Day By Day


  • epador

    I prefer to call a Sissy-Gander a Sissy-Gander.

  • Bill G

    It looks like they want pieces in our time.

  • Cisgender: yet another PC way of avoiding Обама’s true label.

  • Wes

    Liking the topic “snowball” below the strip. Very classy.

  • “Gender” – another perfectly good word stolen by the Left.

    Those who define the terms of the argument are in a position to win from the outset.

  • Bad Cyborg

    I didn’t see the strip in its inception and have not scanned the archives from the beginning up until the present although I have read a few of the earliest strips. I have a question for Chris. How the hell did these two wind up getting together? Sam and Zed make sense. Damon and Jan would seem to be oil and water. How’d it go down?

    • Chris Muir

      Click ‘About’ for the short version.

    • Patricia Moore

      Bad Cyborg–“About” doesn’t give anywhere near enough information to understand the interpersonal dynamics. Order a pizza, your favorite beverage (adult or otherwise), settle in and start from the beginning. It’s SO worth it!

  • No matter who you voted for, the establishment got in. It’s time to toss out all the existing co-conspirators an get a different batch in. Circus clows maybe, or old women, possibly hot dog vendors would be good.

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