Day By Day


  • Iphigenia

    He’s finally gonna speak to them without being spoken to! 😀

  • epador

    Home schoolin’ is a schoolin’ all in itself.

    Its a good kinda pain.

  • Wayne

    I thought it was Moses who asked “Let my people go!” rather than Martin Luther but who am I to argue with Sam?

  • Bill G

    A homeschooler’s work is never done, eh?
    And on the picky side, Martin Luther posted questions.

  • GWB

    Martin Luther would have said “Here I stand, I can do no other.” 🙂

  • Chris Muir

    Iphegenia comments were fine until she started concern trolling how DBD should be done.I noticed other trolls soon made an appearance after her about ‘unanimous juries’.Thus, they are banned.

  • James McTamaney

    Interesting. I have a wife and daughter who are teachers and are horrified at the “Core Curriculum”. We have pretty much destroyed a lot of kids’ ability to spell and speak with “Phonics”, graduate substantial number of kids who can’t read with “No Child Left Behind” and now we are hitting the last of the “Three R’s” with a convoluted theory of addition designed to make an entire generation dependent on calculators…as if they are not already. Well done, Progressives.

    • Wayne

      James, a number of my friends are teachers and are similarly dissatisfied so either the majority of teachers are sipping the Kool-Aid or they are allowing themselves (and by extension our children and society) to be led down the golden path by a motivated minority of progressives.

  • I lived through the introduction of phonics and a lot of the “new math”…
    2+2 still equals 4 no matter how you work the problems…

    • RegT

      Many years ago, my father’s older brother bragged about how he learned to spell phonetically. My father’s eyes twinkled as he said, Oh, yeah? Spell ‘auspice’ ”

  • Kip Allen

    Martin Luther said, “Here I stand!”

  • fred hopkins

    Every day is a good day at DBD Chris – in teeeny-weeny letters can you use the permalinks when you post. I was away for a couple of days, caught “Naughty”, scrolled back a little and found March. I covered it in what I shared but it’s that FACEBOOK THING.
    They sent me the same ‘cease & desist”

    I don’t know how many radios I’ve obliterated in just the last year when FACEBOOK’S “Americans For A Conservative Direction’ Radio Ads on Rush and Mark’s show Pushing Amnesty.

  • Ed Thorpr

    A can build a boat in 18 days, working 10 hours a day, and B can build it in 9 days, working 8 hours a day; in how many days can both together, build it, working 6 hours a day?
    A simple little arithmetic problem from a grade school textbook published in the late 1870’s………Maybe Jonathan Gruber is on to something here.

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