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  • Wayne

    One of the most popular logical fallacies used in political circles is the appeal to authority. The collectivists seem to think hanging an “approved by science” label on their hokum makes it unassailable… but scientific methodology insists on testing and rarely accepts the observed as being conclusive.

    So, Jan, don’t lose your head, even if you’re giving head
    She says, hey baby, take a walk on the wild side

    • Nohbody

      It’s even worse than that.

      By politicizing science that way, people start to lose faith in the real thing, which is based on critical thought and not accepting things purely on authority but constantly testing knowledge.

      Which I suppose suits the left just fine… *sigh*

      • RegT

        Our HS in NY back in the ’60s had a class in Critical Analysis. It has helped through the years by enabling me to separate the wheat from the chaff a bit more easily. U.S. schools no longer teach critical thinking, indeed, they go out of their way to prevent it.

        Indeed, in one college I attended, in a sociology class I was required to take, the instructor was surprised when I told her that a hypothesis couldn’t be considered proven unless the results were repeatable. She asked me where I had learned that. I think she was upset that critical analysis hadn’t been removed from the syllabus of every school in the country.

  • Brian H

    Why is she a head, and not just ahead?

  • Bill G

    Ah, but the talking heads praised it to the skies.
    Head cases, all of them.

  • B Rambo

    Trust Dems, with their haughty emphasis on science, to bring back phrenology.

  • G Baker

    Data may be accurate but the conclusion is wrong.

    our amygdala is larger because of all the fear Democrats push down our throats. It has become a well exercised part of our brain.

    Whereas Democrats cortex being larger is due to all the complex bullshit they hand everyone. Not only can they remember all of their lies, but they can remember where all the bodies are buried…

    • epador

      Ding, Ding, Ding!

  • The amygdala is what allows people to respond to fear rationally rather than by blind panic.

  • TSgt Ciz

    Yeah right. That is why the ranks for those professions where courage is a critical element, such as the military, competitive sports, police, firemen, have a massively higher percentage of conservatives over liberals.
    The same can also be said of those working in highly technical disciplines such as engineering which comprise of far more conservatives.

    Could it possibly be that the author see’s just what they want to see due to the Liberal tendency to group think and act as an echo chamber?

  • writeby

    Complexity worship, the religion of Idealists since Plato. And of despots.

    The first, because, like, ya know, it can’t be serious stuff if you can easily understand it. The second, because, if you can’t understand it, it’s easy to establish a dictatorship.

    “Political philosophies, if one looks at history, have been formulated to achieve one of two mutually exclusive goals: either the perpetuation of political power or the establishment of political rights. If a nation’s government has been formulated on the political philosophy whose goal is the former, that government exists to rule, exists as an end in itself. The powers of such a government are intentionally vague; consequently, its laws are ambiguous and, ultimately, oblique–as were the laws of the government of Nazi Germany (Shirer 105-8 passim).

    “The better to rule, of course. …” -“Power vs. Rights: Alexander Hamilton & Thomas Jefferson”

  • Permit me to advance an alternate theory: Our amygdalae are NORMAL-sized, meaning that we are able to process and deal with fear rationally. The amygdalae of liberals are stunted, which explains their fear of guns, liberty, secondhand smoke, global warming and pretty much everything on Earth.

    The Anonymous Conservative has been doing some amazing work in this area for quite some time.

  • Uffdaphil

    My first day in Viet Nam-1968, a guy with red eyes asked me, “Hey man, are you a head?” I said, “Ahead of what?”

  • KenH

    After everything, she’s still a total prog retard….

  • epador

    Roland Headley you’re not.

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