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  • ExNuke

    Joe may be senile but I don’t think he is suicidal enough to run with Hillary as a Vice President. As much as I don’t want him as President I would hate for her to arrange his death within weeks of being elected. And yes, I think she is capable of doing just that in her desperation to claim the office.

  • Pamela

    Condoms. Lots of Condoms. Especially for anyone that had congress with Bill.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      I see what you did there. “Trojans”. Hehehehe.

      • Pamela

        There would have been no “Blue Dress” is Trojans had been worn.

  • WayneM

    Scott Adams is predicting Biden’s VP will be Kamala Harris. Not sure if she’s as ruthless as Killary but time will tell…

    • NotYetInACamp

      But Kamala will do what Hillary does not.
      “Devil with a blue …..”


      • Pamela

        *gack* She was behind the BNE MLTF being gutted and rolled into another agency..

    • The 300

      She doesn’t need to be. They’ll 25th Amendment him out within a year.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Yes. Yes we are.
    Bill is stuck with Hellary.
    We are stuck with Hellary.
    Why can’t we stick her in a prison cell?
    (or better yet, cut off her head, fill her with garlic, pound a wooden stake through her chest (I hesitate to say “heart”, it has never been proved she has one), burn her to ashes, then sprinkle holy water over the ashes)

    • Bill G

      Don’t forget to mix the ashes with salt.

      • MasterDiver

        And scatter them over swift-moving water!

        Zar Belk!

    • Old Codger

      Why can’t we stick her in a prison cell?

      Because no judge in the land would dare try her. I’m pretty sure any judge who might catch the case would be able to spell “arkancide”. Nobody who gets to high office is so completely squeaky clean that the Clintons and/or their minions couldn’t dig up dirt to blackmail them on.

      As for your recipe for disposal, I’d modify it to include dumping the ashes into 10 gallons of holy water, triply sealing the resulting sludge in containers designed to hold nuclear reactor waste products and launching the container into a decaying solar orbit.

      • John

        Around another star.

  • Bill G

    I’m not sure that this Trojan Horse is going to hold together long enough to get anyone inside of any fortifications, ah, nominations. Let alone over the November finish line.

    • Mike-SMO

      If he is sedated and doesn’t drool too much, they won’t care. They will just claim that they are the onlyones who can hear the wispers. It worked with Wilson…..

    • John

      He needs to croak fast.
      If he lasts long enough the DNC will promote his chosen vice.

  • Punta Gorda

    Homework assignment.

    What well known ruthless gangster died 9 months before she was “born”

    Hint. Al Capone.

    • Jackie Bee

      Acorns. Fall. Tree?

    • Old Codger

      Aren’t you the least bit concerned about a lawsuit by Capone’s descendants? I would be!

  • Halley

    I don’t see how the hot troika of White House action figures – Hope Hicks, Ivanka, Melania – could be topped. They could be like the new but better Charlie’s Angels.

    I’ve got the sniffles again today – anyone’s national economy need help being taken down?

    • Old Codger

      Are you running a fever? If so, how high? Covid-19 is associated with HIGH fever.

    • Bob in Houston

      If I send you a case of cheap gin can you lick all the bottles and forward them on to sHrillary?

  • nonncom

    There is no “if” she’s a horse’s ass…..

  • Kafiroon

    It is bad enough that a Chinese Flu is affecting the whole world, but to burden the world with The Hildabeast is just evil.

  • gafling

    I have a feeling that Quid-Pro-Joe will name Stacy Abrams as his running mate. Of course it is a total pander to the blacks, but the Dems have to do something to slow down ‘blackexit’. If the Ds don’t get 90% of the black vote, they are toast. Putting Abrams on the ticket will make many blacks have to consider voting the tribe or voting their pocketbook.

    As far as Joe goes, with Abrams as VP instead of Felonious von Pantsuit, he won’t need a food taster on his payroll.

  • Old Codger

    I’m not sure what is happening but I tried to post a link to the worldmeters dot info slash coronavirus site – TWICE – but both attempts failed to appear. I wasn’t trying to start anything; merely give folks a place to get good numbers.

    Any ideas what is going on?

    • Old Codger

      Definitely something fishy going on. When I tried to reply to myself with the actual properly formatted link the comment failed to appear.

    • Old Codger

      https colon slashslash www dot worldometers dot info slash coronavirus slash

      • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

        I’ve been having the same problem when I try to post a URL link, it just disappears into the ether. So I have figured out to do as you have, “spell” the link out, with “at” and “dot”, “etc”.

  • Halley

    The criminal MSM found out it could create worldwide hysteria over fictionalized Climate Change, so of course they’re gonna try it again with fictionalized plagues, or whatever the hell else they can concoct to bring down the US economy…

    • John

      The Wuhan virus is no fiction. It is the product of Chinese Communist Party bio-weapons research, and the facility was only a few hundred meters from the “meat market” blamed for the outbreak. Whether it got loose by accident or design is irrelevant. The fact that they were playing with this stuff at all is criminal in and of itself.
      Note just how deeply the MSM is in Beijing’s pocket. Suddenly the custom of naming a communicable disease after its point of origin (Ebola, Marburg etc.) gets dropped in favor of an arbitrary designated term invented long after the fact by the WHO, which just so happens to also be collecting money from Beijing.

      • JTC

        It’s a trick. They’re good at that. And they have plenty of superfluous population to sacrifice to making it look totally real.

        So if that research blurb is accurate as to the source, then the correct portmanteau is the ChiComFlu, deservedly indicting the party uppers in another of their murderous, larcenous attempts at world conquest, rather than just the hapless semi-humans at that critter market in Wuhan.

    • John

      If you have any spare cash at all the thing to do is invest in an index fund ASAP. The rebound from this panic is going to be historic, at least here in the US. Europe on the other hand was already sliding into the economic abyss because of its over indulgences, and we were already decoupling from China to our great advantage. Filling in the economic demand holes left behind will leave us in the same kind of position we were in post WWII.

  • DanT

    Trojan horse or nesting doll?

  • Halley

    the National Association of Gals?

  • interventor

    Responded to a troll claiming the virus was an American made attack against China. Responded, if it were American, it would be ethnic gender specific — annihilating half of the males in China. While leaving the other half impotent. Still awaiting a reply.

    • eon

      Red China is busy annihilating itself.

      Due to the “One Child Policy” created by Mao and the Gang of Four in the 1970s, Red China now has a population of roughly 1.7 billion. But

      Due to Chinese culture, which values sons to carry on the family name and care for their elders in the latters’ old age, girl babies were frequently killed so that a son could be born legally.

      This went on for nearly half a century.

      As a result, the usual 50/50 ratio of male/female births in most populations was badly upset. In Red China, the result was more like 85/15 or worse yet, 90/10. that is, 8 1/2 to 9 boys for each girl.

      What’s the surest way to create a sudden downturn in population in one generation?

      Not. Enough. Wombs.

      Which is exactly the situation Red China faces right now.

      They are going to have a demographic crash in the next two decades that will make the Black Death in Europe in the 14th Century look like a tea party. Simply because as their population ages, there won’t be enough new births to replace the losses.

      Right now, India has a population of about 1.3 billion. They will probably surpass Red China to become the most populous nation on Earth within fifteen years.

      Compare Red China to the Western Roman Empire in the Fourth through Sixth Centuries AD. A huge bureaucracy that just “cannot be cut”, and an ever-shrinking tax base being forced to support it.

      The difference of course is that the Western Roman Empire had already (A) conquered just about everything it could reach and (B) already lost the Eastern Roman Empire- which was the richer half.

      The Western Empire collapsed in less than two centuries- because it literally went bankrupt.

      Red China is in some ways also about where France was when Napoleon Bonaparte took over. Mostly, they have a huge male population “bulge”, that they have to do something with before they age out- or decide that their lack of prospective wives is all Beijing’s fault.

      Don’t be too surprised if the Beijing Boys decide the solution is, as W.H.B. Smith once said, to hand each one of them “a uniform, a rifle, and a demand for obedience”- and then point them across a border at something Beijing wants.

      Yes, sometimes wars start just that simply.

      clear ether


      • interventor

        With Japan, China has the fastest aging population. Their one child program results in a young married couple with four parents and, up to 8 grandparents to care for.

      • Doggo

        Or, it currently means the ChiComms have a surplus of males of military age and not enough females to keep them happy. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. So they try to take over the world just to get laid.

        • eon

          Hey, it worked for the Mongols.

          clear ether


  • Kafiroon

    Anyone one want to bet on this?
    Presstitutes talking about issuing adults each $1000 of OUR tax money.
    You Know they will then Tax us for receiving that Income.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      Yeah. I read and heard Mittens saying that. I about threw my radio across the room, and cursed Mittens out for about 5 minutes. Obviously, didn’t do any good, but I felt some pressure relief.
      Then when I saw the same thing on FB, I exploded all over the page at him. Politely, but unequivocally, NO!


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