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  • Too Tall

    Even standing on a box behind his podium during the Progtard DildoCrat debate tonight, little Mikey demonstrated that he always comes up short.

    • interventor

      Not, a firing squad, as some media reports. Nor, a night of the long knives as all walked away, alive. Rather, a night of the short knives — several walked away bleeding, with shivs in their backs.

      • Halley

        …kind of like watching Mondales debating McGoverns, but with far less integrity and brainpower.

    • DeeKayT

      I agree, sir. He just doesn’t measure up, does he?

      • DeeKayT

        Oops, sorry. Meant to reply to Too Tall..

    • JTC

      It was fun to see him wincing from the attacks, “how dare these poor people question me?”, but he got in a good one on Bern talking about a millionaire with three homes and he did okay against the other clowns.

      But it is a low bar. 😀

      • JTC

        Speaking of which, it’s Napoleon not Napolean. Not that it matters.

  • JTC

    A double-double of ‘toons…
    I’m liking this trend.

    Skye, take a hint from your friends…
    You need to get laid.

    • WayneM

      Given Skye’s history, even if I was single, I would pass… Although there is a certain amount of truth to the rumour about the crazy ones being fun in bed, the cost is too high.

      • Paladin

        Back in my day, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, all you would get is your car keyed. Now a days, they look to destroy your life, if not take it. “Never stick your d__K in CRAZY” are words my father gave me. Did I listen? … well … eventually.

        • WayneM

          I wish my father had given me that advice but I learned that lesson the hard way on my own as part of my master’s degree from the School of Hard Knocks.

      • Brent Dotson

        Like the old saying; Never eat at a place called moms, play cards with a man nicknamed doc, or sleep with a woman crazier than you are.

    • Chris Muir

      Gonna be 2/day for awhile, I got behind on Skye-Levels, and I want ’em up before summer.

      • JTC

        Got it. Love it. Don’t know how you do it. 🙂

        • Chris Muir

          I skip the speling parht.

          • JTC

            Oh well, you do maintain the humer. And the T&A.
            Not a bad trade.

  • John M.

    Why do I see Miss Quan and immediately think of Creedence Clearwater Revival?

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      Susie Q.

    • John D. Egbert

      Originally by Dale Hawkins, ca. 1958 . . .

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    “Big seat cushion makes you not breathe, little man”

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Romney? A thing? Sure. A 100 yard downrange moving target thing.
    Sure, he’s handsome. Sure, he’s dressed to the nines.
    But he’s a spineless ungrateful soft Libtard shit weasel. Not quite to Juan McPain standards, but working on it.
    And I can’t wait until he’s up for re-election (2024/5) so I can work to “primary” him.

    • John

      Romney and McCain are/were in the camp that believes the Republic is in its inevitable decline, and their nihilism drives them not just to give up but to push downhill.
      But I have faith in the Founders. They were students of Human Nature, not irrational believers in the “goodness of man” that drives the Left into delusions of Heaven on Earth that lead down the path to Hell.

      • Jefferson A Selvy

        The founders were indeed students of human nature. They also expected regularly occurring violent resets. Jefferson expected them every twenty years.

    • interventor

      I’m rooting for the recall bill in the Utah assembly.

  • Tom Stockton

    Nice to see Suzy again… always nice!

    Yowza!! Travis is one lucky dude!

  • Bill G

    The left’s machine does intend to buy the election for whoever ends up on the ticket. I’m expecting to find they’ve gotten more votes than there are warm bodies in the country.

    • Paladin

      Dona Brazil gave away the plan on Fox Sunday. Bloomberg has deep pockets. He can, and is willing to throw a butt-load of money at it. They have not been getting the fund raising that god-emperor-Trump has.

    • John

      It isn’t just money either.
      Silicon Valley is poisoning the information on the internet by various ingenious algorithms that steer people away from information they don’t want you to know and toward their favorites. In fact a Google engineer bragged that Google might be responsible for as much as 2-12 million Hillary votes.

  • Dread

    If doomberg cant buy the presidentcy for himself he’ll buy it for one of his fellow power addicts.

    • JTC

      He said from the beginning as we discussed here that he is prepared to blow a billion on whoever is the unlucky donkey that gets pinned.

      With 400m under the bridge he has spent 3 times the rest of the clowns combined (not counting steyr…who?), so that leaves a mighty big pot to buy the prize. Think he can’t do it? Throw that money at buying Mo and see how his fortunes multiply.

      Little Mike/Big Mike is the doomsday ticket for us.

      Why do you think he’s been sucking up to Zero in those ads? And consider that Bloomie has been buying progs for years with that “foundation” he mentioned multiple times last night. They’re in the same orbit and want the same things, and we KNOW the O’s are all about the money and the worship. Every leftist including every one on that state and a shit ton of I’s and R’s will jump on that wagon; they adore that bitch and they are sure they’ll be getting BO in the package, with Mo moving to the top of the ticket later, or maybe sooner…MiniMike better watch his back.

      That package would be a slam-dunk. Doomsday.

      • Halley

        The “Democrat party” is a crime syndicate, far worse than the Mafia ever was. The most serious orange-jumpsuit crimes committed by its propaganda arm. One can only hope that the 2020 election will all be about exposing them, once and for all.

    • Charlie Foxtrot

      Don’t think so — he’ll probably take his Billions and buy another state legislature or two so he can stoke his fantasy of grabbing guns from the scum. That huge narcissist in a pint-sized package won’t put someone else on the HIS rightful Presidential throne.

  • MAJ Arkay

    Spousal Unit insisted on listening to part of the Demo/Prog/Commie debate last night (the masochist). Before I got my headphones on, I did hear one thing that told me Mayor Pete likely won that debate: “How about we have a Democratic nominee who is actually a Democrat?” The audience roared in laughter and applause.


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