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  • caved1ver01

    Yes. It appeared over the entrance gate at Auschwitz and other “gated communities”…

  • formwiz

    Inhabited by the Master Race.

    Nothing’s changed.

  • WayneM

    It’s remarkable how little some people have learned from either of the two World Wars… not to mention the various other wars & regime change messes…

    • MasterDiver

      Skye’s ignorance leaves me ill, and angry!

      Zar Belk!

      • Saaruuk

        HAH…..EXCELLENT 6th Finger ref. 😀 😀 😀

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Once again, repeat after me, boys and girls, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
    Thank you, Mr Santayana.
    So learn and teach history. Never forget. Not just names, places, and dates, but also events and consequences. “What ifs”. Logistics. New inventions. You get the drift.

    • John M.

      The scarier ones are those that say “We know what they did wrong and we’ll fix it this time!”

    • Henry

      Naw, they’ll just continue to carom through life insisting that Nazis were right-wingers, KKK members were all Republicans, and people who actually produce wealth in this country are all racist.

    • OldGoat36

      Hence the left changed teaching History, to make the past different than it was to fit their politics.

    • Kafiroon

      If you look through recorded world history, it appears that mankind has always had those who become tyrants ( a catchall term for who is ruling) thru various means. They demand people under them live by the edicts given out.
      This has always been the way of this world in most all places and is now showing it’s self here.
      Slaves allow themselves to be slaves.
      Even in “Hunger Games” the slaves finally did what it took to be free.
      We are not exempt.

    • Steve

      TDRSAHBW, the problem with this is that those who CAN remember the past are ALSO condemned to repeat it, just snarling and grinding our teeth in frustration at the idiots who insist on dragging us through all this avoidable pain …

  • John M.

    The other phrase for that situation was “Für Ihre Sicherheit.” (For your safety) which is what the guards said as they loaded Jews into boxcars.

    • Jefferson A Selvy

      Funny that’s what officer friendly says when he relieves you of your piece.

  • History is lost to them…they aren’t taught it, they dont care about it, and in their ignorance believe they have all the answers… just ask them, they’ll tell ya….

  • Too Tall

    I had two uncles who served in III Corps, Third Army during World War II. Both were at the Battle of the Bulge. Later, the older one was a Staff Sergeant as part of the Red Ball Express, the younger one was a Captain at the liberation of the Dachau sub-camp at Muhldorf.

    Neither would talk much about the war, but had the same answer for what was the worst part: “The Camps.” This was in spite of the younger one having been momentarily captured during the Bulge. He as serving as a Forward Observer for artillery. Fortunately, his radioman shot and killed the Germans. The family has the Luger from one of his “captors.”

    I’ve visited Dachau twice and ended both visits at the Mortal Agony of Christ Chapel. You cannot tour the place without realizing the presence of EVIL in the world.

    The inscription “Arbeit macht frei” (Work sets you free) at the top of the wrought-iron gate of the Jourhaus entering the camp is still a chilling sight today.

    Never Again! And most certainly not here in the United States.

    • Which was EXACTLY what Thomas Jefferson implied in his “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of firearms…” quote.

  • Bill G

    Another lost lesson is from Nuremberg, where it was cemented in law that “I was only following orders” is not a valid defense for criminal acts.
    Meal Team Six obviously wasn’t considering that.

  • JTC

    More chilling than all of the above, what will the header on the camp gates here when the leftists finally get their chance to depopulate Mother Gaia?

    “Fur Die Kinder”

    • Quite probably.

  • Bill G

    I distract easily, and so forgot my initial take. It was on the line “Figures ended up in the negative real quick, though.” Yeah, the cost of these programs is always immensely high. Let us all hope that in November people will remember that they did not like the free trial period of socialism, and sweep out these rats with the ballot box.

  • Kenneth G Grover

    Ha! I had a comment of exactly that on FB where some folks in Yellow Springs OH were goin on and on about how people should “just follow orders” during the panicdemic. While the page loaded and the strip was only half visible I knew that line was coming up. Great one.

  • Bill3542

    The sad part is the anti-gun left wing socialist Jews should visit one of these places… It might change their minds and rid them of their ( gas chamber mentality).

  • Richard

    In 2006, my brother and I went through one of those gates north of Wiemar at Buchenwald. As soon as we walked in through those gates, my brother said, “A beautiful place to die”. The Nazis picked a beautiful place to defile. It was eerie there, with a perpetual flame, and a bell tower that peeled every five seconds for each of the dead. And the Soviets after the war were dragging down Germans to execute in their little death pit at the base of the camp.

    Never Forget!

  • Robert

    “Gated Community” indeed. I visited one of those places (in Germany, not DC); it’s beyond the pale.

    • Robert

      To finish my thought: In DC, I went in from Occupied Virginia Via the Metro, ended up walking down some street between the Commerce Department’s two huge faceless soulless buildings, and got a similar feeling.

  • Mike-SMO

    Expensive? Of course. Like their concept of “Healthcare”. Anyone could get in. Un-exclusive and thus un-desireable. But New York shows the new version of “Hotel California”; no one gets to leave……. alive. {That new guy had a bit of a cough, at first.] Cuts costs at the on-set.

    Iranian-style bulldozer “funerals” are relatively cheap if you are using Winnie-dozers or “Gone with the Winnie” incinerators. And the CCP was smart since they cut air polution from coal burning for electricity before-hand, they got to claim a jump on thge global “warming” fraud at the same time.

    I am enjoying the “Showman-in Chief”. The initial shutdown made sense since all we knew for certain was Chinese lies (as usual) and smoke, and Italian statistics, but encouraging the states to “show their stuff”, exposed those who had jack-boots in with the skeletons in their closets. Jolly Good Show!

  • Pamela

    Every time I hear “It’s For the Children” from that plumped up harpy with the elastro-stretch skin, I see all the untold losses of those small inconveniences for the right to choose. She’s going to be imprisoned within that walking corpse she’s created.

  • JTC

    “Nothing’s free”

    Profound when the many meanings of that are pondered.

    It is the basis for what became my Pawnbroker’s Mantra over many years, and the tag-line at the old dead blog.

    The depths and the applications of that in life, love, politics, and even the future of the world are endless.

    “Price. Cost. Value. Not the same things.”

  • JTC

    Be aware that the new iPhone update includes a covid tracking bug…read it!

  • JTC

    And the ChiComs are not waiting in their world domination scheme, reps from Hong Kong today are saying new law passed in Beijing eliminates their fragile autonomy and it is “The end of Hong Kong.”

    All this while the braindead brigade led by Pelosi are pushing for a resolution apologizing to them for them loosing their disease on us.

  • Night-gaunt49

    Leftists died in the camps too since they had no truck with the Nazis. Though there was a left wing to the NS they weren’t in charge.


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