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  • Zoltan Newberry

    lovely — they way you draw her back

    • T L Frey

      Julie Bosman
      620 N WAYNE AVE APT 2
      CHICAGO, IL 60660-4204
      This is 1 of the NYT reporters that spilled Wilson’s address I believe.

  • Bill G

    Snicker. Chortle. LOL. ROFLMAO!!!

  • Wollf


  • Wayne

    Heh… Progressiveism is like the Borg; prepare to be ASSimilated…

  • Liberals don’t reproduce, they convert. That’s why they worked so hard to take over education.

  • Pamela

    Considering how many of them have rejected eons old mate selection and natural reproduction techniques, they should be dying out.

    • RegT

      They covered that issue when they took over the education process, subverting the minds of the children of those who _do_ reproduce. Starts in kindergarten and grade school, where the curriculum has been carefully slanted full Left, then polished and refined in high school and college.

      I don’t think they bothered with trade schools. That is where the unions were crafted to take control, when the students entered the job market.

    • Bad Cyborg

      Pamela, you should read Anonymous Conservative’s “Evolutionary Psychology”. If you had, you’d recognize the “wisdom” of that exact strategy from an “r” selected point of view. They are stacking the deck so that they do not really HAVE to compete with the “K” selected. That is a victory for them. When a single male – with no job and no dwellng of his own – can impregnate 11 different females multiple times (approximately 3 times each since to date at last count he had provided gametes for a minimum of 30 offspring) then “r” selection types are winning the contest to procreate and thus pass on their genes. Remember the biological imperative. From an atheistic perspective: “DNA ,wants/needs to reproduce. Living things are merely DNA’s way of producing more DNA.” From a theistic perspective: Genesis 1:28 “And God blessed them and said to them, Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth”

  • Mike

    Isn’t it funny how “Progressisiveism” is not progress….

  • JTC

    “natural law defense yet remains in the constitution of the people…”

    That’s what gives ’em nightmares…and why they struggle so mightily and surreptitiously, and dance in babies’ blood so merrily; to get that natural law *out* of the constitution of the Constitution.

  • Observer

    Is this arc about the Decline and Fall of the United States? If so, get to the part where the shooting starts…

    …before it does in real time.

  • I am not getting the DBD cartoon on my email, but when I try to resubscribe, I get a message that I already am subscribed…

    • At a guess, unsubscribe, then resubscribe.

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