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  • Wayne M

    A pretty dubious distinction… the only First “Lady” to be fingerprinted…

    Ah well, just Whitewater under the bridge…

  • piotr1600

    The idea of Hitlery as president just makes me freaking nauseous…

    • Kevin M

      With you on that 100%. Odd that the one person most capable and determined to sink her candidacy is BHO.

      Whatevs. This country is finished. I am so glad I don’t have kids who will one day have to fight the caliphate.

      • JT

        Oh ye of little faith. We’re not done yet. We do need to get our heads out of our collective butts…starting with the Republican Party.

      • Solaratov

        Kevin, this country may be on the ropes…but it is a long way from finished.

        And, it won’t be finished as long as there is one patriot who will stand his ground – rifle in hand – and say, “This far and no farther. Enough is enough.”

        • Kevin M

          That’s so cute. Lemme know how your flintlock works out when Europe goes Full Muslim Retard. The point of no return was a long time ago. So unless WW3 begins in the Parisian Muzzie ghettos when actual Europeans try to rout the muzzie hordes, smoke em while you can because we’re next. Or did you forget that 20% of all illegals coming across from Mexico are Muslim Arabs?!

  • Doc Savage

    Sadly, I do not think this is too far from reality… has to question the intent of anyone so concerned with hiding things.

  • KenH

    She wont live that long….

    • Kevin M

      There is that. She is a raging alcoholic.

      • Boobie the Rocket Dog

        What are O’Malley’s and Fauxcahontas’ drugs of choice, I wonder?

        • Kevin M

          Don’t know about O’Malley, but Suckagaweeah strikes me as a mushroom and tequila kind of zombie.

  • Calvin

    Do you really think that Bill wants her to be President? It would kind of take away a lot of any prestige that he has left. Demoted to house husband and the historians deciding how much of his presidencies were Hillary and how much was him. I can’t imagine that he wants that kind of competition for his legacy.

    • H_B

      Can you imagine him using the immediate-prestige of the presidency (without responsibility) plus the utility of the bodyguard service to enhance his ability to seduce women 1/6th his age and junket off to the Caribbean with child-pimps? There’s your answer.

      • eon

        Exactly. Bill has always sought power and the money that goes with it because he knows it is the only thing that makes a sleazy, overage frat boy attractive to women.

        Hillary wants power to get back at everybody who ever dissed her. and she defines failing to worship her as dissing her. In this, she and The One are exactly alike.

        Well, mostly. She has even less impulse control than he does.



      • David

        If Biden joins the 2016 campaign trail there’ll be a race to see who gropes the most girls.

        • B Woodman

          Ewwww. . . .The image of Shrillery Cankles groping girls. . . . . pass the mind bleach, STAT!

          • Kevin M

            Cankles only gropes tail with relatives in the Ikhwan al-Muslamin (provided it reciprocates with a bout of carpet munching in return). Now here’s your mind bleach.

          • Feel free to see it. Kinda like Freddie, yes?

  • Well, at least Hitleries prints are in the database. There is that for the next “Vince Foster occasion”.

    • Bill G

      So? Just like Obola, she would never have anyone running her injustice department that would act against her or her staff.

  • Bill G

    Gonna be some interesting cat-fights ahead, for sure. Hillary’s ‘inevitable’ status is colliding with her ‘unelectable’ status.

    • Wayne M

      Exactly!! Well said!!

    • Indeed. SIGH.

  • Pamela

    The fact that she stayed with Bill knowing he was screwing around, and even after the allegations of sexual assault against how many other women, she thinks she knows what is best for the United States. She is totally lacking in any moral compass.

    Which brings into question, is she in her right mind, and don’t you think she looks tired?

    • B Woodman

      There is that. She DOES tend to fall down a lot.

      • rooftop voter

        “Harry Reid in drag”…………..

        Actually, that’s an insult to Harry, and he is lower than pond scum.

    • PaulS

      “she thinks she knows what is best for the United States”

      She doesn’t give a flying fornication about “what’s best for the United States”, if she did, she’d be the latest in the mass murder/suicides. Probably using a canklebomb.

    • eon

      I doubt she has ever been “in her right mind”, even more so than The One or any other typical far-left “progressive”. I honestly believe that handing her “the football” will be a catastrophe for the entire world.

      As for her looks, “Imelda Marcos crossed with Nien Nunb” comes to mind.



  • B Woodman

    I’m surprised Chris didn’t depict a quill pen and inkwell, and/or a hand cranked printing press, somewhere in there.

  • B Woodman

    “At this point, what difference does it make?”

  • Jon

    Just before Slick Willie’s inauguration, I had occasion to meet a former LEO from Arkansas, recently moved to Alaska. He told us, “Everything you hear about this guy (Clinton) is true regarding the sexual allegations. The thing is, Hillary’s heels are rounder than his, but the press will never touch her.” That was nearly 25 years ago, and sure enough, it’s borne out.

    • Pamela

      Rounder as in get in line, and take a number for service?

      • Noelegy

        Round heels: promiscuous. Tips backward easily.

        • You would think it “no toes” to fall forward for carpet munching.

  • markm

    So where are the Republicans going to find a candidate that can lose to her?

    • SteveInCO

      Oh there’s no shortage of those. If they can lose to Bill Clinton with Bob Dole and BHO (post Obamacare no less) with Romney, I’d say they have vast pools of untapped “talent” and I suspect someone who didn’t get the nomination last time (all worthless slugs who surged for a week during the primaries until they proved they were idiots–right thinking, but idiots) will get it this time because it’s their turn. It won’t be new people. If it is someone new, it’ll break the pattern, because that is how the Republican party operates. (Even Reagan first had to run against Ford, before he could be picked in 1980–thankfully, he wasn’t even remotely an idiot.)

  • SteveInCO

    Side note: The comic for Monday has the length of a typical Sunday strip. Going back it looks like somehow we’re one day off. Or am I just confused? (I know sometimes a strip comes out a day early; like what happened on the first, for instance, the posting is dated Feb 28.)

    • B Woodman

      Nope. It’s all good. Chris just likes to mix it up that way sometimes, especially when he has something important to say, or a plot line to develop.

  • Spin Drift

    EO in the oval to nullify the 2nd branch, at what time do we make 1600 Penn our AO?

    Molon Labe

    Hold Fast

  • west_rhino

    Love the pun.

  • Drumwaster

    Her whole goal is to be the first female President, and assuming she wins, she will have accomplished that the moment she finishes the oath (not that she would actually MEAN it, but still…)

    Then what? No Muslim country would take a woman seriously, except for Western media consumption. (If you doubt me, please show me a single woman active in politics in any of those countries. Just one.) Russia is laughing at her, and not even bothering to do so behind her back. Terrorist-supporting countries have already bought her off, as have the Chinese, and they won’t be satisfied with a weekend in the Lincoln bedroom. Bill will have access to the White House interns, and frequent trips out to his pedophile partner’s private island aboard Air Force One-and-a-Half. (If you thought MooShell flying on separate jets was a fluke, think again.)

    “Let them eat cake” won’t just be a snarky comment, it will be the Law of the Land (via Executive Order that Congress will be too afraid to defund).

  • cb

    As soon as Bill said he didn’t inhale and was given a pass by the liberal media he knew he could do no wrong, Hillary knows that also. The current potus winning twice is a mystery, Hillary not winning would be a bigger mystery.

    • No mystery at all. Other than, maybe, where did they find a hacker that good? Which can be answered by “Soros has a lot of money”.

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