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  • John Martin

    …it’s a pity it wasn’t one of the Greenwood cars that Dick Smothers co-drove…

  • Boobie the Rocket Dog

    Ah. Comments back up. Today’s strip is a classic.

  • John M

    Pink, or faded red?

    • John M

      …anyway, if anyone can get it up and running, Sam can! (Yes, I do realize what I just said!)

  • Grunt GI

    Heh..well done. Reminds me of the ‘toon from July 26 of this year.

  • B Woodman

    “You KNOW I only drive stick.”
    Money line. Thank you.

    I’m not an automotive geek (I’m an electronics and radio geek instead), but I’d LOVE to get in and drive that 4-wheeled missile at least once around the track. With Sam as my co-pilot. G-d or Jesus can ride in the back, if they can catch up.

  • Garym

    Aaahh! Bill Paxton from True Lies. Nicely referenced.

  • Earl Goudie

    Sorry this is where we part ways.

    I’ll have Ed Terry & Hubert Platt’s ’69 big block Mustang every time.

  • I just realized how much Sam reminds me of my sister.

    • Ouch, sorry to hear that. But there are still Jan, Skye, and Naomi. I have a red headed sister, attitude a lot like Skye.

  • Ed

    Yup, that looks like a mighty nice ride. Yup, that looks like a mighty nice ride.

  • fred hopkins

    Drool – Long Duration Cam? [no pun intended] – ’69 I briefly drove a BOSS 429s as my DEMO. It was part of the NASCAR Homologation batch. I drooled over the L88 and all things Yenko. Followed that with an ’82 Candy Apple Suzuki GS1100. The GS1100 technicals included long duration timing. That was the motor that was the base for a decade of Top Fuel bikes.

    • Lucius Severus Pertinax

      Don Yenko is the GOD of Internal Combustion.

  • Bill G

    “Don’t Gruber me, bro” has to be as much a classic as that car.
    And my dirty old man side says some of the options can be fun to watch.

  • I suppose it’s okay if you can’t get a Cobra. (evil grin)

    (What can I say? I grew up reading “The Carroll Shelby Story”!)

  • Pamela

    Thank God this car is long before the flappy paddle gear boxes. Those things can be a nuisance in the wrong hands. As useful as putting tits on a boar like my Dad use to say.

    Yenko did good things to Corvairs (Damn Ralph Nader). “Unsafe at any Speed” should be re-purposed for anything the Politically Correct henchman and minions want to do.

    Is Sam going to have a custom shifter made…

  • Ran

    I faintly recall an R&T article about the L88s back in ’75. Only a few dozens were built, and by then the majority had been – I think the words were – “unceremoniously wrapped around telephone poles.”

    Options? No radio, no AC, not even a heater. Nekkid, baby.

    Cheers Chris!

  • Shouldn’t somebody be wearing Dr. Matt Taylor’s great comet launch shirt here?

  • Hungry Joe

    My dream car is a white 1971 Dodge Challenger from the film VANISHING POINT

    • John M

      Heh – I bought a 72 Chall when I got back from Vietnam… It’s been my favorite automotive memory ever since… traded it in 79 for a Colt Hatchback when gas prices got to $1.00.

  • So many hits in this one it’s hard to pick just one… 🙂 Those were beautiful cars and a tribute to the automotive genius of Yenko, Shelby and the others that built and raced them.

  • RoadRunner

    “I’m all over this, and something’s wrong with this picture…”

    “You’re not in a bikini?”

    THIS is why I love DBD!

  • Sergio

    I am grateful to Ralph Nader – he prevented Algore from being POTUS!

  • Wayne

    Gotta love those old Corvettes. Of the 116 Corvettes with the L88 engine produced in 1969, over 300 are still on the road.

    • B Woodman


  • Max Erdman

    Yeah, I’m digging it, but L-88s were iron blocks. ZL-1s were the aluminum block RPO.

    • Chris Muir

      Rae’s commissioned L88 had the aluminum block.

  • Triple C

    I wish Sam had found a “Red Barchetta.”

  • Gregory Nagy

    Pink? You sure it wasn’t a Donna Mae Mims car?

    • Chris Muir

      Good catch-it is Donna Mae’s car!

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