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  • Marx, Alinsky, or both said “Blame your opponent for doing what you do”, right?

  • JTC

    What’s fun though is that as long as they scurry around projecting and reacting only to what they would do, they pay no attention at all to the real progress and accomplishment occurring all around them, because they would never do that and can’t even imagine it.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      But think what could REALLY be accomplished if the Regressive Libtards weren’t underfoot, in the way, projecting, and screeching incessantly.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I thought it was, “like cockroaches, they persist”.

  • WayneM

    200th anniversary of Karl Marx was on the weekend. Despite hundreds of millions of death in the 20th century alone from countries following Marx’s theories, the leftist media and academia celebrated Marx’s continued relevance. Now that’s persistence!

    • NotYetInACamp

      Or psychological pathology.

  • lurking

    Resist we much!

    • eon

      i saw a car the other day which summed up progressivism perfectly. it apparently belonged to a journalist of some sort. A Tesla with a bumper sticker saying FACTS MATTER, with “#Resist in smaller type in the lower left corner.

      The vanity plate was EDITER.

      No comment.

      clear ether


      • PaulS


  • Bill G

    She was told her home server was illegal and vulnerable, but she persisted.
    She knew the story about Benghazi was fake, but she persisted.
    She knew her emails and equipment were subpoenaed, but she persisted.
    She knew what her husband was, but she persisted …

    The list is endless.

    • PaulS

      Never give up the con.

  • Unca Walt

    Yer not susposed to hurt pretty ladies.

    • Norm

      There’s pretty outside and there’s pretty inside.

      • Roland Deschain

        The Hildebeast is neither!

  • NotYetInACamp

    So many believe that they are part of multi-generational battles against the evils of (fill in the blank) for the betterment (defined by them) of mankind (My sexist inclusive old word.). it usually involves forcing others to give up something (usually money or their lives) or forcing others to follow their orders, as they know better (so they say or believe).

    Rubbish. (A favorite very descriptive word well used by ‘Amelia Pond’ in a Doctor Who episode. There were Ponds in that episode) (Speaking with “them” or reading “their” writings, all of their words must be properly defined, as, ‘they’ change the language and word meanings to their intent and purpose, usually ending up at near opposite the meaning.)

    • NotYetInACamp


      I saw the announcement, and I smiled. It was one of those natural just showed up on my face smiles. “They” are going to have a bumpy ride. Go get ’em Ollie.

  • Pamela

    If I remember correctly, an old school treatment for lice was to use kerosene.
    Killed them deader than a doornail.

  • Fox2!

    Not to change the subject, but is Sam in nadu in the first panel?

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