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  • Big Jim

    Helluv an honorable guy

  • Too Tall

    Regarding Mr. Elliot: Class (and really good survival instincts) shows.

    • Indeed.

  • formwiz

    No naked Sam?

    • Chris Muir

      that is sam

      • Grunt GI

        Sadly, it appears naked Sam and Skye are becoming clothed far too early. 🙁

        It would have been interesting to see the sisters together now that Skye has become Sam’s mini-me.

        OR, is there still a long shower scene with Zed..or maybe the ride is to the swimming hole?

        Guess we will have to stay tuned.

  • Too Tall

    Regarding Skye: It appears she is about to be one shirt and a ride home short. There’s never a good county Sheriff around when you need him.

  • JTC

    “Needs A Ride”

    That she does, she’ll get it later from Z.

    In the meantime, “Lead us not into temptation” eh, Old Dude?


    • Pamela

      *Psst* Hey Sam do you have spurs for when Zed gets home

      • JTC

        Ride ‘im cowgirl! Yeehaw!

        Why do I get the feeling that you would (virtually) mount up the Old Dude in the next room and make a little noise of your own?

        Yeah, yeah he’s old but he’s dead sexy.

        I hate him. But I love him. I’m so conflicted. 😉

        • Pamela

          JT~ Only if we were both single and were already friends.
          And it was in an alternate timeline during an enchanted evening…

          • JTC

            An alternate spacetime of hearts, minds, and fantasies.

            Cue Ol’ Blue Eyes: “Some enchanted evening…”

            Hence the “virtually”.

            Why it’s almost like an erotic romance novel. 😉

  • KenH

    Methinks Z is gonna have a chat with Skpe

    • Possibly not a friendly one, you say?

    • Interventor

      A chat that ends in rump roast?

  • Steve_1066

    So where is Skye and is Sam comfortable with herself going home with Mr Elliot while Zed tends to a nekkid Skye? Lots to think about here with no additional shirt for Skye … hmmm!

    • Steve_1066

      Addendum, on Monday and Tuesday, Zed was wearing a black outer coat/duster(?) that is not in today’s strip. Skye?

  • JackDeth72

    And Mr. Elliott gets to drive Sam’s ‘cuda.

    Eyes on the road, Sams!

  • NotYetInACamp

    This is not even close to a situation for honorable men or women.

    One person is in the very reasonable to be considered questionable zone.

    • WayneM

      It must absolutely infuriate the assorted marxists throughout the world and especially in the EU when after +50 years of indoctrination through schools, universities and government gets rekt by a single speech…

    • JTC

      How desperate are the Fake Newsies to post and distribute throughout the world a FAKE handshake snub of a first lady?

      Yet cheers and praise from Polish people and their CEO for the DECIDEDLY PRESIDENTIAL comportment of Mr. Trump, and a speech worthy of Reagan. I said yesterday that Poland gets it…soon the scales will fall from the eyes of the rest of the western world, and they will see through the fakery and the leftist agenda, to join with America to make the western world great again. Prayers for strength to see it through.

      • JTC

        While I’m on that speech, let me reprint an excepert from the Breitbart article on it from yesterday:
        It is possible that the president is setting forth the elements of the Trump Doctrine in foreign policy, one predicated upon American exceptionalism. Specifically, one that embraces that America’s greatness comes from America’s goodness—a goodness primarily derived from faith and family.
        Far from isolationist, the Trump Doctrine seems to include that America can play a leading role in the world without subordinating the safety, prosperity, or happiness of American citizens to those of other countries.
        Shortly after the speech, White House aide Sebastian Gorka appeared on Fox News, sounding a similar theme of how American exceptionalism can coexist with international engagement.
        “President Trump is president of this country, not president of the world,” Gorka began. But then he explained that the president’s agenda does not require withdrawing inside our own borders.
        “‘America First’ does not mean ‘America Alone,’” Gorka declared

        Wow. Beyond the beauty of the speech itself, there are lines in there worthy of their own review. “The Trump Doctrine…America’s greatness derives from America’s goodness.” Wow. Please hit that link and RTWT again and again.

        And this Gorka dude? Hadn’t heard of him before. Give that boy a microphone and a podium in the room with the FNN et al.

        • Interventor

          Gorka’s a regular on Fox. Now in Trump administration.

      • Grunt GI

        BWAHAHAHA, yup…no FAKE NEWS HERE….oyyy, it’s like they aren’t even PRETENDING to be “journalists” <-Air quote.


        And of course, news like this will continue to drive the left nuts..

        I bet Trump will have more jobs created in his first term than Bammy did in both of his…

        • John

          And Obama is quick to count the jobs “created” during the recession rebound, as though they wouldn’t come back without his “help”.

  • Jay Woodward

    One wishes this scene was real. Well done.

  • eon

    Ayup. Mr. Elliot and pretty much everyone else in Tinseltown learned a long time ago that you want Katherine Ross (Mrs. Elliot) on your side, not honked off at you.

    Her four EX-husbands apparently never learned that lesson.

    clear ether


  • MasterDiver

    Mr. Elliot has it right. That’s how I’ve stayed married to the most beautiful Polish girl in the world these last 35 years. I take those vows VERY seriously!

    Zar Belk!

    • WayneM

      Congrats, MasterDiver! Unfortunately, in order for those vows to work, both parties need to be honouring ’em.

      I would have been satisfied to remain married for life but the key word there is life. Living with my ex was killing me slowly. While there was no infidelity, she was a lying narcissist whose heart had only room enough for one- herself… Anything you’ve heard about the pain of divorcing from a narcissist is understatement.

  • Calvin

    Going to check out Sam Elliott’s latest movie tonight.

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