Day By Day


  • Doc Savage

    A man that knows how to please his wife.

  • Bob in Houston

    Wasn’t there a bar too?

    • west_rhino

      bar has co-owner non?

  • Oh, never give up the original. Or at the very least keep a copy.

    • B Woodman

      Digital is forever

  • JTC

    Oo, black-mail…heh.

  • canuck49

    Sam sounds pleased but is owing the CIA a good thing?

    • eon

      Most likely Zed will do a ….job… for Langley. Totally deniable and probably officially bankrolled by somebody with a name like “Sheik Otryad”.

      “All we did was introduce you to each other. What happens after that is none of our business.”

      John Ringo would understand perfectly. Sometimes, you don’t even want it done by the Army of Northern Virginia. (Or whatever they’re calling themselves these days and no, I don’t have a NTK or any particular desire to, either.)



      • west_rhino

        reckon ‘Toly flies along, less bruising for ‘Tolya, da?

  • Calvin

    Give a big, black SUV to your wife….we’ll make more.

    • JT

      and best of all…it’s a Wednesday car!

  • B Woodman

    You. Owe. Us. One. . . . ??
    What the Ef for? Yeah, you were the messanger boy who got a few things done. And probably enjoyed watching your three letter agency cousin squirm a bit in the process. But you’re ALL incestuous bastards under the skin, and are more the CAUSE of this situation instead of the CURE.

    • Gideon Reed

      I now assume that Zed will be off TDY taking out ISIS/ISIL or whatever those a-holes declare their name is this week.

  • skoot

    Its ok B Woodman….for Zed owing one is…slip in, pull trigger, slip out , end of 🙂

  • Its good to have high friends in shaddowy places……better yet to have the gubmint off her case entirely…..Zed’s paid enough dues….

    • B Woodman

      ” ‘Cause I got friends in LOW places. . . “

  • Bill G

    Zed may have an idea of what the payoff is, and want to do it. It might even be a Briar Patch scenario.

  • Bill G

    Payoff? Or payback? I think Zed thinks in terms of revenge.
    And as the old saying goes, “Payback is a B****, Revenge is a M*****F*****”.

  • Hopefully that SUV is a FORD!

    • B Woodman

      FORD!? Oh hell no! An American made Toyota 4Runner, 4WD SR5, for sure. Maybe even a Limited. 😉

    • Looks kinda like my ’12 Escape, actually. I call it The Bear, but I don’t think it ever pulled Smokey duty…

      • My wife had a 2003 Escape. Piece of crap. No leaks, no burning smoke from the exhaust, yet kept losing almost a full quart of oil every 2000 miles. She now has a 2011 Rav4 and loves it.

        • Annnnnd that Escape’s black hood was perpetually peeling it’s clear coat. Grrrr…

  • Pamela

    I thought they had picked up a slightly used MRAP….

    • west_rhino

      what happens in the swamp… ‘sides, ATF filing the environmental impact statement might be more damning than the e-mails.

  • Gideon Reed

    Let me be the first to say a huge Kol HaKavod and Mazal Tov meod to Bibi
    on his “shocking win”.
    Pisses off ZerO. Must be racism

    • GWB

      And the first he’ll know about it is seeing it in the news this morning afternoon. Heh.

    • PaulS

      Indeed. It would be great to hear him say “We won!”, as a bit of in your face to those that only understand that sort of thing. Too much of a Statesman to do it though.

      So I’ll say it, Hey Butt Boy Barry!!!!

      HE WON!

  • Big Jim

    You can have a life; you’re just never really retired. Friends are good.

  • Wayne M

    Since no-one else addressed the elephant in the room (or the donkey in this case), what were the accusations that were cleared? Since it was ATF skulking in the bushes, that cuts the odds down to alcohol, tobacco and firearms. I remember why the IRS were after Zed before. What’s ATF’s excuse?

    • eon

      Veteran. Owns guns. Hangs out with an ex-Mossad chick. Just moved to a “sensitive” area (South Texas, which the Admin wants to control for their “voter recruitment” program south of the Rio Grande). Not a registered “D”.

      Adds up to “we make an example of this guy to let everyone else know what they’d better not do, or be, if they want to stay healthy and out of prison”.

      Prime Order of the Empire; Terror Must Be Maintained. (Star Trek, “Mirror, Mirror”.)



      • Gyro

        Before there was Star Trek, there was Stalin. Maintaining terror was his thing. Leftists learned.

    • Bill

      Fast n fFurrious I would guess. And all the email from holders private email too.

  • LCBrendan

    Wayne: dont ask. I dont think either of us really wants to know

  • JTC

    ‘yahu wins…YAHOO!

    Now why can’t we go into election day with all the talking heads discussing the libtard landslide and come out with a “Reagan in a yarmulke”?

    ‘Pub party wings…-wingtips and wingnuts that is- that’s why. We all know the wingtips, Romney et al, now here come the wingnuts:

    Come on down, Hildebeast, we’ll just swear you in right now. God help us.

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