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  • Wayne M

    I’m surprised Skye would be brave enough to try that shit with either Anatoly or Naomi. Of course the line between brave and stoopid can be blurred.

    • rooftop voter

      In Skyes case, that line is obliterated.

  • interventor

    Hunting liberals — not edible and too nasty to skin for a trophy. Guess you could qualify it as varmint hunting.

    • John M

      Any bounty on them? Otherwise, why bother…

      • B Woodman

        The problem is, if you don’t keep them under control, they overbreed, overpopulate, and eventually overgraze their territory. And what natural preditors (not Constitutional conservatives) they have are just as bad.

        • pyodice

          you could just introduce abortion, apparently they take to it pretty readily.

        • Doug Dean

          They scatter in panic at the sight of a flag that doesn’t have a crescent moon, so perhaps they could be herded to the borders.

          • Doug Dean

            They are herd animals, after all.

    • JT

      Be vewy vewy quiet…

  • TAFischer

    Scratch the surface of a liberal, find a raging anti-Semite underneath…

    • B Woodman

      Let’s broaden that brush a bit, and replace “anti-Semite” with “bigot”. Works for me.

      • Bill G

        Oh, come now! Surely you must realize that those ‘other people’ are simply not capable of doing anything without Government assistance, don’t you?

      • Indiana Mike

        Why not just call them what they are; Jew haters.

    • rooftop voter

      Yea, Rand Paul.

      Don’t listen to all the garbage they use to try and smear him.

      Listen to what the man says, ALL of it, not a few carefully edited second snippets.

  • Pamela

    So why does Skye still have hair on her head after that comment?

    • John M

      Maybe because Naomi is holding the baby… By the way, what IS that child’s name? …and maybe I missed it – is it a boy or a girl?

      • John M

        Went back over the older strips – Mar 2…”Wade delivered Naomi a son…” But I still haven’t found his name, if Chris ever gave it. I suggest “Benjamin.”

        • B Woodman

          Yep. My suggestion, baby Bibi.

        • Miller

          I think they should name the kid after Zed. He saved Anatoly’s life, after all…

          On a side note, Chris, if you ever wanted to do something like a throw-back Thursday, and show us glimpses of Zed’s past exploits dropping bad guys to room temperature, that would be A-okay with me 😉

          • The baby’s mom is Jewish, so the son is Jewish by definition. Jewish babies are never named after a person who is still alive. Hence, can’t name him after Zed.

          • John M

            …a member of the child’s line of ancestry that is still alive… are you saying that both Benjamin Netanyahu and Zed are Naomi’s ancestors? ‘Toly’s?

    • capn

      I am assuming that they are conversing on skype or some other such app.
      ‘Toly and Naomi live in a totally separate house down in the south end of the spread.

      Otherwise I would, like you, expect to hear Naomi hand the babe to ‘toly with a “hold the dear one while clean up this excrement”.

      And in deference to the idiots older wiser sister, in whose house she stands, Naomi would probably stand on a toe nose to nose and offer to help educate the ignorant one on basic manners if she will only “step outside”.

  • JTC

    BTW Chris, you give Jen the benefit of the pen; she ain’t that cute.

    • Chris Muir

      She has a great rack.

      • John M

        What good is a great rack if you can’t mount it on a wall? (Back to the other reference about hunting varmints)

        • B Woodman

          What good is a great rack if you don’t want to get close enough TO “mount” it?

          (D’OH! did I say that?)

      • JTC

        “She has a great rack.”

        I have no da ta ta on that. 😉

        Draw her nekkid and we’ll see…might take our minds off the real chickenshit in that henhouse.

      • TGM

        Great rack indeed. That burgundy sweater she was wearing the other day really displayed her ‘talents’…nearly poked my eyes out!

        Any chance we can get her down to the swimming hole?

      • JTC

        So, with a nice profile and a butt ugly face, she’d be a good one for a silhouette shoot…doing it in the dark, as it were.

  • Daniel in Brookline

    Pamela: I wonder that too. (I would have imagined a glance between Naomi and Toly: “Do you want to break her nose or shall I?”)

    There are many chicken farms in Israel. I can just imagine Netanyahu gathering up some prime Holy Land chicken guano and mailing it in a box to the White House, C.O.D.

    Or, if it’s ch!ckensh!t he wants, Netanyahu could just send a mirror.

    • B Woodman

      Sounds like some kind of cosmic karma mirror. Obozo returns the bust of Churchill to the Queen of England, Netanyahu sends chickenshit to Obozo.

      “History doesn’t often repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” (or something like that)

      • Doug Dean

        It would provide a nice counterpoint to Obama’s making him come in through the servant’s entrance.

  • JTC

    Mr. Muir, just realized I’ve posted a few hot links recently, there is just so much chickenshit going down. Say the word if you prefer no more.

    • Chris Muir

      1 per toon- occasionally- is ok.

  • Leo AutoDidact

    I read the linked article and I go for “Mandatory” Voting ONLY if it included a binding “None of the Above”

    (In other words if ‘None’ wins, the election needs to be re-run and NONE of the previous candidates is eligible to run again. Clearly sending the message that we want REAL choices, not just “The usual suspects.”)

    • eon

      Or if “None” wins, the office remains vacant until the next scheduled regular election.

      People might be surprised to find out how unnecessary a lot of politicians and offices really are.

      /in L. Neil Smith mode, here.



      • MasterDiver

        AMEN! Government is a disease, self-reliance is the cure!

    • cb

      Speaking of ‘mandatory’ things to impose on DC. Need to reduce the alphabet agencies budgets by the amount of waste/fraud uncovered every year – soon they’ll be nonexistent.

      • John Egbert

        How about eliminating every Federal department, agency, administration, etc., and every associated law/regulation/ruling, that cannot be Constitutionally justified citing Article, Section and Clause for continuance? And reduce the Federal Budget (and tax rate) by the percentage of money not needed thereby.

  • Didn’t realise Javalina were liberals, while being pigs. And how much slack does being Sam’s sister and a nursing mom buy Skye? Naiome _IS_ a trained Israeli sniper, and going through post-partem to boot. Send Skye’s ass to Japan, give her a taste of being “Gaigin” for a while…..

  • Bill G

    And Our Beloved Leader has once again demonstrated his antisemitism by being unable to congratulate Bibi.
    Skye & Naomi? Popcorn time.

    • eon

      I’ve noticed that Hillary! has been noticeably quiet about all this.

      Considering that her animosity toward Israel is about even with The One’s, I’m wondering what claymores she’s intending to set off after her coronation.



      • PaulS

        What more could she say at this point!

        • DDS

          …and “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?”

  • What happened to the ‘toon dated March 19?

    • Chris Muir

      Sometimes I early post the toon, to do that I have to delay the date but not the posting.I usually even it up later that day.

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