Day By Day


  • Chris Muir

    Duh.I coulda sworn I posted this last night! Getting’ old…

    • Just Joe

      Let the braincells load, Chris……..

      • Chris Muir


        • Swansonic

          When life kicks me in the butt I just call it ‘re-booting my brain….’

    • Pamela

      All else fails, do a cold water reboot

    • MasterDiver

      Happens to all of us, Chris. No apologies necessary.
      (I hit 66 in three days ;-p)
      Zar Belk!

      • Bill M

        71 in a few hours.

    • Too Tall

      We are just glad you are OK.

      No DBD and no Redvolution? That’s in my “Top 10 Signs the Apocalypse is upon Us.”

  • Halley

    Very hot women can indeed be very cold, it’s sadly a historical fact.

  • Richard

    Tommy Lee Jones waiting for his brain to reboot?

  • JTC

    This is my software, these are my guns.

    The former for torment, the latter for funs.

  • JTC

    So if ‘Toly touches with just his little Thing…

    Does it make a whole ‘Toly or a giant Tool?

    • Pamela

      If you’re going to lose something, a pinkie finger is better

  • ses1066

    It is going to be fun for us but a real challenge for Chris to be accurate with the reflections here. Nonetheless the first frame is sheer poetry!

    • JTC

      Might be a new thing; ChromoCamo! What better camouflage than to reflect everything around you? I like it!

  • Kinda like George Castanza after coming out of the pool.

    “The water was cold!… there’s shrinkage!”

  • T1000. I remember the movie well.

  • Ryk

    Sometimes it appears like you’ve got some real people to consult you on translating into the various languages spoken by your characters. Some other times it looks like a machine translation.
    This is one of the latter.
    Yes, ‘goryachiy’ is a literal translation for ‘hot’, but it would never be used in this context. I understand that any other term would negate the play on words, but still… Would’ve been better to just let Toly use an English word 😉
    Jus’ sayin’.

    • JTC

      Ryk, how ’bout the Russkie Oh My God, that out of context too?

      Who cares? Chill.

      • Ryk

        Now that’s a helluva useful comment right there!
        Contributes so much to the discussion that I’m left speechless, with nothing to say other than reciprocate with the wish to chill.

  • formwiz

    Quelle tush.


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