraction.

    The problem is not the Democrats’ crazy policies. The problem is that the Democrats were voted out of power yet seized control by force, nullifying our democratic Republic, which will remain nullified until they are exposed and paying dearly for their crimes. All else is distraction.

    • JTC

      The heist and the coup are a done deal and nothing else matters about the old republic.

      But don’t be distracted, it is they who are nullified in the CRA.

      And they will pay dearly.

  • My Way Or -->

    News note: J. Kerry has been photographed on an American Airlines 1st class section with his mask hanging from his left ear instead of covering his face, per airline regulations.
    Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that all of Those People are so blind to their own stupidity…..

  • steveb919

    All those communist ass wipes in congress should be brought out, set against the fence they had put up and SHOT.
    Man am I pissed about the voter reform bill.

    • John M.

      Don’t forget the “Usurper-in-Chief.”

    • JTC

      That boy has all the looks and charisma of one of those Tennessee mules my daddy grew up with and told me all about.

      TL;DR, never underestimate a good mule.

      DeSantis has proven himself through heavy fire to be an excellent, strong, God-loving, Constitution-following, conservative family man. We better hurry and sign him up as CEO of the Fla home base of the CRA, or else look quick and say how great he could be before he gets cancelled like Trump did*.

      *Yes I believe he is cancelled. Listen to today’s Fresh Air on NPR, and after your are done losing your lunch and dinner down the toilet, tell me it’s not true. He is done. I will try to link it unless someone here more better at that than me could please post the link?

      • JTC

        Ok fine here it is, but be forewarned…

        Could Trump Be Convicted Of Criminal Charges?

        • JTC

          Well shit that didn’t work, told ya I am inept at this shat…

          Anyway, give that “fresh air” a listen when you have 45 minutes to realize how bad things are, and why exactly Trump is MIA…he is cancelled. Who’da thunk?

  • Pamela

    Some one throw some water on her. She looks like she’s ready to melt.
    Call Hazmat for the toxic clean up.

  • Polly Cy

    Ah, Chris, your depictions of crazy-eyed Nancy P get better every day.

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    Where did they find a “mask” big enough to fit Kerry’s horse face? A feed bag from a saddle and tack shop, maybe?

  • James/G

    Latest mass shooting in Atlanta seems to be from an idiot who killed people at 3 or more massage spas(not to be co fused with massage parlors), and has people protesting Asian Hate. Killer was taken alive, claims race had nothing to do with his choice of victims.

    Interesting to note this guy was taken alive, which doesn’t happen often. Remember the Pulse Nightclub shooting for example?

    • John M.

      Probably caught him enroute to his next target, and couldn’t do anything but arrest him…

      • John M.

        My spellchecker just flagged “enroute” and tried to tell me it should be “Enroot” – never heard of that word ’til now, but it’s genuine…

    • JTC

      All kinds of possibilities there; always give weight to Ockham, but anymore who knows?

      One thing is certain, this tragedy too shall be weaponized; that Cherokee County Sheriff’s captain who made the Yuge mistake of quoting the pos shooter that he was having a bad day, and having a t-shirt calling the ChiCom flu the ChiCom flu, better start packing up his long LE career, because he too is cancelled.

      We’ll see what other mileage they can get out of it.

  • James/G

    Really Off Topic, it appears that Doc Nichols of The Whiteboard, put a stripper pole in the Break Room…

    One of thes days, you should do a cameo of Doc. He’d love it… 🙂 😀


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