Day By Day


  • B Woodman

    As old as Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel. The excuses of fathers and the power of mothers.

  • Wayne

    Pretty neat vanishing act by the twins.

  • SteveInCO

    Woah! I just realized that’s not Zed’s dad! He seems to have aged a lot and really grown out his hair in the last month (and lost the glasses).

  • Bill

    Darn. I was expecting a pic of the St. Louis Rams posing hands up as the new celebrity spokesmen for Swisher Sweets the official cigar of the NFL…..

  • Bill G

    Trust an engineer to balance the load.

  • Especially if it’s the math from the Common Core Curriculum.

    Not only a solvent, but a corrosive.

  • Pamela

    Common Core -A nasty Boil needing to be lanced, drained and cauterized.

    • Iphigenia

      Because it teaches critical thinking, or because it expects more from students than the old state standards?

      • TomJB


        Whew… heheh… thanks for the laugh!

      • Buck O'Fama

        Look everybody, an Obot. Don’t feed it.

    • Mark Matis

      Along with every one of its politician enablers. Including the Rove Republican swill like good ol’ Jeb!

  • Iphigenia

    I think Common Core math is actually pretty good! It makes it easier to solve complex problems, better approximates how people do mental arithmetic, shows there’s often more than one way to solve a problem… Why wouldn’t an engineer like it?

  • Iphigenia

    Oh, and I was curious: Why doesn’t Zed ever talk to his children? He’s been shown speaking to them, like, once in their lives – and that’s when Sam told them to ask him a question! Just something I noticed that’s a little weird to me.

    • Buck O'Fama

      Troll alert. This one has been chugging industrial strength koolaid.

  • Chris

    What’s up with Zed’s hair? He used to be so well-groomed. It’s like he’s turning into his father.

    • Chris Muir

      Someone noticed!;)

      • Pamela

        I just hope Sam doesn’t yank on it too much…

  • Ed Brault

    Anyoneremember “New Math?”

    • Hooray for new math,
      It won’t do you a bit of good to review math.
      It’s so simple,
      So very simple,
      That only a child can do it!

      Come back tomorrow night. We’re gonna do fractions.

      Now I’ve often thought I’d like to write a mathematics text book someday because I have a title that I know will sell a million copies. I’m gonna call it Tropic of Calculus.

      — Tom Lehrer, collected in That Was the Year That Was (1965)

  • richard

    Holy Smokes, has Iphigenia downed the kool-aid or what!? If solving a complex problem with CC is anything like the CC example of subtracting 9 from 14, there’s no way it works. I have a bachelors in Petroleum Engineering, so I can handle some calc and diff equations, therefore I request you send me one of these complex problems of which you speak. Please, no elec engr or quantum mechanics, those are just voodoo.

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