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  • formwiz

    Like to be the guy that sprays Bactine on those two.

    • Too Tall

      Kiss all their “Boo-Boos” and make them better….

  • Too Tall

    “Make Me Smile” – Chicago, 1970

    The first track from Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon.

    Good times. Still, some “Assembly” required.

  • JTC

    I first read that as “Joe’s right…” and thought damn, his dementia done took him full circle to the Truth…

    “Men like them.” Yes indeed we do. That honey ain’t half bad either, even not -especially not- shiny and chrome. 🙂

    • JTC

      I wrote hiney, but for once spellfixer did a good one…honey works quite well too.

  • interventor

    Some women look good going and coming. Some look best, just walking away.

  • JTC

    Before I hit the hay, let me suggest to Skye that she find and watch the awesome commercial by the young bald black dude running against LA Max to see what her party people like Maxine really think of themselves, as opposed to their sheep.

    Maybe somebody here will find and link it too…I think I saw it in a retweet by Trump Jr. but not sure. It is brilliant.

      • JTC

        Thank you K -Man…

        Is that not wonderful and inspired and totally true?

        WTF is wrong with those people…she’s not even spreading the largesse in her own district and they keep her in her seat for decades?!?! Only insanity can explain it.

        • John M.

          Maybe they don’t realize how much she’s salted away over the years… (or she’s made sure they stay ignorant) But it sounds like this Joe Collins guy does and he’s beginning to let the cat out of the bag.

  • Pamela

    Somewhere, Somehow, Someone has a twinkle in their eye

  • steveb919

    This is off the subject of the wonderful art work. But I have to ask why the death certificates in a state are not checked against the voter registration and removed the names from it?

    • steveb919

      It can’t be that hard.

      • Bill G

        It is, when the states fight it.

    • eon

      In OH they are- but only when we have a Republican State Inspector General, Attorney General, and etc.

      And we end up with Democrats saying things like “You can’t deny my grandmother her right to vote!’

      “But she died fifteen years ago.”

      “What difference does that make?’

      clear ether


    • Browncoat57

      My wife passed away three years ago. I still check the voter rolls occasionally, just to make sure.

      • interventor

        My sister works at the state registrar office. She ensured our parents, Republicans, don’t vote Democrat. Our late parents.

    • John M.

      Mostly because the Registrar of Vital Statistics and the Register of Voters are different bureaucratic fiefdoms, and neither one wants the other guy to get a piece of their action. Heck, the guys the list the live births and the guys that list the deaths at the bureau of Vital Statistics don’t communicate – that’s how criminals (and the U.S. Marshals Service) build new identities when the fit hits the shan.

    • NotYetInACamp

      But, but how else will Grandpa vote Democrat? He never did when he was with us. Someone made a song about that.

  • Halley

    I was going to make a point about the President finally using the words Organized Crime to describe certain opponents of his, but I got distracted by something in the first panel, and am still distracted.

    • Ah'm Jus' Sayin'

      Halley – ICYMI Rudy G. used the words, mansplained to the DOJ & the FBI that “of all the RICO cases I successfully prosecuted as a U.S, Attorney ….. this would be the easiest conviction of them all – you’ve got the evidence in the criminals’ own words[emails, tape recordings], the way they split the money up, who it was that they were colluding with ….” etc, etc on Lou Dobbs FOX Business Friday night!

      • JTC

        As to inspired brevity, the CEO of UAL in his report of the (intentional) destruction of the airline biz which revealed passenger revenue off by 84% and layoffs of 13,000 people on October 1, quoted someone not known for brevity at all but occasionally some inspired words when he said “It is perhaps the end of the beginning.”

        For Churchill that was after Brit victory In Africa in ‘42 to denote what he perceived and wanted to project as a turning point. For the United dude Scott Kirby the same as he needs to create an air of confidence in the ability of the economy and hence the airlines to survive and rebuild. That’s good, but maybe doesn’t sound so great to those 13,000…

        And the corollary to now of course is that confidence in the rebuilding and resurgence is absolutely key to the second term of our national CEO…but God forbid it, if the other side takes his seat the quote can be aptly rearranged to the original “it is surely the beginning of the end” although that was actually years ago and what we are (were) enjoying under Trump is a temporary reprieve.

        And a lot more than 13,000 jobs -and lives- depend on which quote we can use.

        • JTC

          Shoot that was supposed to be in response to MyWay at 8:03…

        • NotYetInACamp

          We got our 4 year reprieve. Are we finished yet? (Two meanings. Our choice.)

  • Ah'm Jus' Sayin'

    Received a “package.” Thanks Chris!

  • Bill G

    Lovely. Regarding those disputed computers; why are they disputed? The feebies had them for almost a year, which is far more time than needed to check them out.
    Since they are not reporting them as fake, it leaves one other option. (Ongoing investigation, my testicles. If there was info to help Biden, it would have leaked. And that leak would be published.)

    • John

      Welcome to the Deep State.
      Investigation suspended due to expected change in management.

      • JTC

        Well that didn’t happen in the last changing of the watch…what does that tell us?

  • My Way Or --->

    Obominablecare took 1500 pages to ‘spl.ain itself. That’s 3 full reams of paper.

    The latest Dimwitcrat agenda takes 15 pages to ‘splain what they want to do, to control the masses. (‘Masses” = you ‘n’ me) And that’s just the beginning.

    The Bill of Rights required one piece of parchment (vellum) to define our rights, and was handwritten with ink made from iron gall, using a quill pen. Nice handwriting, too.

    Jack Kennedy’s inaugural address was 1366 words, including “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” Even Nixon kept his short. (Harrison’s was an over 8,500 word count.)

    When you are afraid of your opponent, obsessed with controlling the opposition, and have to ‘splain everything you want to do in niggling detail, it means that you have NO control over your opponent.

  • JTC

    Still don’t understand why every single R as that mentions the D ticket doesn!t just slap a big all caps “SOCIALIST” Across their face and a link saying “details” underneath where the list and litany of their history, their platform, and their associations are exposed.

  • JTC

    In the face of all that is happening now, and intended as in-your-face to the progs, our boy is still pushing, fighting the good fight, this time in an accelerated scotus hearing to exclude illegals from the census’s which they use to pack the districts for eternal power.

    Dude is a machine! Friend of yours Jo? I’m guessing yes, based on the proclivities of your creator(s). 🙂

  • Paladin

    Back to the subject of boobies. Ran across this on the intertubes: humans are the only mammals that have the mammary glands … “full time” so to speak. All other’s are only “enlarged” for feeding the new born. How would you ladies like that to be a come and go accessory? More proof that their is a GOD, and he loves us!

    • My Way Or --->

      It’s genetics, Paladin. Nothing else. Go back to the last ice age and we wimmins were as bundled up as the guys. As the weather warmed and the ice sheets began to draw back north (and south, below the equator) girls without “volume” were not viewed as the most likely to feed a baby (which is not true). So I lay the blame for that on you guys. It’s all your faults.

      • cb

        Ahh hormones. When we’ve seen one set of boobies we wanna see them all…

      • interventor

        You’re welcome!

    • JTC

      All of what has been found on all of them -progs and their rino brethren too- will be quickly lost again come 1/20 if the worst happens.

      Another reason for another four years to find out just how deep it goes, perchance leading to incarceration for many.

      And another reason for their rabid no-holds-barred attack by them and their co-conspirators in media.

      More all the time this election shaped up to be the last chance for the Republic to survive.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Friends help friends vote Republican.
        Drive a Republican voting friend to the polls.
        Drive a friend who is voting for our President to the early voting polls. This can be done many time. But only if it is a different friend. as we do not vote often like Democrats often do.


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