Day By Day


  • KenH

    Work with me Red; she asked YOU
    But you kinda ‘forgot’ to mention this to Zed until it’s too damn late
    Not cool

    And drama? Please. The screaming prog bitch en route is the only candidate there, sorry.

  • Some hold that a vampire can not enter your home without an invitation.

  • Slorty Bortfort

    Someone has read Bram Stoker’s novel! 🙂

  • Pamela

    Holy Objects, Running Water, Sunlight, circle the Ranch with Kosher Salt, show John Wayne, Audi Murphy and Ronald Regan movies, rescind the invite.

    • JT

      There’s an X-factor here. Several, actually. Zed’s dad, Naomi, and Anatoli.

      All three have different ways of making this trip such a bad idea for Skye.

      And she could end up leaving without her kids. Maybe even by choice. 🙂

  • B Woodman

    Don’t forget the cross and scriptures. And the mirrors (to show when she’s NOT there).

    • Jason Thorn

      Skye’s ego is grand enough to show up in a mirror.

  • Wayne

    I wonder what Wade will think of Skye… and vice versa… lol

  • HB

    Wade and Skye sittin’ in a tree…the tree caught on fire and John Boehner went “tee hee!”

    All the Mexicans crossed the boarder and all they saw was ol’ Eric Holder.

    Ted Cruz cursed and fumed…the Gay ol’ Pedos…had sold out his room.

    I could go all night if I was Zed…if I found Red in my Bed!

  • Boom. They cannot enter unless invited.

  • And, Zed? Get LOTS of garlic. “Elephant” garlic is nice to cook with, and very appropriately named.

  • RegT

    Hopefully, Skye’s kids are young enough to be salvageable when she dumps them on Zed and Sam. Tough row to hoe, but better for them.

  • clayusmcret

    We’ve stopped asking, or allowing, people who cause our life grief into our house. They can take their crap elsewhere.

  • Bill G

    I imagine Skye is familiar with that technique, too.

  • Uffdaphil

    I’m thinking Skye has a Come-To-Jesus moment soon. Either kind – life changing or ending.

  • B Woodman

    Somehow I find “socially conservative” and “eugenicist” to be an oxymoron. Unless you class your mother as being the same as Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood, for those who don’t know).
    Greatest bigot and killer of blacks EVER. Even Hitler would bow in awe of Ms Sanger’s prowess in getting the Gubbment to fund the killing of an entire class of peoples.

  • Paladin

    OT: saw a funny as all hell music video on Red-Eye last night. A country-western song promoting the Hilda-Beast for 2016. Almost look like a parody …but, I think it’s legit. Something well worth making fun of, even if it does get them a lot of hit’s on You-Tube.

  • Steve H

    Skye can’t have a come-to-Jesus moment until Chris adds another libtard character to the strip.

  • Uffdaphil

    A more militant, humorless libtard character as the cause of Skye’s conversion? One of those vindictive blue Texas D.As?

  • Kip Allen

    I can’t wait to see what happens when Skye and Naomi meet!

    • JSStryker

      I’d watch that as a pay per view!

    • John M

      Girl Fight!!!

      • larry

        There may be a girl fight, but considering the two contestants it won’t last very long.

  • Hungry Joe

    Just adorn all doors and windows with photos of Ronald Reagan and hang garlands of Dial soap (to counter act the patouli oil) over the beds. That will keep her out.

  • Pamela

    If Skye makes a play for Wade, I hope he tells her “Sorry, but I haven’t had the required shots for a hazardous trip into poisonous territory.

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