Day By Day


  • Cameron

    That last line was a bit of a gut punch, Chris. Well done.

  • Blue Quasar

    Well done Mr. Muir. Well done sir.

  • JTC

    “new bill says illegals vote…”

    No doubt that’s the method to the madness, but I was unaware of an actual bill…if that is true, stick a fork in us…

    • Blue Quasar

      “New York Is Home Act is the first bill in the United States that would provide such extensive rights to non-citizens”. Google is sometimes your friend.

      On the federal level it isn’t a bill, it’s President Obama’s temporary deportation amnesty that creates a problem for citizen verification during registration.

      In the end, any attempt to limit voting to citizens will be attacked as voter suppression.

  • Ming the Merciless

    Is it not what Rand and Ron Paul want too…(along with the Mitts and Shrubs?),
    le libertardians not recognizing ANY frontiers? So they can hire folks willing to work for a dolah a day?

    • Bad Cyborg

      Ming, _I_ am a libertarian (lower case “L”, TYVM) and I have no problem with frontiers. Mitt Romney is NO libertarian. The basic tenet of true libertarianism is everybody does their own thing with the minimum of interference from ANY body – ESPECIALLY GOVERNMENT!

      If a consenting adult were willing to work me for “a dolah a day” (assuming you were able to produce such an individual – note: I’m not holding my breath) what business is that of yours – or anybody else’s for that matter?! Who the hell are you to tell another how to value their labor?

    • rooftop voter

      Rand and Ron do NOT support “open” borders!

      Open borders is what we have under these Republicans and Democrats.

      Rand and Ron don’t think you should have uncontrolled borders, they just don’t think you should keep people from bettering themselves.

      There is a HUGE difference.

  • B Woodman

    The first half, came out of left field, didn’t see THAT coming. This is better than a soap opera.
    The last two blocks, are the real knockout. Oof.
    Will we become “strangers in a strange land”, in our own native land?

    Wow. Just. Wow. Thanks, Chris. As hard as this is to take, thanks. We need this. I wish this was required reading for every politician. But then again, to most of them, this wouldn’t sink in anyway.

  • Damn, Chris. You do know how to hit that button, don’t you? Just…damn.

  • LCBrendan

    Chris: I just….oh God….how the hell did it come to THIS.?

  • Bill G

    Exactly what the left wants.
    Extremely well done.

  • Ouch. Truth hurts. Well done Muir.

  • booch

    The old girl hit the nail on the head!! Well done, sir.

  • Uffdaphil

    And now the invading horde is eligible for the earned income tax credit. Gaijin paying jizya to la raza. Whole lotta multi-culturalism goin’ on.

  • Pamela

    We know where the lawbreakers hang their hats.
    Where are the Peacemakers, or have they too, faded into myth and legend…

    • B Woodman

      Colt Peacemakers?

      • Pamela

        It will come to that if we don’t put a stop to the insanity.
        The Founders thought they had it figured out and for the most part they did.
        Though they probably never counted on being betrayed by those sworn to uphold our Laws and Sacred Trust.

        • Mel

          Pamela, yes they did. It’s article five, convention of the states.

  • eon

    Reality bites.


    Well done.



  • Wayne M

    Wow. Those who lack the substantial resources to have international residences, let alone estates, are screwed.

  • Kip Allen

    I really wish it weren’t true, but whites are becoming strangers in a strange land.

  • Bad Cyborg

    While I understand and agree with the sentiment, Chris, I do not agree with your choice of places for them to live. I lived 3 1/2 years in Japan. Enjoyed it a great deal. Some parts of it I miss. But there is no way I would live there. The Japanese are about the most chauvinistic, ethnocentric people on earth. In classic Japanese thought the word “gaijin” (literally “foreign person”) does not quite equal human. That attitude is glaringly apparent in Kimiko’s whole attitude. Oh, and gaijin does not equal even half bright. I once sat in a hot pool at a spa and listened to 5 young Japanese boys making all sorts of snide remarks about how stupid and ugly and gullible gaijins are and about how bad gaijins smell – despite the fact that the pool I was in was next to (and hotter than) theirs. All the while their fathers (I saw them come in together) were in the pool on the other side of them. Those boys were talking some serious trash about gaijins, secure in the (false) knowledge that the nearest gaijin had no clue what they were saying. After a while I decided to go sit in the steam room for a while. When I was out of the pool, I excused myself, looked down at the smirking boys and quietly said (in what I was told was grammatically correct and barely accented Japanese) “Yes. I am a gaijin.” As I walked off towards the steam room the only sound was those boys’ fathers ripping them a new one. Note: their offense was NOT in saying all those nasty things about gaijins. No! Their offense was in getting CAUGHT.

    Nope. Nope. Zed and Sam and ESPECIALLY the girls are right where they belong.

    • rooftop voter

      Yep, not to mention, there aren’t too many folks in Japan who can legally protect themselves.

      Somehow I see Texas being the last stand, Don Portigo must see the logistics of the ranch, the people, and the protection it can afford.

      I could see some “upgrades” around the place for better situational awareness….. 😉

    • Bert Hernandez

      Bad Cyborg — you’re right, they are just where they belong — in Texas. After all, the greatest Texas heroes came from elsewhere. Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin to name a few. No one here denies someone being a Texan just because they came from somewhere else. And if things keep going like they are, Texas will be a good place to be when the SHTF.

  • observer

    When civil war comes (…and it will), no one can say they weren’t warned.

  • Grunt GI

    Wait a minute! Don’t the 1% liberal progressive elitists and their corporate whores need us gajin to pay for all the free stuff they give the peasants?

    Goodness knows the Obummers will quickly move to put all their loot in tax shelters managed by armies of lawyers and accountants, while not having to worry about obummercare while golfing the rest of his life

    So, the gajin gotta be kept around to pay for all the free stuff for the “new” wave of DemocRAT voters while the uberrich move their money offshore after bribing the politicians into passing new rules for the tax code to allow them to hide their money.

    Hmmm…sounds kinda populist…maybe we should just blow up the tax code, go to a flat tax for EVERYTHING, and end the ability of government, big banks, and corporations to conspire with their “poor disenfranchised” welfare queens to screw the rest of us.

    Wheh, that felt better…now back to our story…at some point, it’s all going to come apart when the blue states start using the Feds to actually try and pillage the red states to cover their asses…more than they already are.

    • Pamela

      Peasants.. you mean Slaves and Whores. What Government tells women no Husband allowed in the house. But screw whom or whatever and SugarDaddy will give you money, housing, transportation, food, phone etc.

  • KenH

    Sorry granny, you are in for one motherfucker of a disappointment ; no way Zed will be doing that after just getting settled in Texas. Take the Skype -beast as you like

  • JTC

    Costa Rica is heavily peopled by the descendants of Americans who were made gaijins by carpetbaggers and illegal government occupiers following the last civil war.

    It still holds great appeal for many reasons, chief among them being made gaijin once again by a new horde of government-sponsored illegal occupiers.

  • Dienekes

    We’re all just “passing through”. But that doesn’t preclude resorting to using “Liberty’s teeth” as required.

  • Wildman

    Brings it home to lots of people. Well played, sir.

  • Jorge_Banner

    Do you realize how much like Argentina America has become? You are electing the same thugocrats, bringing in the refuse from the most unlikely places, granting them full rights in exchange for their parasitic bahavior and watching helplessly as your rights disappear, one by one. You are allowing yourselves to be railroaded into slavery. Your predecessors shot at the red coats for much less. They had balls, though. I guess all countries loose them, in time.

  • Snafu F. Ubar

    Can we just get it over with and remove ‘President Taqiyya’ and Vice-President Goofball?

  • kadaka

    Dang it, Muir, another location change when you still haven’t cleared up what happened in Florida?

    Where the Feds finally released Zed and Sam’s house. But didn’t notify them as contact info was “Argentinian Consulate” and that government couldn’t supply an Argentinian address. The house was taken over for back property taxes as the Feds didn’t pay them when they possessed it. Zed and Sam were still the owners of record, even during the takeover, didn’t even get the Homestead Exemption as they weren’t living there.

    The good news is the house was allowed to be bought by a NY-based property developer and major Obama campaign bundler for taxes, interest, and all penalties, so Zed and Sam don’t owe anything. Which is good due to reputation of the house having been owned by arrested domestic terrorists, never seen again.

    The letter announcing this is accompanied by a check. The Feds were going to (reluctantly) return their weaponry, except Homeland had flagged them as likely domestic terrorists. So they were sold at fair market value and the proceeds returned. Sold as mixed scrap metal, the check is for 51 cents. The envelope also has a questionnaire asking about their experience with their federal government, mail it in with a 49 cent 1st-class stamp. The government wants their 2 cents.

  • cb

    Being a gaijin in Japan for 6 years was more comfortable than being treated as one in my native land.

  • interventor

    The Koreans are equally ethnocentric as the Japanese. However, get them a bit drunk and their hatred of the Japanese is pronounced. Caucasian Americans more tolerated, than despised.

    Long term in Japan, an aging nation that can no longer replace her workforce, mostly pacifist, with a national debt 233 percent of GDP, and faced with emergent China, not a good bet.