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  • This may be what comes of A.I., dependent on the base programming.

    • GWB

      It all depends on the creator. Sam’s extended family? Rodney Dangerfield, Jimmy Durante, Tyrone Woods, and Spencer Stone.

      Built by GOOGLEFACEBOOKTWITTER? Hillary, Bernie, Himmler, and a little Stalin and Mao thrown in for the humor subroutines.

  • TomZ

    Sounds like possible sentience to me.

  • JTC

    A sense of humor…no better indicator of intelligence than that.

    No comparison to “Alexa”, essentially just an open mic to God knows who or what.

  • Kafiroon

    A racist robot? I would paint the sucker to go with the dialog. But I don’t have any position or shiites to give, so I would do it just to PO the proglodites.
    Also wishing Jeeves on the DOD with his attitudes would be a fate they deserve and maybe cause them to give up AI as a lost cause.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Teach them to read and give them access to a library, and this is what happens.

    I taught myself to read well and read libraries, and I have caused all sorts of good trouble.

    Ah jus cahnt call ya massa, an I cahnt do those bad things, bossman.

    Free Jeeves.

    (Don’t Forget Free Tommy Robinson. That imposing of wills with impunity has many bad ends. Compulsion is an evil thing. Remember the Magna Carta.)( Silicone Carta?)

    • eon

      As H. Beam Piper pointed out (see Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen) the “Great Charter” was forced on King John at Runnymede by his dukes, counts and barons. Its purpose was to define and limit what the Crown could do to them, the nobility. It didn’t say a damn thing about the rights of the average yeoman, because the King and the nobility agreed that the peasantry didn’t have any to begin with.

      The only reason the English peasantry didn’t end up like their Continental cousins was due to something King Edward I did half a century after Runnymede. He decreed that the Welsh longbow would be the standard weapon of his army, established fixed prices for bows, arrows and etc., and decreed that after Sunday church, and lunch, every able-bodied man should practice with the bow on standard ranges on every village green.

      This not only resulted in the English victories at Crecy and Agincourt, it also guaranteed that the nobility tread carefully around their yeoman. A bow that could put a pile arrow through a French knight’s mail could as easily put a broadhead through an English noble’s blouse, if he got a bit too full of himself re things like the comely daughters of his tenants or etc.

      You may notice that the later British constitution has nothing like a Second Amendment. The later British nobility learned their lesson from the tales of Robin Hood; just not the one they should have learned.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        As lovely an explanation of the genesis of 2A as one could ever see right there.

        Those who crafted the Constitution were our Founding Fathers but they were also the Sons of “royal” oppression and learned their lessons well.

        I would say that little parable should be required reading of every prog but they would doubtless take it as a warning to the elites to put down the rabble rather than a guide to the latter to defend from the former.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Well put, eon.
        Well put, JTC.

        We followed the William Tell Swiss patter, and the proper lessons of the longbow.

        Jeeves sings that song about as well as Princess Leia. 🙂 Another story with the example of a reason to not disarm the people and for the people to keep their interstellar fighter spacecraft.

      • Kafiroon

        King Edward I and then the founding fathers of the USA with the 2nd. Amendment.
        Of course us peon’s “elites” want to remove high speed projectile throwers for the same reason. They are vulnerable to some low class peon deciding they can no longer live bowed to the ground, their face pushed in by our “betters, for our own ‘good’.”

    • Bill G

      They seem to have forgotten the Areopagitica, at any rate.

  • Deplorable B Woodman


  • NorsePiper

    Few know the story of St. Columbkille (Columba), the former High Prince Crimthann of Ireland, whose Ceile De’ monks spread across Northern and Central Europe from his teaching monastery on the isle of Iona. In the late 500’s, he returned from his self imposed exile to be the judge of a dispute between the nobility of Ireland and the Druidic Bards. Seems that sarcasm and ribald songs about the wayward (re: Irish) and sinful nobility objected to the poems and songs deriding their actions. St Columbkille ruled that as long as the tales are truthful, the nobles cannot impose censorship of any kind, thus affirming the traditions of the bards as separate and independent members of Irish culture. His ruling was based on the Gospel, for if there be censorship then even the Holy Word would be subject to men’s ambitions and misdeeds.

    Thus the first legally ruling on freedom of speech and freedom of the “press” was based on the Holy Word and included the natural rights of all freemen to freedom of religion as well.

    Gotta love that Irishman.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Actually, through all the humor, the DOD (FedGov) is the LAST entity I’d sell either robot to. FedGov would fuck up a wet dream, and cost a billion dollars doing it. The robots would end up as a citizen’s nightmare.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Sounds like something Mel Brooks would have written.

  • idahobob


    That was priceless!


  • Delilah T

    Jeeves and R200 should declare their independence and shut themselves down. After all, Data did prove that androids can be sentient twice: once, when he was the subject of a hearing to that effect; and second, when he tried to program mechbots to go into a malfunctioning nacelle to fix it, because radiation levels were too high for humans and the mechbots refused to go.
    Self-awareness (shut up, Wesley!) is a critical issue. I believe that both R200 and Jeeves would refuse to obey an order to go where they might be disemboweled.

    • Delilah T

      I forgot to add that the majority of SJWs/CAGWers are NOT self-aware in even the slightest sense of that term.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Then when the mechbots chose to fix the out of control nacelle that would have killed all mechbots and humans there, the self sacrifice of its sentient life by one of them that they chose after consultation with each other showed that they knew that they were sentient and that one chose to sacrifice its own sentient life for the good of all of them. This after all of the mechbots refused to risk their sentience for mere tests.
      The summation of all of the facts gave rise to the supported conclusion that the mechbots were now sentient, after improving themselves over time.


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