Day By Day


    • JT

      That butt looks photoshopped.

  • Grunt GI it.

    Wayne…weird huh? But so, so true.

  • Boobie the Rocket Dog

    I had to look it up:

    I made no effort to remember the name of the instigator since I was distracted by Taylor’s complete collapse of any male dignity.
    Now I understand that every one of those shirts the seller had was sold in 24 hours.

  • Bill G

    I recall the ‘Chatty Kathy’ doll from my youth. This one needs some recordings so it can become the ‘Whiny Rosie’ doll for today. Instead of pulling a string, you just push one of it’s buttons and out comes “That’s sexist!” or “You’re exploiting women!”.
    And yes, Wayne’s got it right.

  • GWB

    Very nice. Sam nails the landing. 🙂

  • PaulH

    *Boom! On target. Fire for effect.

  • Hungry Joe

    A Rose by any other name will smell.

  • bill

    What a great idea Chris! Contract with the Alohaland Shirt Company to make a shirt with Rose sex toy dolls and Philae comet probes on it! I’ll pay for the first shirt to be sent to Dr. Matt Taylor!

    • Wood

      Good ol’ Hanoi Jane. The less I see of her the happier I am.

  • Wood

    Better yet, let Rose pass back into irrelevance and contract with Alohaland to create Sam and Jan shirts. PG of course, so I can wear it on Hawaiian shirt Fridays…

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