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  • John M

    I thought Don Portago put Skye “on staff.”

  • Chris Muir

    She has time off.

  • Grunt GI

    Wait a second…if Anatoly isn’t the father…..then….who is..hopefully not that dipshit Karl (?) who hit her.
    New character?
    Oh, and all over tanning? I approve. -/:)

  • Chris Muir

    Let’s just say Skye was open to many men….

    • Grunt GI


      • RooftopVoter

        Appropriate…….. Stalin’s useful idiot

        Hence Chris’s cow comment

  • Wayne

    That doesn’t explain Naomi getting preggers…

    • Exactly. Thank you.

      • larry

        Just because he didn’t father a child with Skye doesn’t mean he couldn’t with Naomi.

        • Chris Muir


    • RooftopVoter

      Let me see

      1.) HOT Israeli sniper babe ( HOT! )
      2.) Russian dude
      3.) Nature………..

      Seems simple enough to me 🙂

      Did I ever mention she is HOT?

  • Pamela

    I think we can safely assume Skye follows the adage of “Many were called and many were chosen”…

  • KenH

    Are you retarded?
    The only way I’d let this @#^%@$! BITCH visit is if she’d be taking a direct route rolled up in a rug into a hole wayyyy back in the back 40

    NOT kidding

  • Earl Goudie

    To paraphrase the Bard; “Frailty, thy name is Skye!”

  • For some reason the embed quit working. Just an FYI…

  • Iphigenia

    Skye’s probably my favorite character in this strip. Her flaws make her so entertaining! Chris, would you ever consider doing a spin-off about her?

  • Iphigenia

    Oh! and you should also consider writing a “series bible” – a personal reference that can help you keep track of continuity and events – anniversaries of marriages, children’s birth-dates, what’s happening to characters we haven’t seen in a while – and consult it when you introduce a new plot line. It’s been 11 years since you started the strip, nobody expects you to remember everything about it off the top of your head! But you’ve made these little continuity errors before and I think the strip suffers for it. I think a series bible would really help!

    Maybe it could be a fan project: strip readers could volunteer to go through a block of comics (“You do March-April 2006, I’ll do May-June, etc.”), record important events, and send them off to you. If a lot of people work together, it should get done in as little as a few days. Then you could fill in the secret information (like the identity of Skye’s real baby daddy) and continue to update the Bible as you move forward.

    • Slorty Bortfort

      Not a bad idea. Does DBD have a wiki? We could start one.

    • Chris Muir

      Okay, you’re not concern trolling,my bad.Your previous comment seemed a lot like it,guess it rubbed me the wrong way.Continue!

  • Skye is probably going to want to stay, just to get out of work. Show me your return trip ticket.

    • RegT

      A) there is no place to sun bathe (next to the pig pen?), no servants, and the menu and amenities probably won’t met her “requirements”
      B) Naomi will -hopefully- make it unpleasant enough that she will haul her luscious (but distasteful) ass back to Mommy and Don Portago. Preferably with a few bruises to her limitless self-esteem. Poster child for the brain-dead, entitled, and vicious Left.

  • LifeofTheMind

    Would it be a useful running gag plot device to have a Board of Health truck parked outside of wherever Skye is hanging her hat? In Chicago that would happen to a restaurant or grocery owner if the Democratic Party Ward Boss was unhappy with them. If certain people from Chicago are unhappy with the harmless little Skye bunny’s relatives then …. it could be arranged.

  • Bill G

    Well, well, well. A lie from the Skye. I wonder what Naomi will have to say.

  • Dastardly Dan

    Chris, Homeland security must be handling your troll banning, Iphigenia is back

    • Iphigenia

      I didn’t know constructive criticism was “trolling.” And I thought libs were the sensitive ones!

  • Gideon Reed

    OK if I simply enjoy sans comment?

    • Indeed, she is fun to look at.

  • Assegai

    I always knew she had some outstanding assets!

  • Unca Walt

    Chris, this is by far my favorite strip.

    It needed to be said.

  • DDS

    When I first read the text (after tearing my eyes away from Skye’s hotness!), I thought she was messing with Anatoly by telling him he was NOT the father after all (having previously told him he was), though she had DNA proof that he was… to make him jealous of a non-existent rival lover. This seems equally plausible and consistent with her character flaws, though Chris’ comment about being “open” tips the scale in favor of sluttiness, vs. deviousness.

    And, BTW, I enjoy Iphigenia’s comments, among all the others. Variety is the spice of life and it’s fun to read different points of view, even if we occasionally or usually disagree with them. Post on, Iphiggy!

  • Jim Verdlini

    More nude Sky please…heck, lets be honest, more nude everyone. great adult political commentary

  • Ray

    Actually, I read the reply as though she is trying to mess with Anatomy before admitting he is the Dad. Sky need to be severely punished, maybe Eric Holder’s staff using Margarita Boarding instead of water, to have her admit to Anatoly being the father.
    Show her drunk off margaritas in Texas afterwards admitting it and passing out and falling face first into Anatoly’s lap. The Israel Babe remarks favorably at Skye’s technique of passing out.
    Just a thought.

  • I love DBD, Chris. That’s why I choose to embed it. But WTF does the embed code keep crapping out? It works for a while — and then it doesn’t — etc.


    • Chris Muir

      No one knows why,and I haven’t the $ to pursue it further.There are a LOT of formats out there,and it would take mucho cash to address them.

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