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  • Fronk!

    The deck is stacked against honest, ordinary, hard-working people on all levels. Scumbag politicians pee on us and tell us it’s raining, we are vilified by the Left, we are not allowed to defend ourselves against Antifa/BLM fiends and COVID-19 continues to be held over our heads like a political saber.

    The time has come to fight back and fight back hard!!!

  • syvyn11

    Gen. Flynn for FBI Director.

    • Wood

      That WOULD be satisfying. The alphabet agencies all need disinfecting.

    • rickn8or

      Damn skippy. About twenty minutes after confirmation of President Trump’s re-election, Wray (and hopefully others) will be cleaning out their desk.

      • ottersmith

        I’m not sure any of them should be allowed to clean out their desks. Make them leave the evidence behind, to be found in place, rather than destroyed.

  • Punta Gorda

    Dissolve the FBI

  • NotYetInACamp

    The best government and protection that money can buy.

  • Pete231

    Tie a rope around the little prick’s balls and hang him from a light pole……

    • MasterDiver

      hell the Progs already have that sack tied up. What do you think they lead him around by?

      Zar Belk!

    • Pamela

      That’s being too nice.

  • Please, can any one give a rational reason these Swamp dwellers havent BEEN fired? WTF is Donald’s problem?

    • interventor

      Firing the political appointees is easy. Firing the regular civil service can take years.

  • Bren

    To be fair, the FBI has been a swamp creature since it was created.

    • rickn8or

      All the way back to the days of J. Edna.

  • ses1066

    I wish that this was sarcasm but it is reality, FBI is Praetorian Guard to the SWAMP!

  • Punta Gorda

    No, Littleraly… dissolve the FBI. Preferably in acid.

  • PCChaos

    We are way past tolerance levels when citizens are arrested for defending their lives and property under 2A rights. When does the pendulum swing back to center?

  • The Bureau of Investigation was replaced by the FBI in 1935 because of inefficiency and corruption.

    It’s long since time for history to repeat itself.

  • Unca Walt

    I suspect that there will be enough released BEFORE the election that Biden will either have to withdraw, or he will be extradited to Ukraine for felony charges, or he will be indicted here.

    All the above lead to the mail-in ballots with pre-checked Biden votes become invalid because he is no longer running.

    He needs a giant teleprompter to talk to seven people???

  • My Way Or --->

    Patience, people. Being a cynic, I think it entirely possible/probable that somewhere, there is a backup copy of those 33,000++ missing e-mails from HC’s damaged server. And they won’t surface until both of those critters from the Inner Circles of H E double hockeystix are gone, and gone, and gone even further than gone.

    J. Edgar Hoover had dossiers on everyone he wanted to be mean to. I’m sure there’s even one on little old me, because a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, some Men In Black suits went around my home town asking my neighbors about me, so that I could be granted a Secret Squirrel clearance and work on Secret Squirrel stuff. I think I did that once, maybe twice. It was about as exciting as a bowl of stale mashed potatoes. I wonder if those birdbrains still have that. (Snrrrt!)

    Just so you all know, Hunter Biden is so dimwitted, he’s doing porn videos and posting them. And his daddy is SO proud of the boy. (I”m going to gag over that last bit, because it is true. And this bunch wants to be in the seat of government.) And Daddy Biden wants the police to shoot suspects in the leg, so it won’t be such a bad “thing”.

    • Pamela

      I thought the 33K missing HR emails were found backed up on Tony the Hot Dog’s laptop.

      • interventor

        They were. NYPD and FBI have copies of the hard disk.

    • WayneM

      When the Powers That BE are motivated to find any particular email, it will be found. Simply put, those invested in maintaining the Swamp aren’t motivated to drain it.

      I’m fairly sure those Men In Black suits have a dossier on me; I’ve been to meetings at Quantico for Secret Squirrel reasons.

      As for Hunter Biden, I don’t know which will be his downfall; his substance abuse issues, his arrogance or his amoral activities.

      Sleepy/Creepy Joe offered his “shoot ’em in the leg” solution several times over the years. He’s been disconnected from reality for a long time.

  • JTC

    Justice delayed is justice denied.

    Justice denied is communism.

    The only thing that fixes this is at least four more years of digging and draining and destroying what lurks deep in the state and wide in the swamp (redundant).

    • John

      I’d agree with that but for the fact that four years is not nearly enough.
      Psychology has advanced to the point that we can screen for potential oath breakers so that, hopefully, this never happens again, but even if we implemented this today it would be a generation before it started to bear fruit. Civil Service rules forbid arbitrary firings, and Coventry isn’t big enough to hold all the rotten deadwood.

      • JTC

        Yes, which is why I said at least four more years.

        And yes to the entrenched communists that use civil protections to take root and resist removal. Much like any other union that starts as a genuine advocate and morphs into politics and control.

        And money, always follow the money.

        And it’s the money that is the key to unlocking the floodgates to finally drain the swamp and expose the depth of the state. Can’t touch civil “servants”, but you can damn sure shut off and turn on the money by hook and crook and executive order. And that as DT has proven in the last four years over and over with congress, china, nafta, the wall, climate crap, UN, etc etc. can be done in four years or less.

        Starve the deep state and shut off the $ flowing into the swamp and it’s creatures, finally.

        And holding fake news media to account can be done by finances too…it has reached monolith status that not only reports what is false but what obstructs what is true; that virtual roadblock on the info highway must be broken, as it is almost more critical than destroying the creature itself.

        To sit: A tale of two New Yorks as the NYP reports the Biden email connection and the NYT says it is all a scam perpetrated by Trump and the Russkies of course. Continuous lawsuits and restraining orders will squeeze the life out of them if the flow of communists money is shut down.

        • JTC

          To wit…

  • cb

    Sir, we are just following precedence – impossible to prove INTENT.

    • JTC

      Unnecessary…just follow the money.

      Joe where are Hunter’s tax returns? Do they match his personal accounts? Where did that money come from?

      • interventor

        Not just his returns, but the two companies owned by the Bidens. Probably use them as past thru, What Giuliani meant speaking of a RICO crime.

        • JTC

          It’s the pass-thru to his and Joe’s slimy hands that matter, how they channeled it is certain to be Byzantine and ultimately irrelevant.

          But those p’s of s are living large and they didn’t do it on Joe’s salary; that is intentionally structured to show minimum earnings and maximum taxes. And Hunter? Has anyone ever documented a single minute of productive effort by him? Yet all those millions that were spent by them both was real money, or at least real fiat money, and that can be tracked both coming in and going out.

          So again I ask, forget your fabricated returns Joe, where’s Hunter’s returns Joe? And if the money is not there then where did it come from?

          Forget all the deniable crap and cover by their owned media and just. follow. the. money.

  • Buck

    The forces of Control have been at this for a very long time. Way before Pres. Wilson, Hamilton established a central bank before we were a nation. It was tried for 20 years and was-still is-an atrocity so bad it’s charter wasn’t extended. Our current FedResBnk was established in 1913 and the Congress hasn’t had to balance a budget since. “we” don’t control the money.
    Communists have been perfecting how to take over and destroy a nation since Das Kapital was published. As situations and societies change the commies change the definitions and uses of words, but the objective is always the same. Power.
    Our President won’t be able to change the Country around with another 4 years, He may be able to instill the desire to return to our Original Concepts in enough Patriots to carry on this resurgence to regain America. I used to tell fellow Ron Paulians that it took a hundred years to drop to this point and it will probably take half that to get it back.

    • JTC

      Typically correct.

      Nothing typical about PDJT and these current times though.

      Follow the money beginning to end and all will be revealed, no typical (and intentionally impenetrable) process required. Four more years might not get it all done but it will damn sure get Biden done and have every bought and paid creature and the creatures doing the paying, quaking in their boots. You can’t hide the money and it’s ill-gotten largesse forever.

      Same method for Zero and Bubba, hide behind your fucking foundations you slimy lizards but those mansions and expendable millions didn’t come from honest work, so let’s do some forensic accounting shall we?

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    “We had to ….pass”
    No, you didn’t HAVE to pass, you CHOSE to pass.
    Time to cut the budget and starve the swamp beast.I
    Or, in today speak, “defund”.

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    Flynn needs to be FBI director, and his lady lawyer should be Attorney General. Then we need to borrow a guillotine from France for a while!

    • cb

      What Hotrod said…


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