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  • But does Skye know who the real father is, if it isn’t Anatoly?

  • Chris Muir


    • larry

      When (date) did Sky give birth?

  • xdcpd085

    Quite likely SHE didn’t know who SHE was at the time….Much less who the daddy was.

    • B Woodman

      I’m trying to remember the source and joke, but part of the set up is a (single) mother replying to her son about where and when she met and mated with his father (and many other men and other beings), and part of the punchline is “I’m surprised you didn’t come out barking.”

      • Grunt GI


      • Ming the Merciless

        Wasn’t that another Chelsea and Hillary joke by Senator Mc Pain?

      • Bill G

        Another old gag about who the father is has the gal saying “If you fall into a rosebush do you know which thorn hurt the most??

        • Peet

          Do not tell me
          I am source of your knockup
          The mud elephant wading through the sea
          Leaves no tracks.

          The FUGS, from the album “It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest”

        • Ming the Merciless

          Speaking of falling into the rosebushes, you realize testosterone make spines grow at the end of a Tomcat’s penis, so catteries have to provide the Tom with a shelf way up the cage wall so he can escape the female cat’s deadly vengeance!

  • B Woodman

    OH, THE POSSIBILITIES. . . . . .
    I can just imagine the future upcoming strips. But I’ll leave it to Mr Muir to tell the tale (tail?) his way. Hopefully to the eternal (do Libtards even believe in eternity?) embarrassment (em-bare-ass-ment) of Skye.
    I know, I know. I’m leaving now.

  • Iphigenia

    I bet the real dad is a Marylander. Remember, Skye traveled to Maryland while heavily pregnant – but why? She doesn’t have any family there. Why didn’t she stay in Argentina with her mother, or travel to Florida where her sister is (and where there’s a branch of the Mayo Clinic, where she could have have gotten some of the best care possible with the Don’s money)? But if her lover lived in Maryland, she might have wanted to see him so that he could witness the birth of his children.

    I like to imagine he’s a small-time drug dealer, kind of a Jesse Pinkman-type – sweet, but in over his head (with his business as well as with Skye). He wouldn’t be able to help raise the twins himself because his clients are coming over to his home at all hours, plus the police could bust down his door at any moment – no place for growing children! Him being a drug dealer would also help explain why the police targeted Skye and forced her to give birth on the side of the road: she’s a known associate of a drug dealer!

    • Ming the Merciless

      I see we have a big Skye fan here…Skye is after all not all bad, she did not kill her children like a GOOD democrat/leftist libber would…but some people have foibles, dont they?(Like Hillary not killing Chelsea).

      • Ed Brault

        The problem is, it is not the mother’s LIFE that is threatened, but her life-STYLE!

        • Ming the Merciless

          Chelsea never did anything to me except being the spawn of a couple of hideously rich criminals…one the same subject, what did the disabled son of Sarah Palin, Trig, ever do to you demon rat creeps?

  • KenH

    Red, you have done smarter things

    THIS aint one of them

  • Slorty Bortfort

    While Anatoly may not be the biological father, my bet’s are that as far as the kid’s concerned, he is/em> the real dad, biological or not, and my guess is that eventually ask to live with him.

    And Skye will have the perfect liberal heaven, sex without consequences, and be completely……..alone.

    • JT


  • Earl

    Your friends, your nose, but not your family, you can pick.

    One day and one way or another Red will settle up with her sister.

    Who knows, maybe Sam and Zed will end up with 4 kids.

  • Wayne

    Any problems with Zed’s solution? Anyone??

    • KenH

      the standard prog scumbag response fits for her….

      • KenH



    • I’d thought that “Zed’s solution” was to move himself into the tool shed, and leave the house to the distaff side and the kids.

      What American male hasn’t had occasion to find the tactical value in absquatulation?

      • KenH

        Yes, but that would mean the Z would be staying away from his own kids on Christmas

        No Way he would do that

  • Ming the Merciless

    If it suck to raise your grand children, imagine now when you’re stuck with your GREAT grand children…Yes, people stay healthy a lot older these days, but the children, with this drug culture, get rotten incredibly younger.

  • Gary

    I know the feeling. They’re coming, and they’re bringing the kids!

  • Bill G

    Tool shed? What tools will Skye be playing with?
    And what will she think when she sees just where Anatoly is now working.

  • Jason Thorn

    Blood is thicker than water. Then again, Skye is “thicker” in the head than Sam.

  • Boobie the Rocket Dog

    Uh-oh. Trouble in paradise?

  • Dastardly Dan

    My money is on Syke dumping her kids on Sam and Zed.
    When’s the last time you saw her with them?

  • Ridgewalker

    Better to ask forgiveness than permission (my…she sure is coy and demure)

  • rhett anthony

    My money is on Anatoly and Naomi taking her kids (they live close, remember)….after Naomi cracks an assorted tibia or two…..

    • Gus Bailey

      Too violent. I’m thinking bikini oil wrestling. Low quality string bikinis!

  • DDS

    The punch line I recall goes something like: “She took seriously what was poked in fun…”

  • Looks like Zed’s styling up to go all “Roadhouse” on someone…

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