Day By Day


  • Merle

    What’s up with the Hillary bumper sticker ???

  • Epador

    Pretty obvious. They tried to park in the door to the classic pickup.
    I don’t see that turning out well.

    • JackDeth 72

      This could be a simple case of “Music doth soothe the savage breast,”

      Or it’s a lead in to a rumble in size and scope to put the famed “Bikers vs, The Rednecks” to shame.

      The next few days offerings should be very interesting!

      • RegT

        Thanks, Jack. I get so tired of people who misquote it as “Music hath charms to soothe a savage ‘beast'”. Of course, looking at the three lovelies singing, it would be _hard_ to think of anything besides “breast”(s).

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I could be wrong (and probably am), but this looks like a setup to a multi-strip story arc. Wait and see tomorrow, boyz and girlz.

    • WayneM

      Agreed… I’ll be waiting… and seeing… 😀

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Meantime, I’m enjoying the singing. I can hear it in my head, in the space between my ears, and The Three Graces sound wonderful. Even Skye.
    “Born under a bad sign, been down since I began to crawl…….if it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all”.
    Classic Cream/Eric Clapton.

    • JTC

      Aretha, in the vein of Wilson, Otis, Marvin, et al….man I miss that stuff.

      • JTC

        Sorry, missed Skye’s Clapton cover, all I could hear was the Graces doing Aretha.

      • Pamela

        Bettye Lavette

  • One thing that can bring us ALL together is music. These choices of music are pure to the heart.

  • Kafiroon

    Alphabet agency fed car? Lift the engine or maybe a timed fuse after the engine starts for a half hour or so later. I can think of quite a few entertaining things to do to it after scoping the audience to decide if it is a fed car.

  • JTC

    More soul than blues. but yeah there’s some fools involved.

    That FIB’ers preferred part is over, but he best keep it straight, or it might be game over.

    • JTC

      …preferred “party”.

  • Stephanie Osborn

    One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong…

  • John T. Block

    Another visit by the Fed du Jour? Are they ever going to learn, esp. after Baldy got Lo-Jacked by the T – 100?

    • JackDeth 72

      Classic Bugs Bunny.

      Nicely done, Lon.

  • John T. Block

    Point the car out to Tobassco. That ought to do it…

  • Sarge

    With what has been going on in Washington,,, I’m waiting to see what legislation is supported. And to see if we got what we paid for or got sold out… Whether there is a difference or if it’s two sides of the same coin… Just the lesser of two evils.. time will tell….

    • JTC

      In Fla at least, the adults are still in charge.

      Of course adulthood is not always a chronological function…

      “State Sen. Linda Stewart, a Democrat who introduced the amendment to ban assault weapons, said on the Senate floor that ammunition from assault weapons can blow up inside the victim’s body and there is that there is no reason for anyone to have them.”

      That has got to rank right up there with “shoulder thing that goes up” when it comes to immature idiot politicians attempting to usurp my rights from a basis of absolute ignorance and kneejerk legislation.

      • John

        At least in Florida they understand that the Broward County Massacre was a failure of Government and not a failure of the Law.
        This is a lesson the Loony Left is bound and determined to ignore because Government is key to their desire for eternal childhood.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        Someone on the floor or in the audience where she was speaking should have laughed at her, three ways; long, deep, and often.

  • PaulS

    Something about bumper stickers on the Front bumper comes to mind. 😉

    “Run Hitlary, run!”

    Then of course there is a thought that “Trump doesn’t have to outrun the truck, just outrun Hitlary…” but we’ve got plenty of gas. 🙂


    What concerns me about this scene is the title Chris gave the strip.
    Several meanings possible, some good, some not so good.

  • Chris Muir

    It’s about how both partys played us for fools is all.

    • Pamela

      We are not dressed in Motley,
      nor do we Crue,
      only these Birds of shifting Feathers
      are up on the Hill.

  • Tom Stockton

    Dang, I would have LOVED to see this show live!! Chris, one of your better drawn and written strips – I could hear the music in my inner ear, and those lovely ladies belting them out – ROWR!!

  • Too Tall

    I think it is about time for the Sheriff to make an appearance. Probably needs to make sure he has plenty of plastic sheeting to cover the backseat of his car.

    • Pamela

      Might want to add some sound proofing too.

  • millard fillmore

    The Linda Stewart state representative in Florida reminds me of one of my dad’s WWII stories. A captured German soldier who spoke very good english (grew up in Chicago,he said) asked to see a cartridge of the type that had wounded him in Paris,during the german retreat.He looked at it and asked what made them explode when they hit someone.Dad said they didn’t.The german guy showed him the massive crater left in his leg,an exit wound,made by a .45 acp bullet from a colt 1911 pistol.Politicians and WWII germans are way too similar,in knowledge and outlook.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Nice truck.

    Hillary Keen


    The Party does not change.

    Hopefully the Party is over. But not today.
    The (uni)Party put one over on us.

    Trump did ask more people to the party as he cannot do it alone, and he really needs more Americans in the Congress. 2/3 of his agenda by now. That’s a great party. beware the uniParty. No more good parties unless they are properly tamed / handled. Look how many WH party planners have been driven out.


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