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  • Pamela

    I love the smell of Audit in the morning when the money trail is followed.

  • And the sound of Obama pardoning every one of them in 5…4…3…2…

  • Wayne

    I expect 0Bama will spent his final days in office handing out presidential pardons by the bushel…

    • markm

      Pardons do not protect against civil lawsuits. Nixon wasn’t sued into bankruptcy after accepting Ford’s pardon because no individuals could show specific damages from the Watergate coverup. (What Nixon’s reign did to the nation as a whole was terrible, but it wasn’t possible for a court to look at that and assign a dollar value.) There’s no such problem with Obamacare, nor with the IRS politically targeted audits. There are at least two families of border guards that can prove their men were called partly in consequence of Fast and Furious, and probably in Mexico there are survivors of tens of thousands of murder victims who could also sue if there is a way to trace the weapons.

      And if we get a Republican President and Congress in two years, you can bet that they’ll be doing their utmost to obstruct such suits. Establishment politicians take care of each other…

    • Ed Brault

      Yes, but those only stop federal criminal prosecution. Civil suits filed by states and individuals can hound them into bankruptcy. They tried to do it to Sarah Palin, so why not use it against them?

      • Bad Cyborg

        Pardons may not protect from civil suits but r-type judges sure as FRACK do! Where are you likely to find a judge to hear such cases. Plus, unless you can demonstrate – DECISIVELY AND INARGUABLY – quantifiable damage caused BY THE INDIVIDUAL WHOM YOU ARE SUING, you’re going to get slapped down with a directed verdict so hard and fast your eyeballs will still be rattling in their sockets a week later! Face it. People like this never get their due.

  • Grunt GI

    Yup…guess Congressman Joe Wilson was pretty prophetic, huh?

  • B Woodman

    Digital is forever.

  • Let’s hope Damon is correct. This communist filth has gotten away with everything so far.

  • Cameron

    Some of the universities that had his videos are taking them down. Poor little deluded dears think that will stop this.

  • Bill G

    Now the GOP needs to find it’s backbone and do something other than whine and go along.
    And there is nothing they can do as long as Obola is President.

    • RegT

      GOP backbone is an oxymoron. Just look at Boner. He cries if he can’t get to play golf with his butt-buddy in the Oval Office.

      Chris is always spot-on. It’s just like a liberal/Prozzi to blame a generation (Boomers) instead of her own kind for what they have done. The Boomers as a generation hold more conservatives than Gen Y, X, or whatever the latest flavor is. Not because they are any better, but because they had a taste of a country that still knew _some_ freedom. Thanks to Wilson, FDR, and the “Two Party – One Agenda” system, they had no more chance of voting in good government than the more recent generations do.

    • Pamela

      Bill G

      You think sending the Guys with the R after their names a set of brass ones if the others that were OEM issued have shrunk to nothingness?

      • Chris Muir

        It would be like the Emmys-brass balls sent to those who have ’em,big elephant balls!

  • Arlo1488

    he black

  • Chris Muir

    DBD Patrons! The final boxes and orders went out today-some were tricky-so Nov30 or first week of December, if you haven’t gotten your order email me!

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