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  • DocWahala

    Sharpton doesn’t see “victims”…. He sees “commodities” to be traded for his own personal gain.

    • JT

      As an Old Guard liberal, Jan would still see Sharpton in terms of “victim.”

      There are victims who wield their victim-status like a club…and figure out it’s a great way to make life easier. Or make a career out of.

  • B Woodman

    Columbian. Fine grind. Medium roasted (tanned). With cream and sugar. Who could ask for more?

    • Colombian, Venezuelan, Argentinian… yummm!

    • Trogdor!

      Not the Cuervo Gold and The fine Columbian?

  • Grunt GI

    Hmmm, mocha. Chris, it appears Jan is doing her version of “manspreading”

    Not that it’s bad..just wish the chair was turned her facial expression, though.

  • JTC

    Sharpton doesn’t see himself as a victim, he knows he is the victimizer, who after decades of exploiting white guilt, fostering black dependence, fomenting hatred, and cloaking his own greed and thirst for fame in the robes of religion, that his day is done and he soon must face the One who knows the truth and will exact His revenge. He must be very afraid. Good.

    • Leo AutoDidact

      The other possibility is that Sharpton is a completely convicted Amoral Athiest who knows that there is NO Biggest-Alpha-Male-Of-All in the Sky to hold him to account. While most Athiests HAVE developed their own Moral code to guide their actions, there are a few who found unremitting Greed and Self-Aggrandizment to be an adequate substitute!

      • eon

        One of the major problems with “non-belief” belief systems is that they inevitably attract those who operate on the principle of “As long as I don’t get caught while I’m alive, I can do whatever I like because there’s no such thing as ‘karmic retribution’.”

        The only thing worse is a system which holds that you’ll go to H**l if you don’t screw over (or just blow away) the “non-believers”. Hackcoughislamahem.



        • El Cazador


          Glad to see you posting here! Enjoy your comments on HotAir!


        • MPH

          And then there’s the belief system where you can do anything you want, no matter how “bad”, and still get into heaven. All you have to do is say “I’m sorry” before you die.

  • Calvin

    I am at work and I was thinking a while ago…what happens when both Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson receive their final reward? Will everything finally calm down without those two race baiters? I fail to see any new blood in the wings.

    • piotr1600

      Unfortunately there will probably never be a shortage of demagogues and those who seek to exploit others for their own gain, regardless of the consequences to the ones who are being exploited.

      • Indeed, a vacuum attracts.

        • B Woodman

          Nature abhors a vacuum.

      • Doug Dean

        There will be race hustlers as long as race hustling turns a profit. The Free Market is only as morally pure as its participants.

    • Ed

      There are plenty more lined up, black, white and all other shades.

  • finebammer

    livin’ la vida mocha!

    • *applause*

      Alternatively, there is always Cafe au laid.

      • Grunt GI

        Café au laid…LUV IT…may use this on the +1 the next time we got to her favorite coffee place.

  • I firmly believe that coffee should be black and unsweetened. Like Michelle Obama. 😉

    • B Woodman

      Coffee black, ok. Coffee unsweetened, also ok.
      Moochelle Obola, now that’s just downright toxic to the point of poisonous.

  • March Hare

    Personally, I like my coffee like I like my men…

    Hot & strong!

  • Paladin

    Old joke a friend from Detroit use to use. I like my coffee like I like my women “Hot Black and Bitter”; white dude. I’ve got my version of “Hot Blonde and Sweet”.

    • B Woodman

      My grandfather used to say, “black, hot, and strong.”
      And he was 1st generation American, parents from Poland.

  • Sergio

    I say the same as Paladin, only to tweak people. I am quite white

  • Wayne M

    I wonder if Rev Al sees Damon as a victim? It would be interesting to see Rev Al and Damon debate the point…

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